Thursday, April 29, 2010

People In This Country Have Lost Their Friggin Minds

Remember that crazy Rev. Manning that claims Obama never really went to Columbia, that he was in fact at an Al Qaida training camp for 3 years and Columbia covered for him and gave him a fake diploma? He also said he wanted Obama “jailed, hung, and shot”.

Well… That man is completely nucking futz and needs to urgently seek mental health assistance. Watching this man speak is like being blasted by a fire hose. I swear near the end I thought his head was going to explode.

The trouble with nutcases like this is the other nutcases that believe this man (and others like him) is really on to something. If looking around on the Internet reading some of the claims and allegations made by these right wing conspirators isn’t mind boggling enough, some of the comments posted by their followers will leave little doubt that what ever their mental illness is, it’s contagious. It’s becoming a bloody conspiracy epidemic and it gets bigger and crazier every day.

I saw this video of Manning posted on “The American Grand Jury” website, and just reading around the comments of the mental morons that post there is unbelievable. Of course they are responding to the “spin” put on all the postings by… Bob.

Bob Campbell is the founder of the American Grand Jury, and himself a paranoid Obamaphobe who seems quite proud to have made the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of crazy wingnuts.

Here’s what SPLC has to say about him:

“Bob Campbell and his American Grand Jury are on a mission to drive President Obama from office and put him on trial for treason. Obama "is a certified crook that has committed treason and fraud," Campbell wrote on his website late last year. "He is a fraud and a traitor."

Campbell, who did not respond to an E-mail to his website, formed American Grand Jury in March 2009 to examine "evidence" and hand down "presentments" that the group hopes will be used to indict the president. The use of faux "grand juries" and "common-law courts" are common to many in the Patriot movement, especially those who call themselves "sovereign citizens."

Campbell insists that Obama wasn't born in the United States and thus is constitutionally ineligible to serve as president. The group also seeks to indict Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her role in the purported conspiracy to defraud the American people by getting Obama elected.

Campbell plans to take supporters – at $649 a head – on the road in May 2010. He says they'll travel by bus to deliver their findings to federal judges in 20 states. "Serving our Grand Jury Presentments have [sic] always made the courts mad," Campbell wrote on his website. "With what I have in mind it should really burn the bark right off a few of these liberal Judges."

Campbell, who lives in Paragould, Ark., apparently isn't counting on judges to act on the presentments, but "no matter how the courts react it will be favorable for us and not good news for Barack Obama," he wrote.”

(Our Girl Tin-Foil Taitz made the list too.)

Just as an example of how people like …Bob twist reality into a full-fledged conspiracy, it was (truly) reported that two Illinois lawmakers wanted to request National Guard troops to assist the Chicago police with the violence they claimed that was getting out of control in the streets. However Mayor Richard Daily and the city’s police superintendent were not very interested in that idea and stated that statistics show crime is no worse now than it has been in previous years.

By the time that story hit AGJ, …Bob posted:

“This move by Chicago plays right into the hands of Obama and his shadow government. The communists are chomping at the bit hoping the public would get use to US troops patrolling the streets of America. Can anyone say, “martial law?”

Some of Bob’s flying monkeys comment:

“Alpha One Says: April 27th, 2010 at 2:35 pm
It’s hear, time for America’s second revolution.
My father always said it was coming.

germak Says: April 27th, 2010 at 3:33 pm
Lock and Loaded here! My family is ready! You all better get yours prepared.

Barbara Says: April 27th, 2010 at 4:35 pm
We bought up hundreds of rounds before the government
started putting numbers on bullets so they could track them back.”

So of course now these people think that this is a real event, they have armed themselves and are ready to fight to the death. Are people so completely flipped out by having a black President whose father was a Muslim that they are actually eager to jump on anything that any of these idiots concoct? Not only jump on it, but also take every word as gospel.

On AGJ there was another post about Evangelist Franklin Graham being disinvited to speak at the Pentagon’s prayer service due to some of his past derogatory remarks about “Evil Islam”. Bob’s hate filled flying “Christian” monkeys went to town on that. Hay the quickest way to piss off these (so-called) Christians is to defend a Muslim and fuck with Jesus.

“heather Says: April 24th, 2010 at 10:42 am
Our next war—allah–get out of America or we will take you out!

(So now it’s a Jihad?)

Commieobamie Says: April 24th, 2010 at 1:14 pm
islam is WORSE than EVIL, it’s an (A)obamination!!!!!!!!


“disenchanted Says: April 24th, 2010 at 1:39 pm
I am offended by muslims. I am offended they hide behind their koran in the name of their god to murder people who do not agree with them. I am offended. When do my beliefs in religion get protected?
- and if not all muslims are included in this statement,I will agree not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims.”

(Well, it’s not like Christians ever hid behind their bible or murdered anyone that didn’t agree with them in the name of their God. As far as “disenchanted” having his/her religious beliefs protected, hell, there are probably more churches in this country than there are McDonalds and I don’t see anyone attempting to shut any of them down. And if all terrorists are Muslims, what the hell was Scott Roeder? I was under the impression he was a Christian terrorist.)

So again we see “Hate in the Name of God” justified by Christians when they do it, but not justified by any other religion.

These people kill me! But it’s not like the actual Republican Party officials don’t support this kind of shit, they not only support it, but also fuel it while they pander to these bigoted hate mongers. Why? Because that’s all they have that will listen to them as they preach patriotism while stonewalling everything that this government attempts to do.

The really ironic thing is that these Birth/Baggers are so dumb that they think by repeating what they read on bumper stickers and at places like Orly Taitz and Bob Campbell’s websites that they actually know what they are talking about. It’s laughable when you see interviews with some of these people as they are asked direct questions about specific issues, and they have no fucking clue! They babble like idiots or shout at the top of their lungs that all these socialist government programs have GOT to be stopped! (Yet 2/3 of them are on Medicare, Social Security and even some on disability.) Uh… I don’t think they get the connection.

The problem is, these people are fucking crazy, and they are massing weapons and ammunition and preparing to go to war. Crazy feeds on more crazy and these people want our President dead. They even publicly pray for it and they are steadily stirring each other’s crazy pot. Some of those pots are bound to boil over if they aren’t careful.

These people all call themselves “good Christian patriots. Well, the truth is they are far from any definition of Christian I know of as they spew their hate and nastiness against anyone that is not like them or refuses to “come to Jesus”. They pretty much behave and act the exact same way they accuse the Muslims of behaving. Only they do it in the name of Jesus instead of Allah.

As for being “patriots”?

…Yea right.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Orly Finally Speaks On Dismissal of Taitz v. Obama

On her website she posted the following “Motion for Reconsideration” and gives Judge Lamberth a little history lesson on how other historical events were considered quixotic but were successful in the long run. She compares her efforts to the efforts of those like Susan B. Anthony and Golda Meir. (Imagine that!)

Update DC case
Posted on
April 26, 2010
No Comments

U.S. District Court
District of Columbia
Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered on 4/26/2010 at 11:38 PM and filed on 4/26/2010

Case Name: TAITZ v. OBAMA
Case Number: 1:10-cv-00151-RCL
WARNING: CASE CLOSED on 04/14/2010
Document Number: 24
Docket Text:

First MOTION for Reconsideration by ORLY TAITZ (Attachments: # (1) Supplement Notice of Motion for Reconsideration)(TAITZ, ORLY)
1:10-cv-00151-RCL Notice has been electronically mailed to:
Alan Burch
Dr. Orly Taitz, esq.
29839 Santa Margarita Parkway, STE 100
Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
Tel: (949) 683-5411; Fax (949) 766-7603

v. § Civil Action: 10-151 RCL
Barack Hussein Obama, § RECONSIDERATION




Plaintiff would like to start this motion for reconsideration with reference to your remark in your latest order regarding Plaintiff’s quixotic quest.

Yes, Taitz would agree that it is extremely difficult to be a person, an attorney, who brings forward evidence, showing that the sitting president of the United States is committing multiple felonies and needs to be criminally prosecuted, however if Your Honor will be so kind to review some historic events, Your Honor will see that some events considered quixotic at a time, were correct, just and successful in the long run.

When Susan B. Anthony undertook a cause of voting rights for women, many laughed and considered her quest to be quixotic, yet she succeeded and we see today a first female Speaker of the House, female Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and female senators and congresswomen as a direct result of her quixotic quest.

When a young woman by name Golda Meir set on her quest to build a Jewish state after six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, many considered her actions quixotic, yet she succeeded and became the mother of the state of Israel.

When Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan set on the quest to defeat the Communist Soviet Union, many considered them as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, yet they succeeded, and the iron curtain was lifted, the Berlin Wall fell and free people marched through the Brandenburg gate.

Today it might seem an impossible quest, but Taitz is fighting to make sure that the Constitution of the United States of America does not turn into a Dulcinea, who is never rescued by her Prince in Shining Armor.

Plaintiff wants to make sure, that she, as well as three hundred and five million American citizens are not treated as brain-dead robots, as a herd of sheep by Barack Hussein Obama who went through life with multiple Social Security numbers, who is sitting in the White House today using the Social Security number 042-68-4425 (which was assigned in the state of Connecticut to another individual born in 1890), who never provided any vital records that would be admitted in any court of law, and who does not even possess a valid long form birth certificate with the name of a doctor, name of a hospital and signatures; who has allegiance to three other Nations and god knows who else. Plaintiff is not asking your Honor to tilt windmills, but rather uphold the US Constitution, that your Honor took an oath to protect.

Motion: Request to Forward to the Attorney General Eric Holder for appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute multiple acts of Social Security Fraud, Perjury, Identity Theft, Fraud and other possible felonies perpetrated by Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

On 12/21/94, when your Honor reviewed evidence presented and found that Mr. Ira Magaziner has committed perjury, your honor contacted Eric Holder, prosecutor at that time, and asked him to start an investigation of Mr. Magaziner for perjury and criminal contempt. Your honor also asked Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the affair. According to the US Constitution, nobody is above the law. Millions of American citizens are following this case, as are Millions around the World. Even if your Honor does not find injuries sustained by the Plaintiff to be sufficient and the connection to Barack Hussein Obama to be strong enough, your Honor clearly has seen evidence of numerous felonies committed by Barack Hussein Obama:

Social Security Fraud 42 USC §408 (a)(7)(B), which is punishable under title 18 with up to 5 years in prison for each offense (Investigator Sankey shows some 39 different Social security numbers used);

Conspiracy to defraud the United States 18 USC §371, which carries up to five years in prison for each offense;

Perjury 18 USC §1621 with up to five years in prison for each offense

There are other crimes committed such as elections fraud, voter fraud, identity theft, that any other US citizen would have been convicted of and serving a lengthy prison term for the above crimes. Plaintiff is asking your Honor for equal treatment of the law for Mr. Obama, just as your Honor has treated other parties and any other citizen, and to forward the request to the US Attorney’s Office and Attorney General Eric Holder for appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate multiple felonies perpetrated by Mr. Obama.

Motion for leave of court to file a second amended complaint with two additional plaintiffs: Presidential candidate from American Independent Party on the 2008 ballot Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, and Vice Presidential Candidate on the ballot in 2008 election Gail Lightfoot.

Motion for reconsideration is allowed when there is an error of fact or law. While typically Quo Warranto is utilized by interested parties, who challenge the franchise of the government, §16-3502, does not specifically limit quo warranto to such parties, whereby Your Honor is not statutorily precluded from granting Taitz Quo Warranto.

§ 16-3502. Parties who may institute; ex rel. proceedings.

The Attorney General of the United States or the United States attorney may institute a proceeding pursuant to this subchapter on his own motion or on the relation of a third person. The writ may not be issued on the relation of a third person except by leave of the court, to be applied for by the relator, by a petition duly verified setting forth the grounds of the application…

As an attorney for plaintiffs, Keyes, Lightfoot and others, Taitz has submitted Quo Warranto requests to the Attorney General and US Attorney, who have not responded. Therefore, Taitz is asking for leave of the Court to proceed under Quo Warranto, and in case your Honor does not grant Quo Warranto to the Plaintiff, she moves for Leave of Court to file a Second Amended Complaint with two additional plaintiffs: Presidential candidate from American Independent Party in 2008 election Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, as well as Gail Lightfoot, a Vice Presidential candidate for a write in Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

Additionally, Ambassador Keyes was a senatorial candidate in the state of Illinois. Plaintiff previously submitted to this Court the March 25th Official report of the National Assembly of Kenya. Page 31 of the report contains a statement of the minister of Lands James Orengo, clearly indicating Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, and there is no evidence of Mr. Obama going through proper immigration procedures after his birth. As such, not only is Mr. Obama’s Natural Born status in question, but his citizenship in general is in question, and whereby, Ambassador Keyes has suffered particularized damage in losing both the senatorial and presidential elections to one who is not entitled to hold office, which indicates clear standing.

Motion for this Honorable court to grant Plaintiff sua sponte admission to US District Court bar without local attorney movant.

Typically, admission to this court requires a sponsor/movant local attorney or a local counsel for pro Hac Vice. Due to the sense of fear associated with a legal action, implicating a sitting president, the damage by slander and libel of Taitz has chilled the opportunity to secure a local attorney as a pro Hac Vice movant; however Your Honor can authorize her acceptance to the court Sua Sponte without such pro hac vice movant. She requests Sua Sponte authorization of acceptance to this bar in order to represent above mentioned additional plaintiffs and opportunity to file a Second Amended Complaint on their behalf.

Commerce Clause claims

Your Honor has stated that the First Amended Complaint was filed prior to Patient Protection Act being signed into law, which signifies lack of standing. However, standing exists not only in relation to current injury; it exists in relation to imminent injury as well. Taitz has filed her First Amended complaint after the bill was approved by both houses of Congress and the injury was imminent, which suffice for standing. In the alternative Taitz is seeking a leave of Court to file a Second amended Complaint based on Amended Patient Protection Act, since the original act was modified through the process of reconciliation in Senate and House of Representatives, wherefore making any complaint in regards to the initial Patient Protection Act, moot.

FOIA relief

Your Honor has stated that the FOIA complaint has failed since Taitz did not wait until April 9th for the administrative remedies to be exhausted. As there was no response to the FOIA request by April 9 th and none was received by today, April 26th, Taitz is moving this Honorable court for a leave of court to file a Second Amended Complaint for FOIA relief, due to the fact that by today, April 26th administrative remedies were exhausted and no relief was provided.

Fraud and RICO claims

Similarly, Taitz is seeking a leave of court to file a second amended complaint on these causes of action, more fully pleading reliance and damages based on 10th, 9th, 5th and 1st amendment with reference to the pattern of multiple crimes with more than two predicate acts of the enterprise.



Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. (California Bar 223433)
Attorney for the Plaintiffs

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tea Party Member Assaulted, Taken To ER

I’m thinking his chances might have been better without the hat.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The Republican Party has become the most obnoxious bunch of assholes I think I’ve ever seen. They do not give a shit about anything except doing everything they can to fuck up anything and everything the Democrats attempt.

Watch this, and listen to what Kyl says at the 3:20 mark.

What fucking nerve! If this kind of shit is all they intend to do, then why bother even showing up? Why don’t they just carry their sorry asses home, sit there and pout because they lost the last election.

They don’t give a shit what happens to the country in the meanwhile. Their negativity, obstructions, manipulations and outright lies are hampering this country and they couldn’t care less! This is a perfect example of their entire attitude since Obama was elected.

Look at some of these “Liar, Liar Pants On Fire” statements from PolitiFact:

J.D. Hayworth; "The Massachusetts Supreme Court...defined marriage as simply, quote, the establishment of intimacy ... I guess that would mean if you really had affection for your horse, I guess you could marry your horse."

(WTF? Was he fanaticizing?)

Virginia Foxx; "The economy began its nose dive when Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007."

(Right, it’s the Democrats fault)

Scott Brown; “The stimulus bill "didn’t create one new job."

(This guy has no fucking clue, but at least he looks good naked)

Newt Gingrich; “A recent Obama executive order could "lead to a number of investigations by Interpol in the United States, potentially aimed at American officials."

(Right, then they’ll all be detained in FEMA camps with Orly)

Michelle Bachmann; “Page 92 of the House health care bill "says specifically that people can't purchase private health insurance after a date certain."

(Bachmann doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground)

Michael Steele; “The Department of Veterans Affairs has "a manual out there telling our veterans stuff like, 'Are you really of value to your community?' You know, encouraging them to commit suicide."

(Does Michael Steele do drugs?)

Steve King; The federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act bill would create "special protection for pedophiles."

(No! Really?)

Where do they get this shit? Do they just pull it out of their ass?

Mitch McConnell; New financial regulation "actually guarantees future bailouts of Wall Street banks."

I know damn well he knows that’s a total lie)

You can’t tell me that anyone other than a teatard would believe this kind of shit.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orly’s Next Line Attack; “Sexual Discrimination”?

On “The Betrayal"  , it shows a post, I suppose is from Orly, with another cry for help from her flying monkeys. If it is from Orly, this is the first I’ve seen of her mentioning Judge Lamberth’s dismissal of her QW.

The post says:

”I need all of you to help me fight my client, captain Connie Rhodes , flight surgeon in Iraq.

When military revoked deployment orders for Major Cook and Lt. Col Lakin, it became clear that the top brass of the military knows that Obama is illegitimate for US presidency.

While the deployment orders were revoked for Major Cook and Lt. Captain Lakin, my client Captain Connie Rhodes and I were harassed and intimidated because we are women. Judge Land has harassed Connie with costs of trial and cost of paying for 3 attorneys that the department of Justice and military brought, she was threatened court martial and was shipped to Iraq. I was hit with $20,000 sanctions. I could not find her for half a year. We have a perfect case for discrimination and violation of our civil rights under the color of authority. This will open the Pandora’s box and we will be able to get Obama’s documents.Judge Lamberth came with the same decision-no standing. I have only one week to file a motion for reconsideration. I need to file with Connie as an addi tional plaintiff. Please help me find Connie. She is a flight surgeon in Iraq. Please, relate to her that the orders of another flight surgeon, a man, LT Col Terry Lakin, were revoked, while she was subjected to discrimination and harassment, and intimidation. Hurry, we have very little time.”

So it appears that within a week she will be swapping out “Treasonous Obot aiding and abetting”, with Violation of civil rights and sexual discrimination. Okay, that’s a little different. Her logic however, has not seemed to change course at all. She claims:

“When military revoked deployment orders for Major Cook and Lt. Col Lakin, it became clear that the top brass of the military knows that Obama is illegitimate for US presidency.”

Well, clear to her maybe. Okay, lets look at this; Major Cook’s was a reservist, not active duty. On May 8th 2009 he sent a “request to volunteer” to his command to go to Afghanistan, 5 months after Obama took office. With his request granted orders were cut on 6/9/09 for him to deploy on 7/15/09.

Any reservist who volunteers for an assignment has the right to rescind that request and have the orders revoked up until the scheduled day of deployment, in his case that would have been 7/15/09. The week before that date on 7/ 8/09 he and Orly Taitz filed a restraining order in federal court to avoid this deployment on grounds that Obama was ineligible.

So by filing that law suite he pretty much stated he wanted his orders revoked, which by rights he still had a week to do anyway and he didn’t even need to give a reason. So of course the army cancelled his orders, and considered his “reasons” his own business and had nothing to do with the price of tea in china as far as they were concerned. WTF did he expect?

As for Lt. Col Lakin, his fate is yet to be determined, but it does not look good. Politico’s Jen DiMascio reported on 4/16/10:

“Lakin will be assigned to duty at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, pending an investigation into whether he violated two provisions of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, said Army spokesman George Wright: missing the movement of a unit and violating an order.

Lakin’s brigade commander, Col. Gordon Roberts, read Lakin his Miranda rights and said the doctor was “about to be charged with serious crimes,” according to a press release from the American Patriot Foundation, a birther group coordinating Lakin’s legal defense fund.”

So it appears that other Birthers know this, even if Orly doesn’t. As for Connie Rhodes, well… Here is the letter Connie sent to Judge Land in September 09:

RHODES v MacDONALD - 18 - Letter from plaintiff Connie Rhodes regarding withdrawal of motion to stay - Gov....

Even if Orly finds her, she’s not going to be much help. It also seems that there is nothing that will ever get it through Orly’s peroxide barrier that the $20,000 sanctions against her by Judge Land was her OWN friggin fault!

Her desperate plea:

“Hurry, we have very little time.”

It will be interesting to see how she warps all this into her next court filing.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “The Crazy Daze Of Tin Foil Taitz”, or have we finally entered “The Desperate Daze Phase”?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Judge Lamberth Dismisses Orly Taitz Quo Warranto Case

Imagine that! Well at least Orly has maintained her current record, and is still a bona fide 100% loser.

TAITZ v OBAMA (QW) - 23 - MEMORANDUM OPINION - dcd-04502943496.23.0

I love it!

“This is one of several such suits filed by Ms. Taitz in her quixotic attempt to prove that President Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. This court is not willing to go tilting windmills with her.”

No doubt, a motion for reconsideration is in the works, as well as charges of “Aiding and Abetting” and Orly will continue to chase her tail in dizzying circles wasting time and court resources, as she continually gets nowhere.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Orly Taitz Files Notice and Motion for Reconsideration in Healthcare Case

Honest to God I hope she gets it. Nothing would make me happier than to see all those Attorney Generals attempt to fight their case against Healthcare reform with her in tow. Alas, I’m quite sure it will never happen.

The AG’s “issue” and sole purpose for filing the lawsuit is to question the constitutionality of the healthcare reform law. (Absurd as that may be.) But they have no interest, what so ever in Orly’s raving birther madness. (As a matter of fact the Teabaggers don’t even want to be seen with her anymore!) Orly on the other hand probably couldn’t give a rat’s ass about healthcare reform, and only cares about getting that Black Muslim usurper out of the White House. I’d bet a “case” of Red Stripe, and a bottle of Jameson’s finest that she hasn’t even read the damn thing.

In her original motion to horn in on the case in the first place, she submitted 8 pages, and within those 8 pages was one lone sentence in regard to the healthcare reform bill. “ The Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act imposes an unreasonable infringement upon her gainful employment in Dental Surgery as overburdening interstate commerce in clear violation of the Commerce Clause.”

But… She documents no evidence or even attempts to explain exactly what that infringement or overburdening is. Could it be that she doesn’t friggin know?? Maybe she thought that bit just sounded good, sounded like a good headline. (Geesh!)

So now she fires off 6 more pages, of Obama, Obama, Obama, and then claims; “While a whole class of medical providers will be negatively affected by the institution of Universal Healthcare, none of the current plaintiffs has either knowledge or standing to represent this class of plaintiffs.

(Holy Shit! We got “Universal Healthcare”! I must have missed that part.)

Again, she makes no explanation or even attempts to identify exactly what all this negative affect is. And she apparently doesn’t even know that it is does not contain “Universal Healthcare”. (A public Option would have been nice, but I’m not giving up on that one yet!)

Of course she threw in all the hubbub about different African newspapers quoting that Obama was “Kenyan born”, (and are you ready for this?) she sites a “World Nut Daily” article as her source!

This woman claims to be a lawyer, but she probably didn’t even sleep at a Holiday Inn last night. (Though I hear she can put a mean spin on a dental chair!)

STATE of FLORIDA, et al. v U.S. DHHS, et al - 27 - Notice and MOTION for Reconsideration - Flnd-0490273621...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Okay, The Friends of John McCain Get 10 Points For This One

(What will Orly say)

Orly Taitz’s Campaign Flyer

Flyer-taitz for CA Secretary of State

It says:

“While Actively practicing law and bringing many lawsuits concerning the Article II Constitutional ineligibility of Barack Obama for the Office of the Presidency, she also runs a successful dental practice”

However it neglects to state that she has lost every single one of those lawsuits, and been fined $20,000 for ignorance as a result.

“As CA SOS, whose duty it is to certify that all candidates placed on the voting ballots are vetted for Constitutional eligibility, she will ensure that California’s 55 electoral votes only go to Constitutionally-eligible candidates for President. For this reason alone Americans from all 50 States will want to support her campaign – by their donations and the promotion of her candidacy – in the primaries this June, and in November.”

Uh… Not likely!

“Dr Taitz is the underdog in this race”

Do ya think? Well she does look a lot like Polly!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is it just terminal “Brain Blur”… Or what?

Orly Taitz’s brain function is truly a curiosity, and trying to follow her thought processes could confuse just about anyone. In this latest episode of “The Crazy Daze Of Tin Foil Taitz”, after receiving denial of her request to horn in on the States AG’s case against Healthcare Reform, she has flipped the court’s denial into proof that her cause is justified.

Well, I guess that would be perfectly logical with terminal brain blur.

Lets attempt to sort this thing out from the begining. In January Orly filed a case (QW) against Obama claiming he was a criminal, not a natural born American, and ineligible to hold the office of POTUS. She immediately followed that with an application for preliminary injunction to recuse the US attorney’s office. Her rationale for that was that as soon as Obama was found guilty of all her charges that the US attorney’s office would be the ones to have to prosecute him, so defending him in this case would cause a conflict of interest.

On February 26, 2010 the defendant flied a “motion to dismiss and an opposition to her motion for preliminary injunction”. It was 96 pages long outlining Orly’s rambling ignorance and her lame pursuit to repackage and repackage again the same old tripe that had been dismissed in every court she’d ever stepped into.

Well, that really pissed her off. She followed that with a “Reply to Opposition to Preliminary Injunction Oral Argument”, where she requested that the US attorneys be added as defendants to her complaint and accused them (basically) of racketeering.

Then as healthcare reform was just about to be signed into law, and various states AG’s started talking of suing over the healthcare bill if passed, Orly jumped on that bandwagon. She filed another amendment to her case on 3/20/10 claiming “violation of commerce clause and of plaintiff’s rights to gainful employment as a doctor of dental surgery upon defendant’s immanent signing of the health bill”, among 145 pages of her other repackaged tripe.

This was of course followed by another motion to dismiss by the defense outlining her idiocy yet again.

Meanwhile, she heads to Florida and files her motion to horn in on the AG’s case against healthcare reform. Which of course was denied, and here is where her brain blur gets a bit blurrier and seems to blend two different issues. The AG’s case against H/C reform (though equally ignorant) is based on their claim that the law itself is unconstitutional. There is nothing in their case even remotely close to making any claim that Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible as POTUS. Orly on the other hand is claiming that the reform law is not legal simply because Obama “is” an illegal president and has no right to sign it.

In Judge Vinson’s order denying Orly’s motion to horn in he states:
STATE OF FLORIDA, et al. v U.S. DHHS, et al - 18 - ORDER - Denying Dr. Orly Taitz's (in pro se) 17[RECAP] ...

“ Taitz contends and I agree, that she has satisfied steps (1) and (2). Her motion to intervene was timely and, as a Doctor of Dental Surgery who will be affected by the Act, she clearly has an interest in the subject of this action. Her claim fails however, at steps (3) and (4). With respect to the impairment of interest (step3), Taitz contends that her legal interests will be “immensely” and “significantly” hampered because there is the “risk that conflicting results may be achieved in the DC and Northern Florida Districts”. However, the mere possibility of inconsistent results in cases filed by different individuals in different districts does not, by itself, hamper or impair a litigant’s legal interests. This is especially so in a case such as this one, where it would appear that appeals are quite likely.

Moreover, Taitz has not shown that her legal interests will be represented inadequately by the existing parties in this case (step 4). She acknowledges that she and the Attorneys General in this litigation are ultimately “seeking identical relief on an identical theory.” The Eleventh Circuit has stated that courts should “presume adequate representation when an existing party seeks the same objectives as the would-be interveners.”

(But if you look at the motivation behind Orly’s quest and that of the AG’s, they are not identical.)

“”Although this presumption is “weak,” it imposes on the proposed intervener “the burden of coming forward with some evidence to the contrary.” Id. (emphasis added). There is no such evidence in this case.”

The Judge concludes:

Furthermore, with respect to Taitz’s motion in particular, I believe the parties to this case and the court should remain focused on the legal issues raised by the named plaintiffs, and not concern themselves with collateral issues (such as, for example, whether President Obama has provided sufficient proof of a valid birth certificate).

For these reasons, Dr. Taitz’s motion to intervene must be, and is DENIED.”

So our girl Orly takes that denial and files yet another motion in her QW case, “First Motion Judicial Notice by Orly Taitz”. She points out his statement, “ Taitz contends and I agree, that she has satisfied steps (1) and (2). Her motion to intervene was timely and, as a Doctor of Dental Surgery who will be affected by the Act, she clearly has an interest in the subject of this action”.

An interest in the “subject of this action”, and the subject of the action is to question whether the healthcare reform “law” is constitutional. Not to question whether Obama’s is eligible as POTUS. Taitz however makes a lame attempt to spin that statement:

TAITZ v OBAMA (QW) - 19 - First MOTION Judicial Notice by ORLY TAITZ - dcd-04502934377.18.0

“Regardless of whether ultimately the plaintiff in this action will prevail or not, above ruling of the sister court has indicated that Taitz has standing to bring her action challenging HR 3590, which to a great extend serves as an opposition to the defendant’s motion to dismiss due to lack of standing.

Additionally, Judge Vinson does not find the issue of Mr. Obama’s eligibility due to lack of Natural Born status to be frivolous.”

First of all, nowhere did Judge Vinson state that he “did not” consider the Obama eligibility issue frivolous. His only reference to the subject at all was his comment that “the court should remain focused on the legal issues raised by the named plaintiffs, and not concern themselves with collateral issues (such as, for example, whether President Obama has provided sufficient proof of a valid birth certificate).” If you ask me that sounds more like “lets stick to the real issue here and keep your bullshit out of the way”.

And how in the hell does she conclude that as a dentist who may have interest in the outcome of the challenge to HR3590, that fact also gives her standing to challenge Obama’s citizenship? She also states in her motion that Judge Vinson said; “ Parties to this litigation, and indeed, the citizens of this country have an interest in having this case resolved as soon as possible”, implying that the Judge is referring to “her” allegations of Obama’s ineligibility as being legitimate. When in fact if you read the order what he is saying is just the opposite. He wants to just deal with the case at hand without cluttering it up and prolonging it with her nonsense.

Is her brain so blurred that she truly believes that Judge Lamberth will swallow her “interpretation” of Judge Vinson’s order hook line and sinker?

Oh, I am sooooo looking forward to Judge Lamberth’s reply to all her delusional claims and allegations. Especially the one where she stated in no uncertain terms that if he does not grant her everything she asks, he will be criminally guilty of aiding and abetting and probably be the next name on her list for RICO charges!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My My What A Busy Little Bat

It seems Orly Taitz has filed a “motion to intervene” yesterday. Or in other words, a motion to horn in on the lawsuit being filed by several state attorney generals complaining that the healthcare reform act that Obama signed into law is unconstitutional.

Taitz Motion to Intervene in AsG Suit

On 3/22/10 she’d already filed a “first amended complaint common law fraud” on her civil action against Obama where she babbled on about how she would be harmed by the health care bill.

Dr Orly 22Mar10

But in regard to that case you just have to love this. “Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss First Amended Complaint” from 3/31/10

TAITZ v OBAMA (QW) - 18 - MOTION to Dismiss First Amended Complaint - gov.uscourts.dcd.140567.18.0

I’d say that will pretty much give poor Judge Lamberth a pretty good idea what he is dealing with. Not to mention showing all the attorney generals who are filing the lawsuit against healthcare reform just what kind of company they are keeping. I hope it makes them feel as stupid as they look!

Obama Death Threat

From none other than a fan of Orly Taitz, and it’s posted on her facebook fan page. (For now anyway)

Death threats seem to be flying lately. I personally reported this one to the Secret Service in Washington. When I told the man that the threat was posted on the “Fans of Orly Taitz” facebook page, he said “who”? I repeated the name and then asked if he knew who she was. He said he’d never heard of her.

Well, he has now, so I guess it’s quite possible that after they get finished with this Patrick Little-mark II clown they may just have a look at her.

One could only hope!