Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Orly Finally Speaks On Dismissal of Taitz v. Obama

On her website she posted the following “Motion for Reconsideration” and gives Judge Lamberth a little history lesson on how other historical events were considered quixotic but were successful in the long run. She compares her efforts to the efforts of those like Susan B. Anthony and Golda Meir. (Imagine that!)

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April 26, 2010
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U.S. District Court
District of Columbia
Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered on 4/26/2010 at 11:38 PM and filed on 4/26/2010

Case Name: TAITZ v. OBAMA
Case Number: 1:10-cv-00151-RCL
WARNING: CASE CLOSED on 04/14/2010
Document Number: 24
Docket Text:

First MOTION for Reconsideration by ORLY TAITZ (Attachments: # (1) Supplement Notice of Motion for Reconsideration)(TAITZ, ORLY)
1:10-cv-00151-RCL Notice has been electronically mailed to:
Alan Burch alan.burch@usdoj.gov
ORLY TAITZ orly.taitz@gmail.com
Dr. Orly Taitz, esq.
29839 Santa Margarita Parkway, STE 100
Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
Tel: (949) 683-5411; Fax (949) 766-7603
E-Mail: dr_taitz@yahoo.com

v. § Civil Action: 10-151 RCL
Barack Hussein Obama, § RECONSIDERATION




Plaintiff would like to start this motion for reconsideration with reference to your remark in your latest order regarding Plaintiff’s quixotic quest.

Yes, Taitz would agree that it is extremely difficult to be a person, an attorney, who brings forward evidence, showing that the sitting president of the United States is committing multiple felonies and needs to be criminally prosecuted, however if Your Honor will be so kind to review some historic events, Your Honor will see that some events considered quixotic at a time, were correct, just and successful in the long run.

When Susan B. Anthony undertook a cause of voting rights for women, many laughed and considered her quest to be quixotic, yet she succeeded and we see today a first female Speaker of the House, female Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and female senators and congresswomen as a direct result of her quixotic quest.

When a young woman by name Golda Meir set on her quest to build a Jewish state after six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, many considered her actions quixotic, yet she succeeded and became the mother of the state of Israel.

When Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan set on the quest to defeat the Communist Soviet Union, many considered them as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, yet they succeeded, and the iron curtain was lifted, the Berlin Wall fell and free people marched through the Brandenburg gate.

Today it might seem an impossible quest, but Taitz is fighting to make sure that the Constitution of the United States of America does not turn into a Dulcinea, who is never rescued by her Prince in Shining Armor.

Plaintiff wants to make sure, that she, as well as three hundred and five million American citizens are not treated as brain-dead robots, as a herd of sheep by Barack Hussein Obama who went through life with multiple Social Security numbers, who is sitting in the White House today using the Social Security number 042-68-4425 (which was assigned in the state of Connecticut to another individual born in 1890), who never provided any vital records that would be admitted in any court of law, and who does not even possess a valid long form birth certificate with the name of a doctor, name of a hospital and signatures; who has allegiance to three other Nations and god knows who else. Plaintiff is not asking your Honor to tilt windmills, but rather uphold the US Constitution, that your Honor took an oath to protect.

Motion: Request to Forward to the Attorney General Eric Holder for appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute multiple acts of Social Security Fraud, Perjury, Identity Theft, Fraud and other possible felonies perpetrated by Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

On 12/21/94, when your Honor reviewed evidence presented and found that Mr. Ira Magaziner has committed perjury, your honor contacted Eric Holder, prosecutor at that time, and asked him to start an investigation of Mr. Magaziner for perjury and criminal contempt. Your honor also asked Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the affair. According to the US Constitution, nobody is above the law. Millions of American citizens are following this case, as are Millions around the World. Even if your Honor does not find injuries sustained by the Plaintiff to be sufficient and the connection to Barack Hussein Obama to be strong enough, your Honor clearly has seen evidence of numerous felonies committed by Barack Hussein Obama:

Social Security Fraud 42 USC §408 (a)(7)(B), which is punishable under title 18 with up to 5 years in prison for each offense (Investigator Sankey shows some 39 different Social security numbers used);

Conspiracy to defraud the United States 18 USC §371, which carries up to five years in prison for each offense;

Perjury 18 USC §1621 with up to five years in prison for each offense

There are other crimes committed such as elections fraud, voter fraud, identity theft, that any other US citizen would have been convicted of and serving a lengthy prison term for the above crimes. Plaintiff is asking your Honor for equal treatment of the law for Mr. Obama, just as your Honor has treated other parties and any other citizen, and to forward the request to the US Attorney’s Office and Attorney General Eric Holder for appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate multiple felonies perpetrated by Mr. Obama.

Motion for leave of court to file a second amended complaint with two additional plaintiffs: Presidential candidate from American Independent Party on the 2008 ballot Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, and Vice Presidential Candidate on the ballot in 2008 election Gail Lightfoot.

Motion for reconsideration is allowed when there is an error of fact or law. While typically Quo Warranto is utilized by interested parties, who challenge the franchise of the government, §16-3502, does not specifically limit quo warranto to such parties, whereby Your Honor is not statutorily precluded from granting Taitz Quo Warranto.

§ 16-3502. Parties who may institute; ex rel. proceedings.

The Attorney General of the United States or the United States attorney may institute a proceeding pursuant to this subchapter on his own motion or on the relation of a third person. The writ may not be issued on the relation of a third person except by leave of the court, to be applied for by the relator, by a petition duly verified setting forth the grounds of the application…

As an attorney for plaintiffs, Keyes, Lightfoot and others, Taitz has submitted Quo Warranto requests to the Attorney General and US Attorney, who have not responded. Therefore, Taitz is asking for leave of the Court to proceed under Quo Warranto, and in case your Honor does not grant Quo Warranto to the Plaintiff, she moves for Leave of Court to file a Second Amended Complaint with two additional plaintiffs: Presidential candidate from American Independent Party in 2008 election Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, as well as Gail Lightfoot, a Vice Presidential candidate for a write in Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

Additionally, Ambassador Keyes was a senatorial candidate in the state of Illinois. Plaintiff previously submitted to this Court the March 25th Official report of the National Assembly of Kenya. Page 31 of the report contains a statement of the minister of Lands James Orengo, clearly indicating Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, and there is no evidence of Mr. Obama going through proper immigration procedures after his birth. As such, not only is Mr. Obama’s Natural Born status in question, but his citizenship in general is in question, and whereby, Ambassador Keyes has suffered particularized damage in losing both the senatorial and presidential elections to one who is not entitled to hold office, which indicates clear standing.

Motion for this Honorable court to grant Plaintiff sua sponte admission to US District Court bar without local attorney movant.

Typically, admission to this court requires a sponsor/movant local attorney or a local counsel for pro Hac Vice. Due to the sense of fear associated with a legal action, implicating a sitting president, the damage by slander and libel of Taitz has chilled the opportunity to secure a local attorney as a pro Hac Vice movant; however Your Honor can authorize her acceptance to the court Sua Sponte without such pro hac vice movant. She requests Sua Sponte authorization of acceptance to this bar in order to represent above mentioned additional plaintiffs and opportunity to file a Second Amended Complaint on their behalf.

Commerce Clause claims

Your Honor has stated that the First Amended Complaint was filed prior to Patient Protection Act being signed into law, which signifies lack of standing. However, standing exists not only in relation to current injury; it exists in relation to imminent injury as well. Taitz has filed her First Amended complaint after the bill was approved by both houses of Congress and the injury was imminent, which suffice for standing. In the alternative Taitz is seeking a leave of Court to file a Second amended Complaint based on Amended Patient Protection Act, since the original act was modified through the process of reconciliation in Senate and House of Representatives, wherefore making any complaint in regards to the initial Patient Protection Act, moot.

FOIA relief

Your Honor has stated that the FOIA complaint has failed since Taitz did not wait until April 9th for the administrative remedies to be exhausted. As there was no response to the FOIA request by April 9 th and none was received by today, April 26th, Taitz is moving this Honorable court for a leave of court to file a Second Amended Complaint for FOIA relief, due to the fact that by today, April 26th administrative remedies were exhausted and no relief was provided.

Fraud and RICO claims

Similarly, Taitz is seeking a leave of court to file a second amended complaint on these causes of action, more fully pleading reliance and damages based on 10th, 9th, 5th and 1st amendment with reference to the pattern of multiple crimes with more than two predicate acts of the enterprise.



Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. (California Bar 223433)
Attorney for the Plaintiffs


  1. Orly is as dependable as ever. I wonder who wrote this motion for her. Here's to her tilting at windmills until 2016 or until the California Bar Association takes her license to practice law (or whatever she calls what she does).

  2. I suppose we should just pass the nickname of Timex on to Orly. She takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

    It would be nice if a judge would put a stop to her batshit insanity.


  3. LEAVE HER ALONE! She is entertaining. If Orly stops what she is doing I will have to take out my old Marx Brothers tapes.

  4. That is one of the biggest chunks of crazy ever handled by a human being (if Orly, in fact, qualifies for that descriptor - I'm starting to think that she's some sort of legalese-spouting robot. It would explain why her reactions to life, the universe and everything seem... abnormal, as if she wasn't properly programmed.)

    I have a couple of minor nits to pick with her filing. (Minor ones - not the big ones like, you know, that birth certificate you saw is exactly what you get from Hawaii - there is no requirement for a "long form" certificate anywhere; oh, and how many more people need to verify it, anyway?)

    This is a new twist for Keyes. Up until now, he's claimed that statements by Obama's Kenyan grandmother were his evidence. I'm not clear what evidence we could get from the Kenyan equivalent of Secretary of the Interior, but on the other hand, this wouldn't be the first Kenyan document Orly has forged for our entertainment.

    "the damage by slander and libel of Taitz has chilled the opportunity to secure a local attorney"

    Yeah, not so much. More like "the fact that most of America still has some sort of grasp on reality has chilled..."

    And, although the legal profession has usurped the term "Esquire" from British nobility, it would be nice if she used it correctly.

    "Esq. is never used with any prenominal form of address, such as Dr., Mr., or Ms."

  5. I like the way that Ms. Daisie wrote in one of her posts that Orly had usurped the position of a human being.

    As far as Orly using Dr. and Esq. That's part of her narcissism to show everyone how important she is.


  6. LOL!
    I remember that, though I have no idea where I posted it. But I think I said she usurped the position of “sane” human being, which of course she does. She’s just about as tilted as all those windmills she’s been chasing. She kind of reminds me of one of those little terrier dogs chasing its tail in a mad circle out in the middle of nowhere, and going nowhere either.

    Did any of you see the movie “The long kiss goodnight”? (w/Geena Davis &Samuel Jackson) Great movie! But there was a scene where this man was at the dinner table on the phone (very intense call) and his (q-tip) wife was there with one of those dogs on her lap at the table licking his butt, and really going to town at it while the wife starred at the TV. (BTW, a “q-tip” is one of those little old ladies with the white poofy hair, and when you see one driving down the road, the look like little q-tips peeping over the steering wheel. (No-disrespect to q-tips intended, unless they are in the fast lane going 25- 30mph, it’s meant as an affectionate term because they’re cute)

    Anyway… after the man hangs up the phone he turns to the wife and says:

    “For God’s sake Alice, that damn dog has been licking his ass for the last 3 hours. I submit to you that what ever he is after is either gone for good, or there to stay! Do something with that damn dog!”

    I think Orly and that dog probably have a lot in common, never ending futile missions.


  7. “For God’s sake Alice, that damn dog has been licking his ass for the last 3 hours. I submit to you that what ever he is after is either gone for good, or there to stay! Do something with that damn dog!”

    And now we know the words Yosef Taitz used to tell Dr. Orly to get rid of Charles E. Lincoln III..........

  8. "Alas, to wear the mantle of Galileo it is not enough that you be persecuted by an unkind establishment, you must also be right." --Robert Park