Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. Ca Secretary of State 2010" (ROFLMAO)

Well, I was right; she’s running for Secretary of State on the platform of Obama’s “ineligibility” as POTUS. Just how much of a clown can this woman make of herself? On her website she posted this:

“Important Posted on March 5, 2010

I will officially announce my candidacy for the position of the Secretary of State tomorrow at the Republican state assembly at the Buena Park resort.

I have set a separate bank account with bank of America. Any checks with campaign contributions please address to “Orly Taitz for Secteretary of State 2010″.

The web site and business cards are being made. See attached link. Any and all help is being appreciated.

Obots, please don’t waste your time writing garbage to me or about me. In case you didn’t realize until now, I have enough strength of character to go beyond what you are doing.”

I just love it! “Obots, please don’t waste your time writing garbage to me or about me”. What garbage? Like the garbage you post about you having “strength of character”? Does that “character” include having sleazy adulterous sex with convicted felons on your dental chairs? Suborning perjury from other forgers and felons to further your bullshit lawsuits. Attempting to perpetrate fraud in the court with your buddy Stefan Cook by having him “volunteer” to go to Afghanistan so you can make a lame attempt at trying to sue to have the orders revoked? How about inciting armed rebellion against the US Government? Yep! Real strength of character you have there Orly.

On her new campaign website she has listed under campaign issues “This page is under construction. Watch for updates regarding campaign issues”. Would that mean whenever (and if ever) she figures out what the hell the issues are? LOL! On her “About Us” page, she goes straight to town on Obama! (I wonder who the “us” is, maybe she has a mouse in her pocket. Or maybe it’s the voices in her head!)

“Dr. Taitz is well known around the country as an attorney who brought to public view a number of legal cases exposing Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged illegitimate status as the President of the United States (POTUS); as well as his apparent use of multiple social security numbers of deceased individuals or numbers never assigned, based upon documents found in the public domain. In spite of such flagrant and prima facie illegal actions by Mr. Obama, no judge as of yet had courage or support to hear a case on the merits and legal actions that are lingering in different Courts of Appeals, as well as US District court of Columbia where Dr. Taitz has recently brought Taitz v Obama, a Quo Warranto action.”

And this:

“Dr. Taitz was born and raised in the Communist Soviet Union and knows first hand the bleakness of living in a "totalitarian regime," as well as the dire existence of living in a society deprived of one's Constitutional rights. When Mr. Obama became president of the United States, Dr. Taitz became deeply concerned by the fact that he refused to present any of his original vital records; and by the fact that the issue of Mr. Obama’s dual citizenship and split allegiance was not heard in any court of law; and has still not been heard, as of this writing. Dr. Taitz has embarked on a pro bono personal assignment based upon her vision to bring to light this very important issue, and have this unprecedented case heard on the merits.

This extremely unusual circumstance that has not previously arisen in the United States has served as the impetus of her assertion to run for the Secretary of State for California. Orly is certain her concerns of the great loss of Constitutiona rights of Americans is a grave concern for all Americans in this matter.”

(By the way Orly, the word Constitutional does have an “L” at the end.)

So her bogus birther agenda has become the ”impetus of her assertion” to run for this office. Right, sounds perfectly logical. (Excuse me a moment… AAHHHahahahahaha. Sorry. Good thing my bladder is empty or I might just piss myself laughing here!)

Maybe this whole stunt is motivated by her deep distress at  her extreme lack of attention by the media. Being the publicity whore she is maybe she’s getting desperate to find a way to attract some of that high profile media attention she is so sorely lacking. Well, this ought to do it! However, if she thought the “big bad Obot media” was being mean to her before, she better hold on to her hat because with this shit, the media is going to, (as my dear departed mother used to say) “tear her ass up like a piece of new ground!"

OMG, I can’t wait! Go for it Orly! Give‘er your best shot!

Everyone, quick word of advice…. Just make sure you all go pee “before” you read or watch any of this!

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