Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crazy Daze In The Birtherverse

In this exciting episode we see Tin Foil Taitz and Loopy Lankin coming down to the wire. Taitz is about to lose the election for CA SOS to a black usurping RINO, and Loopy Lankin will soon be leaving for Leavenworth. But, the folks over at AGJ have the “bombshell” that will free Lakin and blow that black “Muslim” usurper right out of the White House.

(You know, you really can’t just make this shit up. Maybe Mel Brooks could do “Blazing Birthers”. Too bad Marty Feldman passed away; he’d have made a great Orly Taitz.)

So… Orly had her campaign manager, (and X client in Barnett v. Obama) Pamela Barnett, file as Pro se Plaintiff in Barnett v. Dunn. The election is just around the corner and with all this massive support she has from the millions of birthers across the country, her campaign donations so far have only made the 5K mark. All of that coming from 21 different flying monkeys, and only 10 of them actually live in California.

It seems that in Barnett v. Dunn the idea was to file the same ol’ same ol’ hearsay birther charges against Dunn (and Bowen) in an attempt to have them removed from the ticket. That way, with no one else running Orly would have a better chance at winning. (Gee there’s a real flash of brilliance for you.) She certainly hasn’t had much luck with publicity. She’s been called an “embarrassment to the GOP”, a “truly terrifying person”, and even Teabaggers grab their crucifixes when they see her coming and run the other way.

Well… I have no doubt that when she does lose it will be because of Obot thugs paid by rich Arabs to slander and intimidate her.

On the military front, we have Loopy Lakin who believed (or was persuaded) that by refusing to obey his military orders on the grounds that Obama is illegitimate, the birthers would ultimately have standing to demand all documentation on every shit Obama has taken since he got out of diapers.

And this man is supposedly an educated physician? Well, he really fucked up. He was basically told to stuff the birther bullshit and show his ass up in court to face the music. I’d bet he’s about a sorry ass right about now!

Last but not least, the AGJ bombshell. Someone by the name of Julie Croteau sent the following message to …Bob.

Hello Bob,

We had a new waiter at our usual Olive Garden (Avon, Indiana) this afternoon. Noting the accent, my German friend asked him where he was from. He answered “Kenya”, and she asked him jokingly if he knew Obama. He said that actually Obama belongs to his Luo tribe (as did Obama’s father)–a tribe of fishermen. I said “Obama was born there, wasn’t he…”, and he replied (slightly shaking his head almost as if he was embarrassed) saying: “Yes, of course he was–everyone there knows that.”
Made my day.
Julie Croteau

Well... There you go! Does it for me. I mean, this guy is a waiter from Olive Garden in Indiana for Gawd’s sake. What more proof do you need? The comments are even better.

8by8 Says: June 4th, 2010 at 12:35 pm
Get the info over to Lt Col Lakin. Let us collect money to pay to have this guy testify on June 11 for Lakin.
This is the time to act to save America. This would be an earthquake bombshell if he were to testify on June 11. It is our duty to make it happen. This guy probably can not afford to lose a days wages and pay for transportation and a hotel. We should pay his expenses.

YEA! That’s a great idea! I’m sure this guy would jump on a chance at an all expense paid trip. I say go for it!

But watch out!

AMP Says: June 4th, 2010 at 3:32 pm
obama has got his thugs hacking in on web-sites with opposing views.They are marking names/address by level of dissension.You should keep check on mailbox/fencepost for small colored O,x.squares.

(Okay, which one of ya’ll is over there fucking with these people?)

AMP Says: June 4th, 2010 at 4:14 pm
It looks like LT.Col. Lakin is going to jail.(Bless His Heart)Why? We have no-one that will standup to obama.Look what he did to the tea-party (thousands)heath-care.THe only chance that Col Lakin has is that millons of americans storm Wash DC and demand Congress to do the right and just thing.Thats not going to happen and obama knows it.You can,t get three people to stand up and agree on anything .obama rolling over all opposition with our tax-money.

Would that be the same millions of people who support Tinfoil Taitz, and showed up at Madman Manning’s wet dream trial?

ledbythnose Says: June 4th, 2010 at 4:51 pm
The truth is ,they are on board with this take over. The sooner we understand that the better off we will be. We are on our own to fight this. Our entire Government has sold us out to the NWO.Im so sorry.

Oh Shit! It must be “Project Blue Beam” agian. The holographic images will probably start any minute now! Keep your eyes to the sky!

goldie Wilbur Says: June 5th, 2010 at 12:32 am
I was just reading another site that says we should all feel sorry for the illegal Muslim, this site says he has so many problems, the citizens should not be critical of him. Crap, and Crap, he has done all he can to get in this position, lying, cheating, committing fraud, throwing people under the bus that do not agree with him,. I am sorry a bit off subject, but I do not feel sorry for anybody to has committed all the major sins he has, he will get it back, time waits for no man, and not for an incompetant community organizer, who lies the minute he starts talking, always in campaign mode and couldn’t lead a ant if he tried. He is a damn fool, give it up and leave, take your family with you, go back to Kenya where they say they like you, well I do not like you or anything about you or your comments about Israel, prayer for him Psalm 109.8 and soon, Please Lord. God Bless America

Now there’s a good Christian for you, full of ignorance, racism and hate. Praying for people to drop dead. Nice. What would the FSM say? Maybe they just need to feel the touch of his noodley appendages to see the light.

Well, if nothing else, at least these birthtards are entertaining!


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  2. Sorry, had to remove the last post because I mispelled something...

    Well, I don't know who is marking their posts. I have tried to get some posts through over at AGJ by writing sympathetic sounding posts but they have never gotten through. One in particular I've been pushing is that the government is 'marking us' by putting small tracking devices in us when we get vaccinated and our prescriptions. I even included links to places describing such devices that are used for cattle to mark it sound plausible. Maybe I'm not sympathetic enough or it just sounds too good to be true.

    I probably just need to move onto some of these other crazy groups and put a bug in the ears of others to get that rumor a going. :)

  3. Global Village IdiotJune 5, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    Mz Daisy,

    Pastafarians of the world unite!!!! All hail the FSM!!!

    Good on you for bringing up rational thought in the same paragraph as christer think and the same article as bat guano nuts. After all, our guy has bigger balls than their god.

    Seriously, any one reading this should Google 'Russell's Teapot' for clarification, then ponder why we force our elected officials to take a position of faith as a litmus test. Case in point: how many generations of inbreeding does it take to get a Jake Knotts?

    I can see it now, the new SC State Slogan:

    "South Carolina - too small to be a country, too big to be an asylum!" (Don't touch your sister, she's mine)


  4. Always love your blogposts, Daisy- laugh out loud funny, and take-no-prisoners frank and to the point. Ejoy your day, lovely lady : )

  5. LaywerwitharealdegreeJune 5, 2010 at 6:46 PM

    Ms. Daisy! Great post, as usual. Small correction, you misspell Lakin's name at the beginning of the post as "Lankin" ;)

  6. As always, a great post. I find these people so entertaining, but it amazes me that they can actually get through the day. The ones that really do it for me are the ones who believe Pastor Manning's trial was an actual trial and that it's all DONE... so why hasn't our President been arrested?

    Oh MY GOD... and these people are 100% serious. In any case, keep up the analysis and comments... they make my day!

  7. Global Village IdiotJune 6, 2010 at 1:05 PM

    Blazing Birfers, I like it. Pity about Marty Feldman, we could get Zsa Zsa if only she was not 193 years old. Sally 'send me half of your sandwich' Struthers p'raps?

    I wish I could do comedy as easily as da birfers, unfortunately I have only eaten at the Olive Garden franchise two times, kind of - meh. And no Kenyan server to boot.

    Is there a way to tie the Nigerian 4-1-9 Money scam into being the funding for Obamas legal defense of 'spending millions' to hide his past? Granted the hoax is decades old, and Kenya is on the other coast, but could make for a 'grander' continent wide conspiracy theory - possibly bait too good for any birfer worth their tin foil to pass up.

    Just a thought.....


  8. I Just voted here in California...and no, I could not for or against Orly since I am a registered Democrat. Some internet sites are suggesting that Orly might actually beat Dunn. If she indeed does many suggest that she will get much more monetary support than she got in the primary. I don't actually see where the money is going since I don't see any ads for SOS here but this is Monterey County a liberal leaning county for sure.
    My biggest worry is Barbara Boxer may lose in this anti-incumbent world we now live in. (not in this primary but in the general election in November.

  9. Anotherparadox, I thought it might be you over there messing with those poor brain damaged people, you evil child you! (LOL)

    Laywerwitharealdegree, Thanks for the spell check, I’m so bad about that!