Thursday, May 13, 2010

Counting Down to the Mega Meltdown

We are just hours away now to Manning’s “greatest event in the history of the planet”. I’m quite sure Madman Manning is on his knees praying as fast and hard as his chubby little cheeks can chatter right about now. Praying that he doesn’t get abandoned by all the millions of people from across the country, nay, from around the “world” who were supposed to take money from their 401K’s, or mortgage their house, sell their cars, sell their first born, or whatever it took to be sure they had the money to get to NY for this most unprecedented, once in a lifetime event.

So what do you think plan “B” will be when only a handful shows up? There has to be some kind of plan that can lay the blame on covert Obot operatives. Already the minions have started to get restless. On “The Betrayal” website there is an Alert:

“Alert” not reachable” Posted by David-Crockett

“Just noticed that gives the following error message
“…The requested URL /CIAColumbiaObamaTrial/home.html was not found on this server…”
When linking to a Network Solution default page appears.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions but cannot exclude the possibility that Network Solutions pulled the plug. Let’s pray it’s only a technical problem that will be resolved ASAP”

(Actually, I went to the website and it opened right up. Maybe David got a case of computer clap from visiting Orly’s contaminated site.) Here’s his latest last minute rant:

DA-YA-GO Folks, you heard da man! “WEEEEEEE the People Shall be Heard”
(Snort, snicker, snicker… sniff)

Anyway, back at the AGJ, …Bob is rolling on the new anti-batshit-birther law that now allows Hawaii to ignore these numb nutz who continually request, and re-request everything from Obama’s mother’s first GYN exam results, to a DNA sample of Obama’s umbilical cord.

…Bob says:

“Like I said in the previous post.. we have many people in this Country, mostly tied to BIG Government, Corporations and the MSM who are trying to hide the truth about Obama’s eligibility. It is not going to work. People want to know the truth. The momentum is building and I for one believe Obama’s days are number as the truth will come out.”

The comments are already flying like monkeys:

“DanH Says: May 13th, 2010 at 10:40 am
Hawaii can’t run and can’t hide. There is nothing stopping interested parties from imposing incredible pressure on Hawaii.”

Great idea Dan, maybe you and your interested parties should all go to Hawaii, climb up, join hands and try to squeeze a volcano. That’ll really put the pressure on and show them!

“Moonbeam Says: May 13th, 2010 at 11:23 am
Shows alot of desperation..huh? “Man the Posts, Matey”..
This may have worked earlier but far too many people have snapped out of their O’comas and see the light.
There will be an attempted False Flag event to interrupt Pastor Manning. I suspect another car or package incident.
God Bless them all.”

live oak Says: May 13th, 2010 at 11:30 am
I hear Kenya Boy will be in Manhattan today to thank the authorities for catching the Times Square attempted bomber. Yeah, right….you know he’s up to something else and that’s his cover story.
Please continue to pray for Dr. Manning’s and Bob’s and all our patriots safety.

Yea, a cover story, just like that supposed “soccer” game he went to of his daughters. You guys proved that one beyond a shadow of a doubt. You looked all over the ghetto and they were not there, so of course it was a total lie.

“Regina Says: May 13th, 2010 at 12:24 pm
live oak,
You are so right about him ironically appearing in Manhattan. He’s there to shut up some people, I suspect, and to organize protest groups into action…his community organizing skills coming into play. God help Us!
Remember in the past he showed up in some convenient places?
ie: (1) went to Hawaii to susposedly see his dying grandmother…people on their death beds have been known to make a dying confession…mysterious death of grandmother (2) Also, was probably there in Hawaii to hush up officials about his BC. There are other suspicious conincidences being at the right place at the right time, but cannot think of the others right now. Bet you could add to this list.”

Yep! He’s sneaking all over the place doing all sorts of suspicious stuff, he took out his own grandma to shut her up, and probably threatened to sink Hawaii to keep his secret records secret. But even with all his money and skills, shutting you people up is about like trying to herd cats! It can’t be done!

“live oak Says: May 13th, 2010 at 1:03 pm
I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve heard stories about Kenya Boy outside his grandmother’s house, right after she supposedly died, throwing things in the garbage!!!!
My instincts tell my conscience that he likely delivered a lethal dose of morphine and killed her himself. It shuts down your respiratory system…easy to trace it when the coroner does a post mortem tox screen. I imagine Kenya Boy had her either cremated or buried right away.
Sorry. I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but I believe he killed her himself! He is capable of it. The man is pure evil. He is just as dangerous as Putin.”

Uh… Since when does anything you people pull out of your ass actually have to be true for you to spin it into documented fact? Funny that, everything that is a documented fact, like Obama’s birth, you spin into forgeries and lies.

So I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Of course this thing will be dragged out while they march in a circle around Columbia for a week before they get to the “good stuff”.

Hang in, and hang on for this one!


  1. has a live update of this MANNING'S HYSTERICAL TRIAL OF THE CENTURY.

    There are 75 initial trial attendees not 30,000...he he he he.

    Attendees can't march 7 times around the university campus...most are too old to endure such long march he he he he

  2. Yes, I was just looking at that and have started a post w/link to the site. This is going to be a great laugh! Alex is hysterical!

  3. Even though I read your post the day you wrote it, I didn't get the chance to listen to Manning's rant.

    So, I'll recap with what I know now. He uses the word exponential to describe 'its' growth. Is he using that term in the essence that it started out with one single human cell and erupted to a grand total of 75 people? And those 75 people now represent 'We the People'? And what prayers are to be answered? Are they finally going to go away? Because the 'shot that will be fired' will not be heard by each judge and clerk. I've listened to all I can take at 4:36 and he speaks no truth. What a bunch of BS....


  4. Global Village IdiotMay 15, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    WEEEEEE the people....

    Ai Yi Eye, Oy Vey. At the 5:38 mark listen to the WEEEEEE, and think about Ned Beatty on the receiving end of this quote from Deliverance;

    "Squeal like a pig, Boy!"

    WEEEEEEE! Pure gold. I am unsure of where I read the line "It's because you're bloody nuts. You're so totally nuts that squirrels with food fetishes stare at you in awe." but wish I could claim it. Now if Orly and Manning were side by side and a squirrel saw them and heard "WEEEEEEE" followed by "Let Me Feenish" I believe the poor creatures head would explode from sensory overload.

    Note: Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains some folk believe Deliverance was a Love Story. And I have heard the belief that Obama was not born in Hawai'i here as well.