Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Disturbed Obamaphobe

On the website “Canada Free Press”  there is a post from Jerry McConnell, (whose bio reads “Jerry McConnell is a longtime resident of planet earth with one half century on the seacoast of NH. He is a community activist but promises not to run for President and he feeds ACORN’s to the squirrels.”)

(Right! A longtime resident of this planet. Wonder where he lived before that?)

“Homegrown Terrorism Begins at Homeland Security Department
By Jerry McConnell Saturday, June 26, 2010

The most totally biased and inefficient government official at any level is unquestionably Janet Napolitano the Homeland Security Agency Secretary. She really isn’t even capable of being a secretary to the Secretary. And I might add, she is one scary woman.”

(I wonder how this guy actually defines “scary”)

“This misfit was picked by an unqualified Chief Executive who in turn was picked by millions of unqualified people. That is what is supposed to make this travesty legal and proper; where it is neither.”

(And I suppose this hate filled fruit loop is much more qualified to decide what is best for the millions of “unqualified people” in this country who had nerve to elect someone (and a black someone to boot) as POTUS that he didn’t like. I mean really, what fucking balls those ignorant voters had!)

“Obama, our sorely lacking Commander-in-Chief, selected Ms. Napolitano to be a part of one of the most anti-Christian and anti-American presidential cabinets in the history of our once great, but now diminishing country.”

(Hummm, Anti-Christian? Must be another Islamaphobe who believes Obama is a secret Muslim. Anti-American? Oh yea, that’s right, Presidents are all supposed to be white Christians! Anything else IS un-American.)

“If nothing else, this group of advisors that should be providing correct and sensible advice to the president is the most non-effective, perverse and full of pot-holes bunch ever to mislead and misinform a president in more than 234 years.”

(Uh, correct and sensible according to who? Hate filled fruit loop Obamaphobes?)

“The latest example of her curious logic as offered as a homeland security rule is:
Unable (or unwilling?) to provide adequate protection to the American people, Ms. N now wants to monitor the Internet communications industry. She and her political party are unwilling to act properly by exercising strict surveillance on terrorists already in this country as well as the hundreds, thousands, or millions flowing freely and unfettered across our porous borders every hour of every day of every year."


“Whether it is so as not to “offend” certain foreign nationalities or those of religious views in sympathy and concurrence with those of our little-known beliefs of this very un-American and largely anti-Christian president is difficult to say.”

(Islamaphobia again? The fact is that our President IS a Christian, not a Muslim, and so what if he was a Muslim? Nowhere is it written that Christianity (or being white) is a pre-requisite for being President OR to being an American. I will never understand why it is that these “so-called” Christians believe it’s perfectly acceptable AND justified to passionately hate and publicly slander all other religions, but no one has a right to be anti-Christian.)

“ reported on June 18, 2010 that “Napolitano said to a gathering of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, ‘The First Amendment protects radical opinions, but we need the legal tools to do things like monitor the recruitment of terrorists via the Internet’.”

(Exactly, the First Amendment does protect radical opinions, just like the opinions of these right wing loons that spew hate and constantly call for the (sometimes) violent and armed overthrow of our duly elected government. And it may come as a surprise to some of these loons, but there is a serious need for “monitoring recruitment of terrorists via the internet”. After all not all terrorists are Muslims, some are crazy, hate filled, so-called Christians, who constantly call for the armed and violent overthrow of our duly elected government! Imagine that!)

“As stated above, her own party is the group most responsible for not allowing monitoring of terrorists, anywhere or anytime. But now that she thinks she could gain some information not just on terrorists, but ALL users of that medium for anti-US government speech by loyal and patriotic conservatives that might speak against her department or her boss, the president, she is definitely in agreement with spying on U. S. citizens.”

(“Anti-US Government speech by (so-called) loyal and patriotic conservatives?” Uh, yep! I’d say that would warrant very close monitoring. Calling for armed revolt and sedition against the United States Government is in fact treason and hardly something any loyal and patriotic American would do, conservative or not. However, that is exactly what these whacked out right winged Christian terrorists seem to do regularly. Somehow they seem to believe that it’s not okay to be a Muslim terrorist trying to take over our country, but it is okay to be a Christian terrorist and attempt to take over the country and overthrow the government.)

“I would suggest that the only element NOT to be monitored or spied on, would be terrorists, foreign OR domestic, that this government is already awash with including right in the president’s staff and cabinet. Does she, or even he, for that matter, think that everybody is as slow and mental clarity lacking as the voters who elevated all of them to these lofty positions? I would assure her this is not so.”

(I think it’s quite obvious who is lacking mental clarity here.)

“legal tools to do things like monitor the recruitment of terrorists via the Internet” she chirped to the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACSLP) (see above), I presume that the keyword there is “legal”; because it seems that many of this Administration’s business dealings are not only shady, but downright illegal.”

(Right, Orly Taters is not the only one running amuck in this country chasing windmills)

“Napolitano should have had the ACSLP discuss the Constitution’s Article II, Section 1 concerning qualifications for being a candidate for the presidency; or even discussing the source of authority for our government to FORCE people to join the recently signed into law health program of the president against their wishes; reinforced by stern penalties for refusal.”

(You know, the one thing that constantly kills be about these absolute idiots that continually spew the “forcing people to sign up for health insurance against their will”, bullshit is the fact that most of them ALREADY HAVE FUCKING INSURANCE! And the biggest joke about that is just how many of them are actually on Medicare! And yes, Medicare is a government run healthcare insurance! So what the fuck are they bitching about? Maybe they should all join up with Michelle Bachmann and “slit their wrists to fight healthcare reform”. There’s an idea! I’d be willing to donate a box of razor blades for the cause.)

“The Homeland Security Secretary might also have questioned the source authority for all of those mean and nasty looking CZARS, right out of the Soviet Socialists handbook now patrolling the halls of the White House (is it still painted white?)”

(Obviously, no fucking clue. Imaging that. And again we can see the root of all this bigoted and racist right winged hate is the fact that there is NOT a “White” President in the White House.)

“But you see, she has no interest in looking for good old fashioned honest government actions and administrative rulings that are beneficial to the citizens of our country; no, under the guise of tracking terrorists online, she will be monitoring EVERY last one of us that uses the ‘Net on a frequent basis to see what sort of skullduggery we are up to. For all Napolitano knows, we might even be planning a TEA party; a thought that probably scares the hell out of all of them.”

(Is there any doubt that these idiots need tracking? Talk about a bunch of anti-Americans! These fools claim to be “American patriots” but what they really are are a bunch of ignorant racist Christian Jihadists and literally no different in their behavior or attitudes from the Muslim Jihadists they "claim" to hate so intently.)

“We all know now how true it was when this little saying, often credited to Ronald Reagan before his presidency, said that we should be frightened when someone says, “I’m from the federal government; I’m here to help.
Janet, if we respectfully decline your offer of surveillance will we be fined? We don’t want our country mis-handled like you did with the State of Arizona; only just now has it started to recover under Jan Brewer’s guidance.”

Actually people like this are exactly why these assholes need watching. Talk about Homegrown Hatred!


  1. Global Village IdiotJune 27, 2010 at 9:44 AM

    Mz Daisy,

    I have followed the 'Canada Free Press' since last year, my guess is that they will eventually find WND and together, with the help of the cosmic jewish zombie Jeebus hisself (hyuk hyuk hyuk) take out that usurpin' mofo from our White House.

    Says so right in the bible. Really, just ask any true christer.

    Seriously, the insidious shift from reporting news to presenting a biased point of view and purporting it to be fact and news had been gradual through the 90's, but has gained traction in the 24/7/365 electronic era.

    The CFP is such an example: white, christer based spin presented as news. While I have certain points of view I adhere to I also make it a point to peruse other views to which I have no affinity or belief in, I just might learn something.

    Pity the poor fools who get all their 'news' from a single source, say, Faux? Al Jazeera, CBC, BBC, NPR, Fox, NYT, Univision, WaPo, HuffPo, any variety to expand the understanding of what is happening is a good thing - how does the word spread that until you stop reading and viewing only those opinions with which you already agree does not broaden ones point of view?

    But that is what the right wing christers want - ignorant foot soldiers why believe, obey and ask no questions. The sooner people quit distorting history and realize the founding fathers studiously avoided making this a Theocracy for a reason the sooner we can have our country back from the true enemies here:

    Corporations and Organized Religion.

    Corporations are not People, Money is not Free Speech. And when you preach politics from the pulpit you just became a Corporate Political Entity. If you do not believe that corporations have gained control of and run this government of the people, by the people and for the people I and those of us why have studied the history of politics are wasting our time.

    It may already be too late.

  2. I agree with you Global. You asked what the right winged christers want. Yes, ignorant foot soldiers, and its greed and power that drives them. I don’t know what religion started out as, probably as a means by ancient man of comforting and protecting themselves against the evils of demon forces that shook the earth and caused the sky to darken at mid-day, as well as a way of not having to accept death as a finality. But what it has become is a tool of control and manipulation as a means to achieve power, and most importantly a way of keeping their coffers full. They want the entire country ruled by whatever interpretation or flavor of religion they think gives them the best chance at achieving and maintaining that. In this country that would be Christianity. The mindless minions coughing up their hard earned cash, doing (and even voting) as they are told to maintain the status quo so they can get to heaven and not burn in hell for eternity.

    If you think about it, religion is a hell of a “Suck-er” scam.