Monday, April 12, 2010

Orly Taitz’s Campaign Flyer

Flyer-taitz for CA Secretary of State

It says:

“While Actively practicing law and bringing many lawsuits concerning the Article II Constitutional ineligibility of Barack Obama for the Office of the Presidency, she also runs a successful dental practice”

However it neglects to state that she has lost every single one of those lawsuits, and been fined $20,000 for ignorance as a result.

“As CA SOS, whose duty it is to certify that all candidates placed on the voting ballots are vetted for Constitutional eligibility, she will ensure that California’s 55 electoral votes only go to Constitutionally-eligible candidates for President. For this reason alone Americans from all 50 States will want to support her campaign – by their donations and the promotion of her candidacy – in the primaries this June, and in November.”

Uh… Not likely!

“Dr Taitz is the underdog in this race”

Do ya think? Well she does look a lot like Polly!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure there are enough nutcases out there that send her money from other states. In the end, it won't make a difference. People in California aren't going to vote her in. It is doubtful she'll beat Dunn in the primary. But I hope she gets a lot of money from her birther brained idiot followers. Anyone that supports her deserves what they get.