Monday, May 10, 2010

Madman Manning Addresses Columbia University Students

This man has long passed batshit crazy and lost his fucking mind all together. In this video (a must see to believe) he first tells the students that he is not attacking them, but states that Columbia University (and Obama) are involved in drug running, the murder of innocent people, and involved in the establishment of the Taliban.

He claims that Columbia is guilty of running and selling drugs with money Barack Hussein Obama funneled into Afghanistan and Pakistan for the purchase of arms that were gotten by the sale of drugs to young Americans.

He asks the students to investigate the school records as he has done because Obama was never there. He claims that Obama was with the Taliban selling and running drugs and drug money. He says that Obama established the Taliban, ran drugs for the CIA and sold them on the streets of America to finance the war against the Soviet Union.

He claims he doesn’t hate the students but that he is simply bringing out the truth, that “Columbia University is no saint, indeed they are full of demonic activity at the level of drug dealing, money laundering, and murder”.

He states:

“You students need to walk up to the president’s office and ask him for a public statement on this matter. CLEAR Columbia’s name. Because all America is talking about this trial. And don’t think just because I’m a Harlem pastor that I can be ignored, NO I will not! And the truth will no longer be ignored.

I’m asking you as students don’t allow Columbia to graduate you from a drug selling, drug running, Taliban supporting, Al Qaida developing institution. Declaring they are the halls of ivy league puritans while on the inside they are full of dead men’s bones, they are full of oppressed women, they are full of drug running and Michael Sovern and Lee Bolinger both know it!”

He also states a couple of times that he is not a madman and he’s not making this up!

Watch closely about the 9-minute mark if you watch nothing else. In the midst of a tirade screaming it’s not fair… yada yada, he shouts “Columbia” then drops back in his seat and like a little boy in his saddest most pitiful voice he literally pouts and says, “needs to confess”. OMG it was flipping hilarious! (I shot diet coke out of my nose!)

I’ll bet the Secret Service is very closely watching this fruit loop; they’ve already visited him and are surely tracking every move he makes. At least I hope so!

I believe this man is completely unhinged and there is no telling what is going to happen when no one really gets arrested at his “trial”, but one thing I do know… The corn will be popped, and beer nice and cold!


  1. Global Village IdiotMay 10, 2010 at 6:38 PM

    Good post Mz Daisy, but the most important thing of all in all the information you shared and by far the most serious and invidious was the drug reference.

    A horrible plague on the American people, this drug.

    Yes, please stay away from diet Coke - it contains aspartame.

    Very bad for your health.


  2. I find myself wanting to follow this madman's so called trial (purely for entertainment value of course)
    PS I just joined up as a follower of your wonderful blog today but actually have been reading it for a while. for some reason, many months ago I started Googling Orly Taitz on Google news, she was my entertainment for the day but compared to Pastor Manning she is rather tame. Anyway I am looking forward to your take on this so called Columbia trail next week. (PSS Manning is a racist just as bad as the KKK, he said "It is common knowledge that African men, coming from the continent of Africa—especially for the first time—do diligently seek out white women to have sexual intercourse with. Generally the most noble of white society choose not to intercourse sexually with these men. So it's usually the trashier ones who make their determinations that they're going to have sex." Sounds just like the KKK to me.

  3. Like Ben, I've followed Orly just because she is so entertaining. Kind of like a SNL character but real.

    I agree with Ben's assessment of Manning.

    Last night, I put in my DVD of Charlie's War. It might be time for every RWNJ to watch that movie. They say that liberals aren't good for America and they don't do anything for our defense but Charlie Wilson single handedly was responsible for arming the Afghani's with the weapons they needed to win against the Soviet Union. He also recognized that if we didn't continue to help after that war, that it would cause problems, which it did. The younger people returned and formed the Taliban and had no knowledge that we were responsible for helping them get the Russians out.

    Kind of away from the topic of your story but in a way the same since Manning thinks Obama was over in Pakistan at that time as a CIA operative.

    All of these nutjobs are highly entertaining but it's getting to a point where they're also becoming dangerous. It's apparent that LE is at least aware of them now. Rachel Maddow has had some good shows discussing the topics of the AGJ and the lunatic fringe. One of the guys that I think was in the FBI says they saw a lot of this happening back when Clinton was president but it's a lot worse with Obama.


  4. Thanks for your kind words Ben, I’m glad you have enjoyed my rants about these crazy people.

    Yes the “Crazy Daze of Tin Foil Taitz” has been very entertaining, and hopefully will continue to be, but this Madman Manning does take the crazy cake hands down. It’s quite true; he is a racist as is Taitz, (racism comes in many colors, ethnicities and religions)

    I’m also looking forward to this (so-called) trial of Manning’s. Nothing he tries to pull will surprise me, nor would I be surprised if he ends up in a padded room after its over! Crazy people seriously dislike having their delusions challenged and that can make them even crazi-er. I just hope that he is not so far gone that he attempts anything that will physically harm anyone, (or himself for that matter).

    Global, you sound like my husband about that horrible diet coke habit of mine, LOL!

  5. Not AXJ, I’d not heard of Charlie’s War, but I just added it to my Netflix list, thanks. You’re right about the potential danger of these nut jobs. SPLC has tracked the rise in hate groups and crazy extremists and shows an incredible increase in their numbers (and activities) since Obama was elected.

    I don’t know which is worse; those that hate Obama because he’s black, and believe that the only door he has any business entering in the White House would be the kitchen door. Or those that hate him because they believe he’s a dirty no good Muslim trying to take away their Jeebus.

    Of course there are those that believe both!

  6. Too early in the morning for me. It is actually Charlie Wilson's War. Here's a link to his wiki entry.


  7. Ms Daisy,
    "Crazy people seriously dislike having their delusions challenged and that can make them even crazi-er. I just hope that he is not so far gone that he attempts anything that will physically harm anyone, (or himself for that matter)."

    Yes! You are correct! They will go ballistic akin to children who throw temper tantrums to get what they want. They will first manifest what we call extinction burst in that they will double there effort to get what they want. However, we must not give in but continue to make these people realize that delusions are but delusions and not based on reality. Once they realize that there temper tantrum is futile, they usually calm down.

    Manning, I believe is a functional BPD like Orly!

  8. Great post, Ms Daisy! Manning is as frothing nutty as they come. This whole bizarre show trial is like watching some bad B-movie play out, except with "sinister government conspiracy" as the plot instead of cheesy rubber alien masks and cheap paper mache models on string flying around! Its complete Mystery Conspiracy Theater 3000, so definitely pass the popcorn!

    Based on the reporting so far, I haven't seen this level of EPIC FAIl since the PUMA days! LMAO!

    And yes, Charlie Wilson's War is an excellent, must-see movie.