Sunday, March 14, 2010

Orly Taitz Now Files “Criminal” Complaints Against Damon Dunn

Imagine that!

I would love to know from what planet this mentally defective nimrod actually comes. I truly wonder how much longer she will be allowed to wonder freely (without a straight jacket) while “usurping” the status of a “sane human being”.

She is in serious need of an extensive mental evaluation. We’ve already speculated what the potential outcome of her mental evaluation could be in “Diagnosing Orly Taitz”  and I doubt we’d have been far off! Maybe Judge Lamberth will TDO her ass to St. Elizabeth’s if she actually gets far enough to exhibit her raving insanity in his courtroom. (I’m still looking forward to that!) She’s already given him a prime example of her utter madness in her last filing.

This latest psychotic rant of hers posted on her website has been sent to the California Registrar of voters:

“Criminal Complaint regarding voter fraud and elections fraud committed by Mr. Damon Dunn, registered voter in Orange County, CA, and a Candidate for the position of the Secretary of State on the ballot for the Republican Primary in Orange County, CA based on CEC §8001 (a)(2), CEC §18203, §18500.
Criminal Complaint regarding voter intimidation as well as intimidation of the Candidate on the Ballot Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, as well as intimidation and harassment of children of Dr. Taitz in an effort to pressure Dr. Taitz to withdraw her candidacy from the race for the Secretary of State of CA.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t she publicly urged her Orlybots to harass Dunn in an attempt to get him to bow out of the SOS race? That didn’t work so now she files a “criminal” complaint against him alleging that he is intimidating and pressuring “her” to withdraw her candidacy? WTF!

Her letter to a Mr. Kelley and states; “I demand immediate investigation,” then goes on about what a fraud this Damon Dunn is and claims:

“It is imperative for you Mr. Kelley and for the District Attorney of Orange County Mr. Tony Rackauscas , as well as the Secretary of State Ms. Debra Bowen to act in this manner, as inaction will constitute aiding and abetting fraud in election punishable by §18500.”

There she goes again; “You’re going to be guilty of aiding and abetting if you don’t meet my demands!” Does she really think anyone takes anything else that come out of her mouth seriously? She just threatened Judge Lamberth with the very same thing just the other day.

This is great, a perfect example of her paranoid delusions:

“I personally have been hit by a barrage of insults and assaults coming from a number of Marxists Left Wing publications such as Politijab, Politico, Huffington Post, Washington Independent, OC Weekly,Daily Beast which only confirms the fact that Mr. Dunn is really a Democrat trying to fraudulently run on a Republican ticket in order to prevent a Bona fide Republican from running against a Democrat Debra Bowen in the General election, as all of these Marxist publications attacked me, while praising Dunn.”

Ah… What? How the hell does she conclude that articles about “her” ignorance are proof that Mr. Dunn is really an “undercover democrat”, trying to keep a “Bona fide Republican off the ticket? She is absolutely out of her mind! (You just can’t make this kind of shit up!)

She also claims her children have been targeted, and have been sent ugly emails. Now I must say that if that is “truly” the case, that is flat wrong. (Come on Obots, all ya’ll know better than that) Lay off her poor kids! Gawd knows they have enough to deal with as it is. How would any of you feel if she were your mother! Have some sympathy here!

However, knowing Orly and her extensive history of lies, fraud and “posting as other people” on her own website, I wouldn’t put it past her to have arranged those emails herself just so she could make a stink about it. (Yes, I went there!) Just like the cheap stunt she pulled with Stefan Cook volunteering for duty so they could go to court and fight the orders.

The fact is she is a blatant lying fraud, and I believe desperate, (and psychotic) enough that it would not surprise me in the least if she had planted those emails to her children, not just for the publicity but for grounds to make this claim. That would be beyond shameful, but I swear I wouldn’t put anything passed her. She’s fucking crazy and she’s become like a freaked out crack-whore over this “quest” of hers to conquer Obama by any and all means necessary. She spends half the damn letter “supposedly” about Dunn’s eligibility, ranting about Obama!

“These e-mails were clearly sent with the intent to cause severe emotional distress to my children and to me and with an attempt to harass my whole family, and to intimidate me into dropping out of the race for the Attorney General.”

(Hold the phone! Attorney general? I thought she was running for Secretary of State. Does she even have a clue what she says half the time?)

“I actually don’t believe that Mr. Dunn personally sent these e-mails. I believe these e-mails were sent by his supporters or by supporters of Mr. Obama, as I currently have an active legal action in the Washington DC Taitz v Obama 10-cv-151-RCV. In this case I provided information and affidavits from licensed investigators”..

Yadayadayayada.. Obama, Obama, Obama! She can’t let it go! Then she says:

"If I become Secretary of State, I will demand proper original vital records from Obama.”

If? … Lady “If” an elephant had wings; it’d be a hell of a bird! And you wouldn’t win this election “if” hell froze over.

In closing, she writes:


Based on the information provided in the above criminal complaint

1. I demand removing Mr. Dunn from the ballot as inelligible to run in the Republican party primary.

2. I demand criminal investigation of the voter fraud, elections fraud as well as voter intimidation and investigation of the intimidation of the family of the candidate.

3. I demand to forward all of the above information to the District Attorney of Orange County, CA Tony Rackauscas, secretary of State Deborah Bowen, as well as US attorneys for criminal matters for the central District of CA Mr. Brent Sabel and Mr. Ken Julian, who investigated and successfully obtained criminal conviction in previous case of public corruption of a High Rank politician and public official Sheriff of OC Mike Caronna.


Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ”

I’d like to see someone “demand” that she be TDO’d to the nearest mental facility! She is like a friggin freight train barreling full steam ahead, but she’s too fucking stupid to see that she’s headed straight for a big brick wall!

What is with this trip she’s on in believing that she alone has the ability and “strength of character” (her favorite description of herself) to destroy what she calls the “Obama regime” and anyone else who gets in her way. I swear it’s as if she has absolutely convinced herself of her own lies and come hell or high water she “knows” she is bound for victory and eternal glory. (PAH-Leease!)

Orly honey, listen up, the only thing you will ever succeed in destroying will be yourself and I for one will have no pity on you when you do. But I will laugh my ass off when you smack that fucking wall! Maybe that will knock some sense into that giant rock you have sitting on your shoulders.


  1. Attorney general?!
    Did she really file that fail?
    Our nitrous-huffing queenbitch has finally exceeded my imagination.
    And the best thing is: We'll have a black man in charge of CA elections. :)
    Another well-planted RINO. Good job Obama!

  2. Wow. Just wow. She never stops. Each time I think she has topped the last one, she goes even farther. Is there no end to the crazy twists and turns of the mind of Oily Taters?

  3. It's always somewhat amusing to me when she refers to the issue of having the emissions hose disconnected which could have caused 'dangerous fumes' to gather to where he car would explode while she's riding with her 3 'children'. The only thing that would happen would be a loss in fuel mileage.

    It seems to me that she would like to portray that her 3 sons are small boys when, in fact, two of them are no longer living with them and the other is probably about ready to graduate from high school. Regardless, if someone did actually email her sons, that's off bounds.

    But I guess there is crazy on both sides. Just a lot more crazy on her side.


  4. Not AXJ: I agree with you that her children should be left alone, but you are correct in noting that two of the three are adults, and the youngest is close to 18. Apparently, the youngest one used his last name on Facebook. Not very smart. And I agree with Miss Daisy, it is highly likely Orly made the posts herself. She really is a paranoid nut and needs mental health intervention desperately. Too bad she's not getting it.

  5. You’re right Not_AJX, there is crazy on both sides, no doubt about that. But I’m thinking Orly is in the lead for craziest on her side.

    UCS, I think she is beyond paranoid. I swear if someone stuck a stethoscope to her forehead and listened they’d hear the theme song to the Twilight Zone going on in there! Someone is bound to order her to get evaluated sooner or later.

    The most amazing thing is how many idiots out there just think she is just the greatest thing since sliced bread! Then again, look at how many think the same thing about Moose Burger Barbie!

    It is a horrible thought to even think that she “could” have been the one to plant those ugly emails, but I seriously doubt anyone would be surprised if it were ever proven that she did.

    YMBJ, Well as long as the crazy keep twisting, we’ll continue to be entertained!

  6. holy cow, I am utterly shocked and disturbed. Not by her latest antics, but by the fact that this woman has reproduced! AaaiiiigghhhH!

  7. How is it that this lunatic is still licensed to practice law? Frankly I cannot resolve which would be worse; letting her near me with a dental drill or hiring her to fight so much as a parking ticket.

    As a Russian emigre, I would expect Orly to discern that none of those publications are "Marxist."