Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obama Death Threat

From none other than a fan of Orly Taitz, and it’s posted on her facebook fan page. (For now anyway)

Death threats seem to be flying lately. I personally reported this one to the Secret Service in Washington. When I told the man that the threat was posted on the “Fans of Orly Taitz” facebook page, he said “who”? I repeated the name and then asked if he knew who she was. He said he’d never heard of her.

Well, he has now, so I guess it’s quite possible that after they get finished with this Patrick Little-mark II clown they may just have a look at her.

One could only hope!


  1. This is most certainly a felony - even if the person writing it wasn't serious. Hopefully, the Secret Service will pay a visit to this wacko and it'll raise their awareness to what Orly Taitz and her minions are doing in encouraging this type of activity.

  2. Yes, and hopefully they will peruse her infected website and find all the other threats and insane rants that she has posted from her flying monkeys. Maybe even pay her a little visit. Can you just imagine the raving diatribe she’d spew about that if they did?

  3. My name is also Patrick Little O.o but I'm all for Barack lol