Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orly Taitz Loses The GOP Nomination For SOS To Damon Dunn

With 97% of the votes counted so far we see Dunn with 74% of the vote and Taitz with 26%. I’m sure the other CA GOP candidates are relieved not to have to face the embarrassment of having her on the ticket, but I have no doubt that Orly will do her best to have the election overturned. She’ll probably attempt to file charges of Aiding and Abetting against everyone in the state of California who voted for Dunn.

No official statement from the Tin Foil Queen just yet, but it should be interesting to see which way she spins this into Obama’s fault.

Those damn Obot Thugs!

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  1. Looney Orly will demand an ocular inspection of all the ballots. She'll look for those hanging chads. he he he