Friday, May 14, 2010

First Reports On Obama’s “Sedition And Treason Trial” (SATT)

Madman Manning’s SATT trial kicked off this morning with a bang. Of his anticipated 30,000 attendants, an entire 75 showed up as reported on by Alex Pareene who is live on the scene.

The event so far has been fairly calm and peaceful with the exception of a minor (verbal) squabble with pro-Obama neighbors. Apparently the neighbors would be a lot happier if Manning moved his church somewhere else, and have felt that way for sometime. (Yea, I can’t say as I’d want to live next door to that either!)

The charges have been read, (for both Obama and Columbia), and here’s the list:

Treason, Mail fraud, Conspiracy to commit mail fraud, Fraud by wire, radio or television, Conspiracy to commit wire fraud, Obstruction of justice, Violation of NY education law, (buying a diploma), Conspiracy to violate 18 U.S.C, (deals with federal crimes and criminal procedure), Unlawful use of government seals, Conspiracy to commit espionage, Disclosure of classified material, Conspiracy to disclose classified information, Conspiracy to obstruct justice, and…Espionage.


The judge is described as “a white guy with a robe and everything”, (though there is no mention of any hood to go with that robe.) His name is Bob Unger, a republican running for congressional nomination in NY’s 5th District.

(5th District… better keep an eye on this guy!)

The balance of the afternoon seems to be a rather long-winded jury selection.

Live updates of this SATT can be followed "HERE" on (get a cold beer!) with photo and video updates. Please check it out, come back and share your thoughts, cracks and giggles!

Go Alex!


  1. Well, well, a quick perusal of comments being posted over at AGJ seem to have the Birthturds in a tizzy because none of the “conservative” news is reporting any of the trial. So far nothing from their beloved “Wonder Nut Dingdong”, or the CommieMeister.

    You have to love good ol’ “speedy’s” comment.

    “That salon news article is a big obot media and they are slanting it to make the people who showed up as a bunch of kooks and they are degrading Dr. Manning. I was hoping that he would get a good turn out. According to that liberal news, he didn’t get that many people. So they were making fun of the low turn out. I would like to read some real news about what really is going on and not that stupid obot garbage. It’s pretty sad that people still support such an evil person like the usurper. Anyway, I figure some people are going to show up after today at the trial. Maybe more will be there over the weekend.”

    Hay speedy, just FYI, no one has to put any spin on this to make that bunch of kooks look like a bunch of kooks. They are doing just fine all on their own!

    They have every right to make public fools of themselves if they want; and we “Obots” have every right to make fun and laugh!

  2. Considering that these people are from all over and in New York and they are clearly crazy, maybe you should start another blog named crazy people from all over in New York - though I guess this all originated on the internet.

    This is the biggest gathering of stupid people - probably a lot more stupid than those that attend a tea party. What a pathetic 'joke' and a total waste of time. And Manning wanted people to come with what ever money they had. Sell their 401k's, homes, etc. I hope some of them did and will one day look back at this and see what a bunch of total idiots they were.