Friday, June 11, 2010

Orly Taitz Launches Class Action Lawsuit?

Even with her embarrassing (though expected) defeat for the GOP nomination of CA SOS, Orly trudges forth in her endless quest for “Glory and Google hits”. Along with her latest greatest superstar and “smoking gun” Tim Adams, (who by the way is a racist white supremacist skinhead) she also claims that the entire election was (…NO, say it ain’t so!) rigged and stolen by OBOT THUGS! And by God she’s not going to stand by and let them get away with it!

“I need all the patriots of this country to help me fight this enormous voter fraud, associated with vote counting machines run on trade secret protected software, which does not allow public oversight. Our economy and our constitutional rights were bought for $16 mln dollars coming from the Communist tyranny of Venezuela. If you are a voter and want to be part of a class action legal action, please e-mail me.”

The Plot:

“In 2004 Sequoia software, that does ballot counting, was purchased by Venezuela, run by the Communist Dictator Hugo Chaves. Do you remember the name of the Communist who was elected as a senator from IL in 2004? Here is a hint. It is the same communist, who sits in the White House and destroys U.S. economy. Any questions?”

Holy Shit! Communist Tyrannical Software! Whatever next! And of course it makes perfect sense to conclude that since the software was purchased in Venezuela the same year Obama was elected Senator in IL (6 years ago) there can be no doubt that this was an Obot plot from the beginning!

(“Someone get me a fucking wiener before I die!”)

“At issue is not only the paper ballots, but also the machines counting the ballots. As those can be hacked, rigged, programmed with certain parameters. At issue is also lack of supervision of the count. We don’t know what they are counting: ballots that we filled out by us or ballots filled out by some thugs in Chicago or Mexico a few months ago. When Coleman lost in Minnesota, they had a whole car with ballots suddenly appear a few days after the election, god knows from where, god knows how.”

Maybe God will send a truck this time, all with Orly votes!

“My campaign manager is Scott Hart of Hart political consulting. He was some 20 years in politics, he is an attorney. We did everything. 300,000 e-newsletters went to registered Republicans. two batches of robocalls of 500,000 each batch. He analysed my race and felt that it is very close and I should have a slight edge. Even Adam Probolski, who is a local pro-establishment hack and hurt me by making terrible statements, was guessing that I should get at least 35% of the vote.”

“We did everything”? I don’t think that sending 300,000 Spam emails (that no doubt landed in Spam folders and were never seen) or making a million robocalls (most of which were hung up on) can actually qualify as an effective campaign. (Of course we understand you were on a very strict budget.)

“What is the common denominator between all of the people losing the election: all of them were against Amnesty, pro second amendment rights, pro Constitution, anti establishment. All over the country these candidates are winning and winning big, but yet they all lost big here. Look at the surveys of the public opinion. 60% of the population is supporting AZ law. If you look at the Republicans, voting in the primary, over 80% at least were pro AZ immigration law. Sheriff Joe Arpaio came here and endorsed Hunt and campaigned for him. There is no way in the environment where 80% of the voters support this most crucial issue, candidates, who were champions of this issue could lose all of their contests 2:1 or 3:1. No way in hell.
Now look at the people who won. Do you see a common thread? Even though I support women and I like Carly, she is a nice woman and she went through cancer, the fact of the matter remains the same. All of these candidates stayed within the parameters of the controlled opposition. They all supported Amnesty, more gun control, which means taking of more of our economy and taking more of our Constitutional rights. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer Republicans to Democrats, as Republicans seem to be more financially responsible, however this CA election was a clear and loud message from the oligarchy running the show: stay within the parameters that we allowed, or we will cream you and embarrass you, so you will never run again or if you try to run, people will perceive you as a loser. It was a message to anyone running in future elections, if you dare to step outside the allowed parameters, we will cream you just like these guys in CA. It is very similar to what happened to me in GA. 20,000 sanctions were asserted not because representing members of the military and ask reasonable questions is really frivolous and sanction-able, not. It was a message to every attorney: we will cream you, if you dare to challenge the puppet that we cherry picked and put in power. Don’t you dare to endanger our rule, particularly with the members of the military. We want you quiet.”

There she goes about that $20,000 fine again. She better get on and pay the damn thing and remember to keep her sorry ass “within the parameters” where she damn well belongs before she gets smacked with $40,000 to boot! What nerve to think she would be allowed to flap her yap and challenge our cherry picked puppet!

So at the end of the day you can stay within the parameters of the controlled opposition and do what is allowed, but then you only feed your ego, while the whole country is going down the drain, or you can stand up and be counted.”

Of course it’s much better to feed your ego by making a chronic public spectacle of yourself… And get LOTS of Google hits!

“Do you really believe that majority of Republicans in Ronald Reagan country elected Sec of State, who runs away when asked an eligibility question, or do you think that the vote was rigged? Some people called me and said that it was an election rape.”

How awful! To be raped by Obot communist tyrannical software! But Hay! By the way good news! Check it out!

“Latest stats

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Orly Taitz Advanced search About 1,590,000 results (0.22 seconds)”

Dude! You’re really in the big time now. How exciting! (Of course most of those hits lead to blogs just like this one.)

“On October 14, 2005, Antonio Mujica, CEO of Smartmatic, was refused entry into the United States. His Visa was revoked by the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela.
Ten months ago, Smartmatic, a Venezuelan-owned company, purchased Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc. for $16 million (U.S.). Sequoia Voting Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic voting systems purchased in the United States. Public access to the company’s vote-counting software is prohibited by trade secret laws.
VotersUnite.Org’s Information Manager, John Gideon said, “The irony of this situation shows how irrational the administration of elections in the U.S. has become. While U.S. law allows this Venezuelan man to control the secret counting of Americans’ votes, the U.S. State Department doesn’t consider him fit to enter the country, even temporarily.”
The organization’s Executive Director, Ellen Theisen, added, “It’s also ironic that when we take vote-counting to Iraq, we take it in the form of paper ballots deposited into clear plastic ballot boxes, but in our own country, vote-counting is in the form of electronic ballots and secret software controlled by a man our government has declared ineligible to set foot in the country.”

Right, and of course no one ever fucked with ANY of the paper ballots in Iraq!

“Submitted on 2010/06/10 at 1:13am ELECTION problems ABOUND..
WND is now reporting that it is TRUE, that TIM ADAMS, was, INDEED, a Sr Elections Clerk in Hawaii and that THERE IS NO HAWAIIAN LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE..and that OBAMA WAS NOT BORN THERE:
Hawaii elections clerk: Obama birth not here Official who oversaw ballots in 2008 race says hospital birth certificate non-existent”

Well if was reported on the World Nut Daily, it instantly becomes Birther Nut Gospel! But after all is said and done, the greatest news of the day had Orly girl just squirming with delight!

“Internet explosion continues: Yahoo shows nearly 4 million hits for Orly Taitz
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3,820,360 results for orly taitz:”

After all she has to keep her priorities in the proper order!


  1. I'd say it's about time for an intevention. Why in the hell does her family allow her to continue with her insanity?

  2. I believe Orly is already undergoing some psychiatric help. In fact, please read on Bipolar disorder and/or Borderline Personality Disorder. The family can only do so much for her like ensuring that she is on conservatorship to prevent her from overspending, etc. She can only be committed to a psche facility when she tries to harm herself, others and do damage to properties.

  3. AP, just like with families of alcoholics, unless the alcoholic admits they have a problem there isn’t a damn thing the family can do. (Believe me, been there done that!)

    Saint James, If a shrink/counselor ever got hold of her, they would end up needing a dose of Xanax or a stiff drink.

    “Diagnosing Orly Taitz”

  4. Global Village IdiotJune 12, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    Joel Grey played a decent role in a mid-eighties movie 'Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins', he was Chiun, a Korean assassin with the great quote "Assassination is the highest form of public service".

    Perhaps we can convince Tim Adams to watch the film and render some public service, then we lose two whack jobs in one swell foop. That is if he still wants to be the next 'birfer phenom - Doug Mataconis of 'Below The Beltway' reported this afternoon that Adams has distanced himself from his prior comments.....

    As a side note the same film featured Wilford Brimley before he began giving nutritional advice about oatmeal.

    Now tell me truly, would you accept nutrionial advice from a senior citizen who has the shape and body mass of a Yugo?

  5. I get about half a paragraph into any Orly rant and soon all I see is "blah blah blah, usurper, blah blah, communist, blah blah FEMA camps..."

    Naturally, the ONLY conceivable reason Calif. voters would have for not immediately sweeping her into office is yet ANOTHER massive, labrynthine conspiracy involving players from here to Zurich Switzerland.

    Try using Occam's Razor just once in your life, Orly- youre an unhinged dingbat who frightens people- maybe, just MAYBE thats why you only got 25% of the vote.

  6. Ironically, if you use the search term "Orly Taitz + dangerous nutbag" you get FIVE million hits...

  7. LOL Anonymous! You should send that to Orly! She’ll post a claim to the 5 million hits without mentioning the “dangerous nutbag”!

    Global, thanks for the link to that CNN vid. I used it in my latest post.

    BTW.. I’m disappointed that you missed the movie quote I threw out in this post! You all were so quick to jump on Stephen King's M.O.O.N.!