Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is One Of The “Ulterior Motives” Of Manning’s Treason Trial Surfacing?

Does anyone remember Ed Hale and his claim to have obtained Obama’s “real” Kenyan birth certificate, which you could view for the mere price of $100.00? (You can read about that on OFGS "here" )

On the AGJ website there was a comment posted yesterday by one of the Tin Foilers, “George Peabody” asking where he could find the video of the trial, the transcript, and the “smoking gun documents”. (As if any kind of legitimate documents ever existed in the first place.)

A reply to that came from Tin Foiler “LiveOak” who stated, “Rev. Manning is going to make a DVD.” And then directed George to the Conservative Monster for details of the verdict and trial.

If you’ll remember on day one Alex Pareene on stated that security was very tight and no cameras were allowed inside the church while the trial was taking place. Which would of course assure Manning’s exclusive rights to any video or photos taken inside the trial if no one else was able to take any.

Just a thought, but does anyone want to make a guess on how much Manning will be “selling” those DVDs for?


  1. My take is that there will be no DVD and no photos and definitely no "smoking gun" documents that can be verified. Manning is in this for the "cause", and it is not about money. If it was, he would not be so dangerous. He has been selling a few junk objects though, like "Long Legged Mack Daddy" and "Boom Shaka Laka" coffee cups etc., but soon they were at cut price.
    He does not interact with people in his videos. Mostly he is sitting alone in front of the camera. In his "church" he uses a few people as stage props. They are never allowed to say anything.

  2. Global Village IdiotMay 20, 2010 at 11:03 AM

    Not sure if it is Boom-shaka-laka-laka.

    Or Be-bop-a-loo-ow-a-wop-bam-boom. Tutti Frutti?

    Or maybe "Thats him - the sultry Bitch with the fire in his eyes!"

    In any case I hope the DVD ends like Michael Ironside in 'Scanners'.

  3. If one should want to expose himself to the full insanity and madness of the JD Manning experience, one should check out the satirical music videos of "TomtheRipper407", available on YouTube, and start with "Let's get this trial on!".
    Manning's followers have no clue. They think those are fan videos. In fact, Mr. Ripper presents them as coming from Mr. Manning's first CD, and a second is in preparation.

  4. I wouldn't put it past Manning to have recorded the 'trial' on video.

  5. In addition to my two remarks as "Anonymous" above, I might add an afterthought. During this "trial" it became pretty clear that Manning cannot be the worst person in the world, when Steve Cooper, running "The Conservative Monster" site, might be in competition.
    If Manning is a kind of "Don Quixote", Cooper is his "Sancho Panza". Cooper is a PayPal button wizard, selling teeshirts and offers $50 saved if you mention him on a certain website.
    Manning is too "innocent" (in a bad way) to realize this. But one day even his eyes may be opened. And then he might say:
    "I went to Columbia to fight the windmills, and all I got were bad feet, a broken voice and this lousy "Special Edition air brushed Conservative Monster Shirt"!

  6. Seriously, Manning is a control freak. He just does not interact with his underlings on DVD. They are not allowed to say anything in his church, not even his wife, who agrees with him 100%. There was a video some hundred videos ago before a large building with people milling about. Manning and wife were there and they could have had a "discussion", but no. Her only job was nodding her head in agreement.
    Manning feels more secure on radio, but never allows any caller on the air who has not been vetted and who might disagree with him.
    The "trial" must have been a messy affair, with THAT kind of stupidity in the jury and among witnesses. If there were any tapes from it, they will never see the light of day.
    And in his "press conference" he said that even the written transcript will not be published for the public to see.

  7. Global Village IdiotMay 24, 2010 at 4:00 PM


    Greetings. While I admit I have not researched all of Mannings tapes - audio or video - the couple of dozen I have seen seem to back your hypotheses; Major Control Freak without any facts to back up his rants. There are several measures of a man; how does he treat his subordinates - are his actions uniform in public as well as in private - in what esteem is he held by his peers, contempt or respect - etc. What I want to know of this PhD* is how does he respond when he is mistaken, or proven dead wrong?

    I am proudly not deficient by virtue of having two unique chromosomes (sorry distaff, that faulty XX must really gall at times....). I only use this example to illustrate the last sentence of the previous paragraph - being a man who makes mistakes I know first hand it is a learning as well as a growing experience when shown to be in error.

    Is it possible that his belief in the cosmic jewish zombie clouds his mentality, or is he at the end of the day just another scam artist and major attention whore?

    That said, what will the good reverend learn, or let show from his little psychotropic exercise? If anything is released I am fairly certain it will be highly edited. Pity, a full core dump of all unedited A/V 'evidence' would help clear things up. But most of us who are saner than an emu on acid already know.....

    By the by, does anyone want to know what I know about lesbian frogs?


    *Piled Higher and Deeper, or 'PHUD'