Monday, March 1, 2010

Talk About A Complete Crock Of Shit!

Following Orly Taitz’s appeal to the United Nations for protection against all the big bad Obots that are trying to destroy her we have this little interview.

She claims it’s been over a year and a half that she and “hundreds and thousands of her supporters and followers” have filed countless complaints with the FBI and law enforcement all over the nation about death threats, car tampering, cyber attacks, yadda yadda yadda, and no one would help her.

She goes on whining about the convicted felons who are “telling lies” about her and forging her signature. Of course she left out the part about her adulterous affair with the alleged signature forger, including the fact that she was having sex on the dental chairs in her office with him. Again she claims that “judges were used to retaliate against her and her clients”, but she fails to state exactly “who” was using these judges for this retaliation, I guess it must be those big bad Obots again.

Then on about her client Maj. Cook and how the judge refused to hear the case and how he was also retaliated against for questioning Obama’s legitimacy. She claims the military then pressured the defense contractor Cook worked for to fire him from his job as a result, and she was sanctioned buy the court “Not because she did anything wrong, but because she was bringing legal actions against Obama”.

All I can say to that is BULL-SHIT. Lets get something straight about this Stefan Cook clown. He is as big a fraud (if not bigger) than Orly Taitz, and the both of them got exactly what they deserved.

Here is an email Cook sent to Taitz On Sun, 2/1/09

From: Stefan Cook
Date: Sunday, February 1, 2009, 6:40 AM

Dear Attorney Orly,
My name is Major Stefan F. Cook. I am an officer in the Army Reserve of the United States of America and understand that you are heading up a class action suite to request that Barack Obama show he meets the Constitutional qualifications to be our Commander In Chief. As an officer in the U.S. Army, I have the right to know that I am following the lawful orders from a Constitutionally qualified Commander In Chief.

I would like to sign on as a participating plaintiff in this class action.

Please advise.


Cook is a reservist, not an active duty soldier. After hooking up with Taitz in February, and 5 months “AFTER” Obama took office this “joke” of a military man “Volunteered” to go to Afghanistan in May. And he did that intentionally as part of a pre-meditated plan to use his orders, once they were cut to bring this completely fraudulent and staged lawsuit in an attempt to challenge Obama’s eligibility.

It was nothing but a lousy scam, Cook is a disgrace, a liar and a fraud and I don’t blame his employer for firing him. I wouldn’t hire his sorry ass to shovel horseshit! And if anyone believes that Orly Taitz was not behind every aspect of that scam, you’re just as batshit crazy as she is. I can’t imagine that even they could so fucking stupid to think that anyone in their right mind would fall for such a blatant fraud as that.

Think about that and then answer the question; If Taitz was deceitful enough to “attempt” to pull something like that, do you seriously have any doubts that Taitz DID suborn perjury from her other convicted felon clients Sinclair and Smith? Throughout her entire “movement” she has surrounded herself and her cases with nothing but frauds, liars and criminals.

She is nothing but a conniving lying bitch, and no better than any of convicts she associates with.


  1. Yes, it appears that Taitz and Cook concocted a plan in which Cook would use his status in the Army Reserve to gain standing for Taitz's lawsuit. Of course, either Taitz didn't understand (or purposely kept it from her client) that since Cook was a volunteer, and that neither he nor the Army were obligated to fulfill his offer to go to Afghanistan, he had suffered no injury and therefore had no case.

    Scribd has the transcript from Judge Land's court in which Taitz tries unsuccessfully to convince Land that she shouldn't have to follow the rules regarding injury and standing. Land tries patiently to explain the law to Taitz, but becomes increasingly perturbed by her refusal to listen. It illustrates Taitz's pathological intolerance for anyone who challenges her solipsistic view of law and reality.

    One question: how did you come by Cook's email?

  2. There’s not really much that Taitz “can” understand, but if it’s to do with a deceitful way to further her lame agenda she’ll damn well figure it out. As for Cook, being a Major in the Reserves for as many years he’s been in there I don’t believe he couldn’t have known. I don’t believe that for a second, and if he truly didn’t know, he’s an idiot. The fact that he hooked up with Taitz at all is proof that he was at least dumb enough to think that the judge wouldn’t know. What a putz!

    Cooks email was posted on Below the Beltway @

  3. Regarding what Major Cook knew or didn't know . . obviously he knew that he could rescind his request to go to Afghanistan if he wished, but I'm not sure that he understood how his voluntary status would affect his standing as a plaintiff, and I wouldn't be surprised if Taitz falsely presented the mater to him.

    In her pleadings, she kept insisting that it didn't matter whether Cook was not obligated to serve; what mattered, said Taitz, was that he wanted to serve, but wouldn't until he received proof of Obama's legitimacy--hence, a trial must go forward. Judge Land, of course, repeatedly explained that Cook had suffered no injury and the court had nothing to offer in the way of remedy--hence, a trial was out of the question. Taitz would have none of it, and kept trying to side-step Land's commitment to the rule of law by insisting that the bigger picture (the President's "illegitimacy") demanded a trial--regardless of what the court required of her or her plaintiffs.

    Like every other birther, Taitz thinks she was the right to rewrite the law in order to serve her malicious and self-serving agenda.

    Thanks, by the way, for providing the url to Cook's email. Also, I love the passionate way you swear.

  4. The only thing worse than Cook's behavior is that the Army just went and promoted the traitor to Lt Col even after he pulled that crap.
    And they wonder why nobody with any brains wants to be in it.