Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taitz Takes A Licking And Keeps On Ticking

In our latest episode of “Crazy Daze In The Birtherverse” we find our girl Orly with yet another defeat and maintains her record of a 100% loser. And sure enough, she’s on her website claiming:

“We have until July 16 to contest based on elections fraud.”

Now there’s a real surprise! …Meanwhile, back at the Birfer Ranch…

In the midst of Orly’s “other” obsession of constantly searching every search engine on the internet for how many times her name comes up, being the narcissistic publicity whore she is, she comes across the story about Maj Gen Paul Vallely, and plasters it to her website. (I’ll give you three guesses what his story is and the first two don’t count!) Now normally Orly would be pissing herself at the chance to assimilate yet another military man into her collective, but she’s got a better one. Brace yourself people… Orly’s hit pay dirt! (Yet again!)

Tim Adams, a Stormfront white supremacist poked his skinhead out of the sewer and claimed he was the “temporary chief elections clerk” in Honolulu during the 2008 election. He clams he had access to all the government databases to verify identities, and states:

“In our professional opinion, Barack Obama was not born in the US and there is no Hawaii long form birth certificate.”

Well of course wasting no time, Orly was all over that like stink on shit and called out the flying monkeys, but first and more importantly she posts:

“Election results didn’t dampen resolve of the public to know the truth about Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency. The numbers actually went up. Today “Orly Taitz” is the 22nd most popular search on the net among billions of different searches”

Wow, 22nd? Go Orly! (Now down to business with the FM’s)

“We are getting closer. Tim Adams works for Western Kentucky University. I need to get a signed affidavit from Tim Adams. I need volunteers in W. KY to meet with him and get a signed affidavit from him.”

She immediately fires off an email to Adams:

“Dear Mr. Adams
You might have heard my name. My name is Dr. Orly Taitz, I am an attorney challenging Barack Obama’s legitimacy to US presidency. I just heard your radio interview, where you are stating that you worked for the Registrar of election in HI and it was a common knowledge there that Obama did not have a valid birth certificate and that he was not born in this country. I need to interview you and submit to court your testimony regarding Barack Obama not being born in this country and not having a valid US birth certificate on file. Sir, it is extremely important for the whole nation, Please contact me at 949-683-5411
Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ”

She’s already “submitted to court” sworn statements from convicted felons and forgers, might as well take the word of a Stormfront racist and run with that too. Besides, she has to keep her Google search totals up some how! (Ah… the company she keeps, tisk tisk!)

I swear she is positively orgasmic at the coverage she’s gotten in this election. So much so that she couldn’t resist posting snippets on her website, “CBS News, MSNBC, Associated Press, Washington Post, and a link to “all 1570 news articles”. Of course they all say the same thing calling her “the infamous fringe birther nut with her whacked out conspiracy theories”. But hay! It’s big time publicity so she’s posting it! After all, she can “spin” every bit of it to her advantage and maybe get even more Google hits out of it.

(Close eyes here and envision a video of Orly spinning a hula hoop on crazy fast forward)

“There was a relentless hounding of me by Main stream media, because I dare to be the only person who brought to court not only the issue of lack of the original birth certificate for Obama (not that piece of garbage he posted on the Internet without the name of the doctor and the name of the hospital), but also the issue of his use of multiple social security numbers, none of which was issued in HI, the fact that he sits today in the White House with the Social security 042-68-4425, which was issued in CT to another individual born in 1890.”

(One sentence, 103 words)

“I know that sooner or later the truth will be out and my legal efforts will be vindicated and probably will be part of history books. I know that the moment one judge order discovery or reverses prior ruling, the hounded will end and many will have an egg on their faces. I might run again in 2012. I might run for Congress or Senate. I have time to decide. I will have all the wonderful endorsements I got, as a resume for future”

Yes Orly, go for the gold! You did such a fine job on this campaign; the next should be a piece of cake. And just imaging how many Google hits you can get if you make the history books! It could be in the trillions!

“If the contest of this election doesn’t succeed, next election is in 2 years. There are congressional races every 2 years, Diane Feinstein will be due for re-election in 2 years. She will be close to 80 years old then. I read about her. She used to be an attorney, married to a surgeon. I am an attorney and I am also a dental surgeon. She is a an attractive, knowledgeable woman, but I can hold my own on every issue and will not lose a debate. As a matter of fact I never lost a debate on the issue of eligibility. Media is simply afraid to debate me on this issue or any other issue for that matter simply because they know that they will lose. They know that I have the facts, the law and the logic on my side and they will lose. No vicious reporter or corrupt judge can take it away from me. I am not saying that I will run, but I am saying that it is a possibility. For now I am concentrating on legal challenges.”

There you go! Take Diane Finestein seat! After all you do both have so much in common, both lawyers, (except Finestein actually went to school for that) she was married to a surgeon and you’re a dental surgeon, and both of you probably even sit down to take a piss! Hay, that’s good enough for me!

But I must say, “to give all dogs their due”, as my mother use to say, I can see why the Media "is" afraid to debate with her:

Nothing like having facts, law and logic on your side!

So I guess until she ends up in jail for not paying her court fine, or has her law license revoked for being a dip shit, we can continue to look forward to endless entertainment from the Tin-Foil-Queen.

Unless of course she takes the hint from Loopy Lakin and bows out now that he knows he’s fucked either way.

Nahhhhh… Not Orly!


  1. I think I'll start using a different search engine to look for articles on Orly since I am most certainly contributing to the number of searches for 'Orly Taitz' on Google. Orly or one of her flying monkeys is using one of Google's tools to determine how many times certain keywords are used to perform a search and Orly is taking it that she's very important and the word is getting out about Obama's eligibility.

    If I could only wean myself from my obsession with her craziness. But it sure is fun to read what people write about her and what she thinks about herself.

    When I think that last year, at this time, I didn't know anything about her or all of this crap on Obama's eligibility.

  2. Yes AP, I’m guilty too, and you’re right, Orly believes everyone that searches for her is a supporter. Just as she believes that all the officials she has as facebook friends support her too, even when most of the time it’s her trying to “friend” them. But in her mind if they accept it’s because they support her and her cause.

    As always, reality is not part of her world.

  3. I went her facebook page and looked at who she claims to be friends when she was posting her facebook friends on her blog. She claims that Sarah Palin is a friend of hers. It turns out that Orly has only 'liked' a fan page for Sarah as she has 'liked' all of her other important 'friends' fan pages. That is why it appears that they are posting to her wall. She's such an imbecile. It's a shame that it is so entertaining.

    It would be interesting to know how many people voted for her merely in the hopes that she would win the nomination so it would make it harder for ther other republican contenders to win.

  4. As a matter of fact AP I saw a lot of people make comments about doing just that. With her on the GOP ticket, the GOP would be screwed. Hell they were praying for her to lose because they knew they didn’t stand a chance if she didn’t. Though one good thing is that it opened a lot of people’s eyes to just what kind of right wing crazy is running amuck out there. Much to Orly’s chagrin there are a hell of a lot more people that have no idea who she is or about her quest to save the country from that black usurping Muslim, then there are people that do. I have no doubt that very fact accounts for a good portion of the rise in the online Orly searches. She surly stirred some serious “WTF” moments for a lot of folks. LOL!

  5. OK, so some guy who was verifying voter info for the 2008 election in Hawaii couldn't find the president in the database? Could it possibly be because the president wasn't registered to vote in HAWAII? He may have never been registered to vote in Hawaii. He left there to go to school on the mainland at 18. Perhaps he registered where he lived? I mean really. Doesn't she get that all the records of all people born in Hawaii wouldn't have been made available to someone like that? And even if they were, I would think this guy could face charges for unauthorized access. I wonder if he really understands the oath you have to take when you sign up, even as a volunteer, to work with voters and information that is private?