Monday, May 3, 2010

An FYI to all from Ms Daisy

I’ve recently been made aware of a website called, “”

(Link: )

I suggest to each of you that you visit this website, look yourself up and check if your personal as well as your financial information is being publicly displayed. Though they do not always display accurate information, but much of it is. They list incomes, credit scores, maps to your home address as well as your home phone number and much more.

There is an option at the bottom of the home page “privacy” which you can click to have your information removed. Though Snoops states they have been unsuccessful at blocking listings on that website, and suggest that their goal may be to collect email addresses. (An email address is required to request the block)

If you want to attempt to block your information it may be wise to set up a hotmail email address, or some alternate email address to do it with. But it may be worth a shot at getting your personal information removed.

Here’s the link to Snoops about Spokeo

Good Luck..


  1. Thanks for this information. It's amazing how much information they had on me at this website. They had more information on my current address versus the address I had in Texas less than 2 years ago. And the amount of information they had was quite disturbing, though I'm unsure if them knowing what kind of pets I have is something I really care about but I certainly don't like having financial information so easy to see.

    It's beyond me how they managed to get all of this info. In addition they had my mother's name associated and living with me even though she passed away in 1987. When my father died, I administered his trust and had all of his mail changed to my address back in Texas and I guess that included my mother as well since he never had her estate probated when she died and I had to do a probate on her to sell his house.

    As far as providing them with an email address, I just used one of my web mail accounts that I set up just for registering to web sites. So, it doesn't matter if they have it.


  2. Global Village IdiotMay 3, 2010 at 1:39 PM

    Mz Daisy,

    Good heads up, I discovered this site a while ago and like most folks checked out my self, as well as people associated with my life.

    I have made it a priority in my life to not give out certain personal information, especially my SSN (that is the holy grail for data mining) to any and everyone who requests it. Examples of who is entitled by law to that info are banks if you want an account there; employers for sake of tax withholding and eligibility for legal employment; the local DMV; and the State and Federal governments. If there are others who can legally request/demand your SSN I would be interested if other readers are aware.

    Never give your SSN to the utility companies, police at a routine stop or arrest, any insurance company, any organization in which you seek membership or any entity which wants it just to 'verify identification' if they need to deal with you over the phone.

    The utilities do not report good or bad credit to any bureau, when told 'no, you cannot have my SSN, but lets make up an alpha numeric sequence to use' it usually leads into "well, we have to charge you a higher deposit" - which is fine. Ditto the police, when requested politely ask them 'how is the SSN germane to this issue?' and watch the tap dancing begin. They only want it to run against other data bases, and to add to theirs. Insurance companies want it strictly for credit profiling to set your rates - a bullshit excuse and pending legislation to attempt to stop the practice is in place. As for employers I usually give the last 4 digits, stating 'SSN supplied if hired'. Again as with insurance companies I do not subscribe to credit profiling, if my verifiable employment information and references are not good enough for them they are probably not a very good employer to begin with. I am not asking the employer for credit, to the contrary they are holding my money.

    If an entity is not legally entitled to your SSN information and ask for it, it is for the sole purpose of building databases for their own ulterior motives. Period. Solve the problem by not contributing to further voluntary data mining.

    Back to because of my due diligence in not volunteering sensitive information I do not appear at their site at all. And what little info about me available online elsewhere is hopelessly outdated.

    I will give the tea baggers 10 out of 10 for the thought of smaller government and less intrusion, but Zero out of 10 for execution: they fail to take matters into their own hands, instead wanting the (smaller) government to do it for them!

    This has turned into a bit more of a read than I intended - but the point is clear: if the government wants to find you and haul you in they can track you online easily enough if your profile is high enough and whack-a-doodle enough. But to voluntarily help corporations build data bases is sheer madness!