Monday, March 1, 2010

White House Calls For Simple Majority Vote On HealthCare Reform

Yea Buddy! Time to “Git-r-done”! All the Healthcare summit last week proved was that the Repubs have no intention what so ever to cooperate in any fashion on the passage of Healthcare reform. After hashing out detail after detail on this bill for an entire year, their proposal was to “scrap the whole thing and start over until the two parties could find a common ground they could agree on”. Well here’s my response to the party of “No”, not only “no back at ya”, but HELL no! The time has come to shit, or get off the pot on this one.

The biggest crock of all is that on a line-by-line breakdown of the issues they agree with most of the things that are already in the bill. The need for cost control, elimination of fraud waste and abuse, elimination of pre-existing conditions, even the ability to buy across state lines, among others. The problem is they care more about causing the Obama agenda to fail than they care about the American people. As for saying that we should wait until the two parties come up with a bill that they both agree on; they may as well say, “Lets just wait until hell freezes over”.

The fact is Repubs truly don’t give a rat’s ass about what’s good for the people or for the country. The Healthcare industry has spent billions on lobbying and advertising to promote fear mongering and flat out lies to fight reform, and with the GOP they got exactly what they paid for, a big fat NO vote.

What a bunch of assholes. The Repubs were against Social Security and Medicare too, but at least some of them were onboard when it came to a vote. And now 50 years after Medicare passed the hardcore Teatard Party, in their utter ignorance spent most of last summer protesting Healthcare reform by shouting “We don’t want the government to touch our Medicare!” This time no Repubs will be on board when it comes to a vote, and personally “I” don’t give a rat’s ass if they do or not as long as reform is passed.

For years people have been dying, going bankrupt, and struggling to decide between buying medication and buying food because of healthcare costs. All the while the Healthcare industry has raked in billions upon billions in profits. I’m not saying making a profit in business is a bad thing, but reaping outrageous profits while American citizens die because of lack of care or medication is an abomination.

Insurance companies as well as pharmaceutical companies have spiraled so far out of control its beyond ridiculous. Our choice as it currently stands? Take it or leave it. In their quest for even greater profits the industry is turning more and more to mass advertising. Now I’ve lived and traveled all over the world, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, England, Italy, South Africa, Australia, literally all over the damn place and one thing that I can tell you “first hand” is that nowhere outside this country have I EVER seen a pharmaceutical commercial on TV. Nowhere! Turn on a TV here in the US and that’s all you friggin see! (And one reason I don’t even have TV)

Its no wonder the cost of healthcare in this country is so outrageous. In Dec 2009 National Geographic reported the average annual world cost per person for healthcare was $2,986 yet in the US the cost was $7,290 per person, almost 2 ½ times the world average. Switzerland being the second highest was $4,417 still nearly $3,000 less per person than we pay.

Now if you consider the real cost of the marketing strategies of the private for profit only companies in this country you can plainly see why that is. The average cost of a prime time 30-second TV commercial on a major network is around $125,000 and pharmaceutical commercials not only run constantly on prime time, they run 24/7 on every network in every state in this country.

Not only is there the outrageous cost of running the ads, there is a huge cost in producing those ads as well. Now take into account how much is spent by pharmaceutical companies every year by sending out Reps who provide elaborate lunches, snacks and who take entire medical offices out for expensive dinners in fancy restaurants to market their products. This happens every single day all across this country and the excessive cost of that alone is just mind-boggling. Who the hell do you think is paying for all of that? We are, every damn dime of it!

Then you have all these yahoos who sit on their fat asses in front of TV’s every night munching on chips and snarfing up giant bowls of ice cream while their cholesterol and blood sugars go through the roof. They sit there being pelted with “Just call your doctor today and ask for this newest drug to solve all your problems”, and they do exactly that.

I can’t tell you how many patients I’ve had (working as a nurse in family practice) come into the doctors office with reams of printouts about drugs they saw on TV and want to try. Drugs of course that are NOT covered by their health insurance, yet they expect the docs to “just call the insurance company and get it authorized”. Well it not always that easy and what ends up happening is doctors have to hire full time nurses to sit on the phone all day, day after day attempting to pre-authorize these expensive meds when often a generic would work just as well.

And who pays for that? We do, just like we pay for the TV commercials and drug rep lunches and dinners. Every bit of that increased cost is passed to every one of us in increased premiums. It’s absolutely absurd, and that in my opinion is the first thing that needs to stop. Secondly we need some sort of non-profit public option to compete with the private industry. Without that as well as “severe” limits on advertising expenditures, cost will never be brought under control.

Again I say; CALL YOUR SENATORS, tell them enough is enough! We need this reform and we need a public option!

Tell them all the time has come to fight for the needs of the people in this country instead of fighting for the special interests. And the time has definitely come to tell the Healthcare lobbyists to all go fuck themselves!

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