Monday, May 17, 2010

Manning’s Fruit Loop Trial, Day 3 Re-Cap

From Steve Cooper at “The Conservative Monster”

First, I want to say thank you for all of the great comments. Also, there is some confusion, so let me clear it up...

1.I am sending messages to my website via my cell phone live from the trial, so you all know what is going on. These brief comments I am sending are not articles, they are comments just like Twitter.

(The confusion being that his TwittTard followers were trying to click on his Twitts to open them, then couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work)

2. Next, I want to say that as you all know the media has ignored this entire trial and of course we are not surprised since they are all part of a massive cover up to make this issue go away. Pastor Manning and I, along with many others in this movement will not allow that to happen.

(Actually, the real news media only reports “real” news. It’s not really a cover up, it’s just that crazy people having wet dreams about taking out Obama is not actually news.)

3. If Pastor Manning was holding a war crimes trial for George Bush, the media would have been all over his trial and this story. Why is this? The media is part of a communist conspiracy and they are the enemy, along with the far left elitist scum that are manipulating the economy to force this country into a communist world government.

(Yes, after many years of planning, “Project Blue Beam”  is finally well under way. The “proof” is all those fake earthquakes that media has been reporting. I believe the holographic images of the “2nd coming” should be set to begin any day now, and the NWO is just around the corner.) 

Now a recap of the trial from Sunday May 16, 2010:

I was unable to make the march again, due to the hours that I am putting into writing these updates, articles and answering e-mails. The Conservative Monster was exploding with traffic yesterday, because people want to know about this trial and the media is suppressing the news, just like in the USSR (Fox News included). The news media has all of their credibility invested in this cover up and they are desperate to make this eligibility issue go away. Would the media cut Palin or Bush the same break that they are cutting Barry?

- Pastor Manning stated that he has documentation that he will submit into evidence from a former CIA agent that was also a KGB spy. He did not explain further, so we will have to see what that is about tomorrow (Monday).

(Now we’re cooking, a gen-u-wine double agent. Hot Damn!)

- Also, Wayne Allan Root, a former student from Columbia University will testify via Skype video on Monday.

- Pastor Manning played his interview with Dr John Drew, a former friend of Obama from Occidental college.

In this interview Dr. Drew stated:
1. Dr Drew was the founder of the Marxist Organization at Occidental College.
2. Obama was a radical Marxist revolutionary that constantly preached about redistribution of wealth and transformation of the political system.
3. Obama had no black friends, they were only white and foreigners (Middle Eastern)
4. Obama wanted to overthrow the wealthy
5. Obama had no girlfriends and that he was not a hard working student that hit the books hard. He liked to party more than study.
6. Islam and Marxism fit together perfectly and that is why leftists and the Muslim students mixed very well.
7. Obama was always dressed very nice, had designer clothes and drove in a BMW. Obama's friend Mohammed Chandoo from Pakistan seemed to be rolling in cash and Obama was not struggling at all. They spent their money on partying, pot and hotel rooms.

Pastor Manning then stated that Dr. Drew was a tremendous find, because of his close association with Obama and his radical views from his college days. Dr. Drew mentioned to Manning that he "tried to get the word out about Obama's radical views prior to the election, but nobody would listen to him."

(Right, “very” close association; I mean if anyone knows the “real” Barack Obama it would be John Drew. They actually met “in person” twice at two separate parties 30 years ago. Read about Drew on OFGS “here” )

Witness Anthony Jones: 

Anthony Jones is an attorney and a member of Pastor Manning congregation. Jones is a former Democrat that got his law degree from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee and a degree from Union Seminary school as well. He also attended Columbia University and Manning questioned him whether anyone at CU knew of Obama or went to class with him. Of course the answer was "no".

(Of course Columbia is such a small school that it’s just not possible that Obama was actually there if Jones doesn’t remember him.)

Manning then mentioned that countless CU students have come to Atlah for research on Pastor Manning, Harlem and the church for their PHD thesis. Jones agreed that "he had witnessed many students come to Atlah to make appointments for research purposes".

Manning then asked Jones if he had any knowledge of Obama meeting any of the community leaders or pastors in the CU area or in the Harlem area. Jones answered, "no, not that he ever heard of". James Cone and Cornel West were also influential during the 1981-1983 era that Obama allegedly went to CU and again, there is no evidence that they assisted Obama in any research of thesis.

(Well... I guess if Jones didn’t have knowledge of, or hear about any of that, well there’s proof right there that it never happened, and if none of that ever happened that just supports the proof that Obama was never there in the first place. Okay, I get it... Right!)

There is no evidence that Obama frequented the Harlem area and he barely made any mention of this in any of his writings as well. Manning stated that Obama did mention one particular church in Harlem, but only that he sat in the back row once to listen to the choir music. Central Park was mentioned also, but nothing about Harlem.

Manning also stated that there was a liberation book store that was very popular at that time and again, Obama never mentioned it and there is no proof that he ever went to that book store like most CU students do.

(I’m sure he never mentioned taking a dump either, so does that prove he never used a bathroom at Columbia?)

Manning then asked Jones if the CIA ever recruits from college universities and Jones stated, "yes". Then Afghanistan and the war with Russia was discussed briefly and then the witness testimony ended. Jones was another intelligent and credible witness that Manning put on the stand.

(Yes, everyone knows that all lawyers, (except Orly) have all the inside dope of the recruiting practices of the CIA. That right there is common knowledge, which of course is why Orly knows nothing about it)

I am a retired cop and I must say that I am impressed by Pastor Manning's method of questioning and presentation. He is doing an amazing job. I also want to add that his congregation is made up of the most well mannered people that I have ever met. They are surrounded by God and that speaks volumes for their Pastor, James David Manning.

(A cop? And he’s impressed with Manning’s method of questioning and presentation? Thank Gawd he’s a “retired” cop!)

It is an honor that I am sitting in this court and exclusively reporting on this trial.
Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Well, I don’t know about you all, but the only rock solid evidence I’ve seen at all so far is down right incontrovertible proof that we need more mental health resources in this country.

Anyway, here’s an update from the Madman himself. He seems a bit disappointed that not only has his great event been snubbed by the MSM, Rush Limbaugh hasn’t even mentioned it. (Sniff, sniff)


  1. I'm sorry. I can no longer watch a Manning video after Global's reference to Deliverance without breaking out in hysterical laughter. There's too much anticipation of that Weeeee and I keep see Ned Beatty with his tighty whities pulled down...

    Was he complaining that Rush didn't cover this super duper greatest trial of the century? I couldn't tell because I was laughing too hard and my eyes are filled with tears so I can't read very well.

  2. That Global is a goober; he cracked me up with that reference too! I still giggle at that.

    Yes, Manning’s feelings are hurt, he expected that the MSN would snub him, but I guess he never thought Rush would leave him and the other 75 people at his “greatest event in the universe” just hanging out there all alone.

  3. Global Village IdiotMay 18, 2010 at 8:11 AM

    Greetings, anotherparadox from the pastoral squalor that is this neighborhood.

    A mind is a terrible thing.