Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Bait And Catch A Tea Bagger Vote

Does this guy have it down pat or what???


  1. Alright. I FINALLY remembered my password for my Google account. And I didn't want to have to create another and unfortunately, the email address I had given in the case that I needed to recover my password has a password I can't remember and the email address I used for that account is no longer active.

    So, I am officially following your blog as of today even though I check it every day.

    I agree, this is a good tea baggin' ad.

    NOT_AXJ, aka DaveH, but otherwise known as anotherparadox...

  2. Anotherparadox, well welcome aboard!

    I have the same problem with passwords and email addresses. Between work stuff and home stuff my brain is scrambled eggs when it comes to remembering all that crap. BUT… I have the solution!

    Microsoft Excel is my best password friend. With Excel you can sort alphabetically so everything is always right there. I have it saved on a memory stick so I will always have access to what ever I need, when I need it and I no longer need to remember shit.

    Trying to remember thousands of passwords can make you crazy.

  3. I'm too much of a security freak. I have a database that I kept all of my user names and passwords in - I created it with FileMaker - I password protected it and I can't remember the password. And I just don't like writing passwords down into anything that can be opened since my passwords are all phrases intermingled with letters and characters like ~ and ^, etc., etc. in addition to capitalizing certain letters in the phrases. So, I have to rely on memory and sometimes I just don't remember which password I used for something, especially if I haven't logged in for awhile as I hadn't with my Google account. But I remember it now. :)

  4. Global Village IdiotMay 18, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Mz Daisy,

    Good morning. The pity is that this cracker is not acting - I do not personally know him but will pony up a bet of $1 that this is his everyday speech, attitude and persona. To quote a famous Hollywood pundit 'What a Maroon!'.

    His Democratic opponent has some experience, knows the Ag Department and actually addresses real issues, not just TeaTard talking points hot button issues...but has all the verve and charm of a damp, sour dish towel. See Jim Zorn's video here:

    While I adhere to the philosophy laid out in H2G2 (That would be 'The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy' to those of you still think the key is banging the rocks together) that anyone who wants a political office should under no circumstances be allowed to hold office I think a boring, moderate Democrat is a not so bad choice for a position like Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries.

    I'm the Global Village Idiot and I approved this post.