Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Manning’s Fruit Loop Treason Trial Continues

Even though the charge of “treason” has been dropped for fear of the distress it will cause folks to have to hand down a death sentence on Obama. Manning still stated he wanted to make it clear that, personally he still believes that Obama should be “Hanged from his toes” until dead.

In addition to the “Obot” coverage on Salon by Alex Pareene, and the Conservative Monster’s “birther” coverage by Steve Cooper, we also have coverage from the AGJ’s own …Bob. It’s amazing to me that anyone can possibly believe that this Kangaroo Court of Manning’s resembles anything close to reality, but the folks posting over at AGJ not only believe it, but are preparing for war in the event Obama is not removed at the trial’s conclusion. So I guess they will be going to war.

A couple of highlights from …Bob’s coverage:

Of course, George Stephanopholous did not attend the trial as subpoenaed. However, his public statement was entered into the jury record. Stepanopholous graduated in 1982 and he had said he never met or heard of Obama at the time.

(So now they have proof from George that Obama never attended Columbia)

The prosecution then talked about Obama and his Pakistan connection involving his mother Stanley Ann Dunham.. this is where the CIA connection came into play. Specifically, the mother was living in Pakistan during the Obama Columbia years.. Al Landry, an investigative reporter, testified by “live” video conference call to the jury that Dunham was living at the Hilton Hotel (one of the most expensive hotels in Pakistan) for no apparant reason. He claims Dunham live in Pakistan for 5 years and Obama Jr. visited his mother on a number of occasions.. Landy said that the company [Asian Development Bank] that Dunham was working for was actually a CIA front.

(Right… For no apparent reason Dunham lived in an expensive Pakistani Hilton for 5 years while working for a company that was really a front business for the CIA. Is this shit getting a little on deep side, or what?)

The REALLY freaky thing is these “Ready for War” comments left by …Bob’s AGJ members:

live oak Says: May 17th, 2010 at 2:46 pm
I am with Ledbythnose, heather and Phoebe,
We will have no choice but Civil War if this trial doesn’t give us the results we are expecting…ie the end of Kenya Boy and the whole Regime.
I am beyond fed up with criticism of our prayers for our country and Bob’s and Rev Manning’s courageous efforts to bring justice for We The People. They are putting their lives on the line, for us and the whole country!!!!!!!!
If the criticism and baiting of my friends and patriots continues, I WILL do something about it. It has GOT TO STOP NOW!!!!!!!! You have been warned.

ledbythnose Says: May 17th, 2010 at 3:14 pm
I say to you all in the greatest humility, I have known all along it will eventually come to war. These Criminals have taken our Government over. Does any of you think that they will just walk away without a fight? Riots are for losers. I’m talking about a well organised war. Period. We the People should send this Government a document of ultimatum along with this jury’s findings. We should warn them that failure to act will result in a state of war between the Government and the American People. In addition it would not hurt to have a petition with a few million names on it to let them know we are serious. Just one old mans opinion.

rhcrest Says: May 17th, 2010 at 6:15 pm
ledbythenose, judging by the small crowd at the trial how would we wage war against the gov’t? It would be a very small army it seems. I am schocked at the lack of interest in this trial by people who i thought would have a lot of interest in it. I think people are just too apathetic. FC has something about the flouride or something. Hy husband said that maybe they put subliminal messages in network programming to make us docile. I am starting to think we are just doomed.

Phoebe Says: May 17th, 2010 at 6:43 pm
rhcrest and other negatives posted, as I said above, let’s keep this positive! Positive vibes work a bunch better than negative. For the record, I wanted to go and was going to try and get on the AGJ bus but it was cancelled. I am a single, middle-aged woman who has NEVER been to NYC. No way I was going to go to big scary NYC by myself, without knowing a soul there and not knowing a thing about NYC. I also am trying to sell my mother’s house. I lost her late October 2009 and have a mess of an estate to deal with. So, too many obstacles in this Texas lady’s path otherwise I would have been marching right alongside these other patriots. I was heavily involved in the Dallas Tea Party all last year but didn’t care for the direction of the tea party. Not proactive, just protesting with signs. Nope, I am with ledbythnose, it is FAR past time for peaceful remedy. I saw that last year. It is time for war. Rhcrest, there are MANY MANY patriots just waiting at the end of their trigger for the right moment. That is silly for you to imply that only the 170 in attendance are the only patriots ready for action. That is dead wrong! I have become armed and practicing my trigger!!!

heather Says: May 17th, 2010 at 6:56 pm
lbtn–my husband and I are ready–took the class, got licensed and are practing our aim!—- just in case..

ledbythnose Says: May 17th, 2010 at 6:59 pm
One more point and Ill shut up. LOL IF you do the math, there are at least 100 million armed Citizens that are in direct conflict with this Government.If you break that down into 5 to 10 man fire teams you have a fearsome Army. One ten man fire team can stop a column of Heavy Armour. They do it everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they do it using much less sophisticated weapons and Tactics than a well organised American Army would being lead by seasoned Fighters. I’m talking 24/7 Guerrilla attacks non stop. I don’t think this is a fight they want to pick.Certainly some food for thought. Godspeed.

live oak Says: May 17th, 2010 at 9:10 pm
I have never felt negative about this trial….just for the record. I am very joyful about it. There are reporters from all over the world there. Kenya Boy is going down hard and fast.
If you see my comment entry at # 220, I was only saying that a civil war is the alternative, and no one wants that. I seriously doubt it will be necessary.You know who I was referring to for the rest of it. I stand by my words. I will take action. It is going to STOP.

BeenLiedtoAgain Says: May 17th, 2010 at 10:36 pm
This is a snippet from a lengthy interview with retired Navy Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III, June 19, 2009
“Walt: Mr. Obama is named in the commission of the crime of TREASON by a commissioned officer in the U.S. military. TREASON is the only criminal act our Constitution records.Mr. Obama is described in the criminal complaint as a ‘foreign born domestic enemy and a traitor’. This simple declarative sentence is intended to state clearly Mr. Obama meets elements of the crime of TREASON by being an enemy of the United States and our constitutional form of government. It states also Mr.Obama adheres to other U.S. enemies and gives them aid and comfort(Obama’s criminal assistants).
Our Constitution no longer works. Our government, however contemporaneously described, has turned against its people.” Can it be any plainer than that, and what action must be taken next?

Has anyone ever seen the movie “Twelve Monkeys”? (Great Movie BTW)

I think some of these people escaped from this movie!

These crazy fucks are getting more dangerous and paranoid by the day. They are living in some kind of fantasy that their movement has swept the nation and is in the millions of people, yet they are just a handful of the same stupid people posting over and over. They can’t even get Orly Taitz or Rush Limbaugh to acknowledge them, and that’s pretty bad.

There is no doubt the verdict will be “Guilty”. But the question is what are “the faithful” going to do when the authorities that they expect to enforce that verdict, brush it off as the lunacy that it is? Someone is going to lose it and these fools are armed and crazy!


  1. As far as 'no one remembering Obama back when he went to Columbia, it is SO ridiculous. Yes. I am sure people would have known that he was one day going to be president and would have wanted to be his friend.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I barely remember names or faces of the people I went to college with at KSU. One whole year, I roomed with a student from Iran. The only memory I have of him, other than he was a real nice guy - really - is that he used to wrap his whole body from head to toe in a blanket and turn the heat up full blast in the dorm room. Other than that, he would give me 25 lb sacks of pistachios and candy made from honey and nuts that his parents sent him. But for the life of me, I can't remember his name nor the names of any other person on the dorm floor I lived for my first two years. Oh, and he and his friends were extremely wary about talking politics because they were scared of the Shah and his secret police.

    But that is my only vivid memory I have from going to college. The rest of it is all a blur and images that come and go.

    Poor bigots. What a total waste of their time. To think that anything of significance will arise out of their 'verdict' is sad.

  2. PS. I liked 12 Monkeys. Don't remember much of it. I'll have to watch the whole movie again.

  3. Wait - if Obama and his mother really WERE working for the CIA, isn't Manning committing treason by blowing their cover?