Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Orly Taitz, The Candidate

The Washington Post  had a snippet about “Orly the Candidate” and of course being the publicity whore she is she quickly posted the following on her website:

“Washington Post writes about my run for CA Sec of State, my video interview to ABC TV and their belief that GOP cannot beat incumbent Debra Bowen. We’ll see about that. If CA superior court judge in Barnett v Dunn et al follows the law, he will remove from the ballot Dunn, current Sec of State Dem. Debra Bowen and current Atty Gen of CA and Dem candidate for Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown, also Dem. So far no hearing date in Barnett v Dunn et al. If no hearing is scheduled today, Barnett will go to the Court of Appeals with an emergency request for writ of mandate."

Posted on May 27, 2010 

“The “queen of the Birthers” (a name I think the Orange County newspapers deserve credit for), now a candidate for the GOP nomination for California of Secretary of State, sits for a pro forma interview with local ABC News.

The video is here, although I can’t find a way to embed it, and it’s interesting to watch a dressed-down Taitz avoid the topic that really motivates her — the quest to prove that Barack Obama is not a citizen. She refers to her “34 trips all over the nation, flying red eye, meeting with election officials, FBI agents, assistant attorney generals, state representatives – discussing massive elections fraud and brainstorming solutions to clean up elections,” without noting that this was to inform said legal officials that Obama needed to be ousted. (She also announces that she has joined the International Criminal Court.)

Here’s her full candidate questionnaire, which addresses the important issues:

ABC: What steps would you take to improve voter turnout in California?TAITZ: I would like to start a program Your vote is precious where retirees and other volunteers can go to schools and talk to students about value of voting and danger of de facto losing your vote when elections are highjacked in a coup d’etat”

(Of Course she neglected to post the last paragraph from the WP story. I’m sure she thinks that her flying monkeys are not quite smart enough to go to the source and read anything for themselves; instead they just rely on what she feeds them.)

The last paragraph stated:

“Neither Taitz nor her mainstream GOP opponent is expected to beat incumbent Democrat Debra Bowen, although having Taitz on the ticket would be an obvious embarrassment for the state GOP. “

She’s an embarrassment all right. Even many of the Tea Party crowd don't want their names associated in any way with the name Taitz, well, except for Michelle Bachmann, but that’s no surprise.

Orly’s latest rage is aimed at talk show host Steve Frank, whom speaking about Taitz and the SOS race “allegedly” said something to the effect:

“At the end of the day I have an ex-football player vs. an attorney who has filed numerous lawsuits against Obama–and what does she have? A chance that soon she will be disbarred for filing frivolous lawsuits, witnesses who say she lied and coerced them, plaintiffs who no longer want anything to do with her.”

Sounds about right to me. But of course Orly went into a tizzy and fired off this rather long winded letter:

“Posted on May 30, 2010

"Rebuttal letter sent to talk show host and political commentator Steve Frank
Mr. Frank, you are slandering me and defrauding the public again and again. The fact that my opponent lifelong Democrat Damon Dunn, running in Republican primary, defrauded the public, was not known to you before. I did not bring this issue before, since I did not have all the evidence before, and neither did you.
The letter from the Registrar of voters in Duval County, FL about Dunn calling them and asking to delete his records from the database was obtained by me last month when I went to FL to participate in the litigation against health care reform . You did not have this letter before. It was obtained by me on April 13, 2010, one day before the Health care reform hearing on April 14, 2010 Previously Dunn could claim that he forgot about being registered as a Democrat before, that he omitted including this information in his voter registration card due to some type of amnesia, Only recently I obtained evidence showing that he did not forget, but rather intentionally defrauded the voters, as he called FL asking to delete his records, yet did not call the Registrar of voters in CA to re-register and do mandatory disclosure of his prior registration in TX and FL. You attacked me with slander and innuendo. You never verified the facts. I never told witnesses to lie, my clients stand by me and are fighting hard to make sure I win this election and clean up massive election fraud in Sacramento. You know that I am going against Chicago combine, against billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and other unfriendly places in the Middle East, against Communist proliferation. They employ criminals, who spread slander about me. I have already caught a couple of individuals forging my signature and I brought this information to court. You know that we have enormous corruption in the Judiciary, that we don’t have separation of powers, but rather one machine systematically destroying our freedoms and economy in favor of creating North American Union and the New World order, based on socialistic deprivation of individual freedoms, based on shredding of our Constitution, based on trampling on our unalienable rights given to us by our creator. Tomorrow the same thugs who are slandering my good name will slander your name and will spread rumors that maybe you raped and killed somebody. Does it mean it is true? Did you rape and kill somebody? Should you spend a few years in prison for rape and murder? Clearly you are not an independent member of the media with integrity, clearly you are a little nail or bolt within the same machine, and people like you should not be on the radio polluting people’s minds with lies and slander. Rest assured, we, the patriots, will clean up this country from all the dirt:both in the government, in Congress, in judiciary and in the media. The choice is yours. You can dig into your soul and if you find some remnants of honesty, decency and integrity, you will invite me on your show and you will give me an opportunity to speak directly to the audience, to the voters and let them make their own decision. I will be in court, in Superior Court, in Sacramento, in front of Superior Court judge Chang on Wednesday, a 2:15, at the first hearing of an action filed pro se by Desert Storm veteran, registered Republican voter, university graduate, wife and mother Capt. Pamela Barnett against Damon Dunn, Current Secretary of state Liberal Democrat Debra Bowen, against current Attorney General liberal Democrat Jerry Brown, who is running for Governor. Captain Barnett is seeking removal of Dunn from the ballot due to fraud that he committed. If judge Chang follows the law, the Constitution of the State of CA, and Voter Registration act and Help America Vote Act, not only she will remove Dunn, she will find both Bowen and Brown guilty of aiding and abetting voter fraud and elections fraud, which means that Bowen will not be allowed on the ballot in general elections as well, as per CA statutes, one cannot be employed as a Secretary of State, if he or she aided and abetted voter fraud. It will effectively end Jerry Brown’s bid to become Governor of CA yet again. Will judge Chang follow the law? I don’t know. we have seen so much judicial corruption, that virtually nothing will surprise me any more. All I can promise you, is regardless of what judge Chang does this coming Wednesday, this issue will not die, it will reach the Supreme court of the United States if need to be, just as I will not abandon the issue of voter fraud in the last presidential election, when a man without a valid social security number of his own and without a valid long form birth certificate was able to get into the White House, into the position of the President and Commander in Chief. I can do your show Wednesday morning. If, of course, there are no remnants of decency left in your soul, you should not be allowed on the air, and I hope that my supporters will work very hard to expose what you personally have done, so that decent Americans don’t listen to you any more, so that you will no longer have a pulpit to slander patriots like me who in spite of daily death threats, in spite of vicious slander and attacks on me and my children and whole family, stand tall and strong and fight for this country, for the individual rights, including your rights. This letter will be posted on my web site OrlyTaitzEsq.com and will be sent to 36,000 outlets of media and 308,000 patriots, who really care about this country.
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ”

To my knowledge “verifying facts” is something Orly has no concept of. And is it me, or does Orly consider that everyone in this country, except her and a few flying monkeys are a bunch of lying, slandering, immoral communist crooks? Of course Orly’s never told a lie about or slandered anyone like government officials and judges, or did anything illegal like suborning perjury, or perhaps any fan dangling with the paypal donations for her campaign or foundations. I guess adulterous sex is not technically illegal, and I’m sure she never billed CEL III for the immoral services she rendered in her dental chairs.

Then again, I’ve never seen any evidence that Orly has ever reported any of that paypal money. As Dr. Conspiracy  points out, according to the California Secretary of State website, she hasn’t submitted any campaign finance filings either. I wonder how she intends to pay that $20,000 fine slapped on her for her frivolous court filings. Surly her loving husband will be happy to help her out on that, even if she did cheat on him with one of her felon cohorts.

She also had a tizzy over the comment made by Hugo Schwyzer, whom she calls a “Marxist Liberal Democrat”, but then that is what she calls all democrats. Schwyzer endorsed Damon Dunn for SOS Republican candidate and in reference to Taitz he said:

“Dunn’s primary opponent, Orly Taitz, is the self-proclaimed leader of the “birther” movement. A genuinely terrifying person.”

Response from Orly:

“You know a person by his enemies. Look at this voter guide compiled by a Marxist, Liberal Democrat Hugo Schweitzer. Did you notice that he is endorsing Damon Dunn and he is calling me “genuinely terrifying person”. Why? Because they know that Dunn is a lifelong Dem. They are terrified of me, because they know that I put my money where my mouth is. They know that I am a constitutional attorney, that the moment I will get in that office, I will start digging and I will not stop digging until I produce answers to all the unanswered questions. That is why they call me “genuinely terrifying person”. I hope it answers your question, who you should vote for. please, send it to all your contacts, my newsletters seem to be blocked. Ask all your friends to send it to all their contacts, make it go viral.”

Actually it’s (probably undeclared) paypal money she puts where her mouth is, and she is about as much of a constitutional attorney as Homer Simpson. As for her newsletters “being blocked” as she put it, (no doubt in their minds Obot sabotage) most of the flying monkeys don’t have sense enough to know where to look for spam, which is no doubt what her newsletters amount to.

Well, tomorrow is the day for Barnett v. Dunn; I for one won’t be holding my breath waiting for a birfer victory. I’d probably have better luck finding Bigfoot.


  1. Global Village IdiotJune 4, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    Barnett v Bowen = FAIL

    IO Driscoll to Lakin = FAIL

    The Distinguished Hillbilly from Trailer Park, SC to Nikki Haley = FAIL

    The more things change the more they remain the same. Civility and common sense have gone the way of using turn signals. The 'baggers are correct about things needing to change, they are just confused about which portion of the body politic needs to be adjusted. Anyone seen the 'baggers mirror?

    Orly is right about election fraud, but Diebold et al needs to be her focus, not the urbane bi-racial corporatist in the White House.

    Let's start with banning all lobbying and go from there. Maybe onto one person one vote - no electoral college. How about elected officials staying in their districts to work for us, going to D.C. a week every month to conduct business? Maybe even make congress transparent?

    Shit, what planet do I imagine I am on??? And justice dies a slow, painful death.


  2. Here's a good little story for you. Orly has a post on her 'blog' listing all of her 'friends' on Facebook. I started clicking on the links and the majority of those 'friends' are not friends but fan sites that Orly has liked. Does Orly even understand the concept of friends on Facebook? She's misrepresenting that these people are her friends when in fact she just visted their fan site and 'Liked' them. Not really a surprise. I was hoping that she would show Sarah Palin in that list and eventually she probably will. My bet is that Orly is not a friend but that she 'Liked' Sarah's page. She is such a f'n liar.

  3. Obama should be thanked for saving many an unsuspecting dental patient the grief of having Orly work in their mouth.
    Completely delusional woman.
    Chasing windmills and yet she lives in a $3mil+ house and a Tesla roadster in the garage.
    Perhaps they can seize the car for her defaulting on the $20K? :)