Saturday, April 17, 2010

Judge Lamberth Dismisses Orly Taitz Quo Warranto Case

Imagine that! Well at least Orly has maintained her current record, and is still a bona fide 100% loser.

TAITZ v OBAMA (QW) - 23 - MEMORANDUM OPINION - dcd-04502943496.23.0

I love it!

“This is one of several such suits filed by Ms. Taitz in her quixotic attempt to prove that President Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. This court is not willing to go tilting windmills with her.”

No doubt, a motion for reconsideration is in the works, as well as charges of “Aiding and Abetting” and Orly will continue to chase her tail in dizzying circles wasting time and court resources, as she continually gets nowhere.


  1. Global Village IdiotApril 17, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    My guess would be she files a tome-like appeal that will make the Land appeal look like something featuring Bazooka Joe and pals.

    *snork* - in walks Orly dressed as stereotypical mid-60's tennis bunny, spins racquet and says:

    "Huge sanctions, anyone?"

    I sincerely hope she goes the appeal route, my belief is that that act would be the breaking of the camels back of her law career.

    I can only hope.

  2. I tend to believe that camel’s back has been broken for some time, it’s just to dumb to notice and still wondering around in a haze.

    Though I agree, she’s likely to out do herself with this appeal. Her M/O seems to be each time she’s slapped down she just notches up the crazy even more. And we know full well that her appeal to horn in on the AG’s case in Florida will be slapped down as well.

  3. "Orly doesn't have standing to bring a quo warranto action challenging a public official's right to hold office"...



  4. Yes, that was quite funny I must say! Do ya think it pissed her off?

  5. Ooooh! Orly will consider this as a personal attack on her. She'll not understand that a lowly person who is NBC has more standing than her! She'll consider the ruling as an insult being "lady liberty" herself. Please understand that for a mentally ill person like Orly, minute dissension will easily piss her of. She'll attack Judge Lambert more so than what she did with Judges Carter and Lend. Let's anticipate another $20,000 sanction. ha ha ha ha

  6. Global Village IdiotApril 17, 2010 at 11:46 PM

    St. James, any idea what the maximum sanction is available to be imposed at Lamberths level??

  7. It will appear that if Orly attacks Judge Lamberths that she would not have learned her lessons, therefore the judge will (and I hope) sanctions her with more than $20,000.

  8. I don’t think Orly has the ability to learn a lesson of any kind, and I agree she will probably publicly slander the judge or accuse him of treason or corruption. I think once she figures out what the judge meant when he stated that the court has no intention of “tilting windmills” with her she’ll probably spin that into a hate crime of some sort, or possibly accuse him of slandering her.

    I’m wondering how much longer the California Bar will allow her to continue masquerading as a lawyer. If she does show her ass, (which she probably will) and Judge Lamberth sanctions her for it, regardless of the amount I doubt the bar will let this go on much longer.

    I think she is going to lose it. She has been desperately trying to hang on to the 15 minutes of fame she had last summer, and the harder she tries the less she succeeds. The Tea partiers won’t even have anything to do with her any more and damn sure don’t want to be seen with her. Her (so called) campaign for SOS is a joke. The media is truly going to tear her ass up on that and she won’t be able to handle it. She already thinks that Obama is controlling the entire MSM and has them on the solitary mission to “destroy her”.

    The strange thing is her sudden silence; normally she comes out like a bear with a sore ass when things don’t go her way. I’ll bet when she does go down, it will be in a blaze of glory of some sort!