Monday, March 29, 2010

You Just Can’t Fix Stupid

I’m really surprised that nothing surprises me anymore when I look at the internet for the morning news headlines. Living so far out in the country I don’t have TV, and can’t see paying whatever it costs these days for satellite TV to blast commercials for Viagra and Slim Fast in my face all day long, or whatever they are advertising these days.

Maybe it’s TV that is making people so crazy. I do know there are a lot of crazy people on it and lots of gullible nimrods buying the vitriol that is continuously spewed by the likes of people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. It’s almost as if some of these nimrods are hanging on every word just waiting for something to rage about. Whether or not it is legitimate or even anywhere near close to fact is irrelevant so long as it sounds good, and they can find a way to blame or bash Obama for it.

Now we have Moose Burger Barbie back on the scene stumping for McCain in Arizona. How people could possibly be so taken in by her is beyond me. She’s back on her redneck high horse stirring the pot and raising the rage just as she did on her campaign trial of 08. Her latest, after posting a map of all the Democrats who voted for healthcare reform and targeting them with crosshairs she claims, “The GOP is not the party of No, we’re the party of HELL No!”

She is typical of the master of hypocritical bullshit that the Hell No party has become. On the 08 campaign trail she professed being a pro-life abstinence only advocate, yet she was pregnant with her first child before she married her “first dude”, (if he was in fact “first”) and on the campaign trail she brought along her unmarried pregnant teenage daughter. Yep, that abstinence only thing really works, you betcha!

Then she ranted on and on about Obama “paling around with terrorists”, yet her husband Todd had been an active member of a fringe Alaska Separatist group since 1995 and she was a frequent speaker at their events. She also proclaimed “government transparency” as she became Alaska’s queen bitch of ethics violations while governor.

It makes one wonder how anyone with half a brain cell could fall for her crap. But in regard to Obama she did add to her “paling around with terrorists” the magic phrase that sucked in and stirred up all the racist right wing Christian teatards disgusted at the thought of a black president. “He’s not like us”. Even though Palin never stated it outright and McCain denounced rumors of Obama being a “Muslim”, in the eyes of Palin’s followers Obama was a Muslim terrorist who would take over this country and take away their guns and their Jesus.

An October 08 Pew poll showed that 1 in 5 white evangelical Protestants (19%) believed Obama was a Muslim. Today according to Live Science  67% of republicans believe Obama is a socialist, 57% believe he is a Muslim, 61% think he’s going to take away their guns and 24% believe he is the antichrist. And what are the republican leaders doing about these absurd beliefs of their constituents?

I’ve posted this before, but it answers the question perfectly.

The entire party of Hell No is fueling this kind of bullshit and misinformation hand over fist. They are pandering to those chomping at the bit for some reason to go off the deep end, and some are already over the edge. Leaders of this right wing fringe are openly calling for armed revolt and the use of force to remove Obama from office. Teatards are shouting nigger and physically spitting on democratic leaders. Bricks are being thrown through the windows of democratic offices and democratic family members have had their homes vandalized and gas lines cut.

Now this morning I read about the FBI raiding Christian Militia groups over the weekend, and arresting people for planning to kill a cop, and then with the homemade bombs, blow the rest of them up at the funeral home when they all gathered for the funeral. WTF is wrong with these people? Who the hell needs to worry about Al Qaida when our own homegrown terrorists are apparently a much more urgent threat?

Last week Democrats called on Republicans, specifically Michael Steele to co-sign a document with Tim Kaine that called for “elected officials of both parties to set an example of the civility we want to see in our citizenry.”

“We also call on all Americans to respect differences of opinion, to refrain from inappropriate forms of intimidation, to reject violence and vandalism, and to scale back rhetoric that might reasonably be misinterpreted by those prone to such behavior”

Steele refused to sign. Again, I’m not surprised. Fear tactics, outright lies and intimidation is all they have left, and the more shit they can stir up the better I think they like it.

Meanwhile as the violence and ill-informed teatard rhetoric continue it is also reported today that Michael Steel is just having a good old time on the RNC dime spending money like it’s going out of style.

The Daily Caller’s Jonathan Strong  reported today that in February Steele’s “RNC” trip to California included spending $9,099 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 at the nearby Four Seasons, and a whopping $1,946.25 (to be exact) at the Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex. Again I say, WTF!

I swear I don’t know who is more full of shit, the hypocritical party of “Hell No” who have stopped at nothing to obstruct or kill everything the Obama administration has attempted, or the assholes they encourage by fueling the fires of hate. This kind of shit needs to stop before someone is killed. I hate to think it will take some horrific incident and the possible death of an innocent person before people wake up and realize what the hell they are doing. But the direction these groups are going, right wing Christian extremists, tea partiers and the birthers, something really bad is bound to happen sooner or later and it won’t be pretty.


  1. Global Village IdiotMarch 31, 2010 at 9:11 PM

    You are correct - just look at Lt. Colonel Lakin and the folks bankrolling him.

    Epic fail act 68 or so?


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