Thursday, March 4, 2010

Orly Taitz For Secretary Of State? Talk About A Snowball’s Chance In Hell!

Just look at the “Intent to run” form she filed, she couldn’t even fill that out correctly.

OMG this is going to be funny as shit! She’s already posted this on her blog:

“Posted on March 4, 2010 No Comments

CA is the most populated state in the Union with about 33 million people I got information that there are 3.9 million likely Republican voters, who will be voting in the Republican primary.
If the football player Damon Dunn does not drop out of the Secretary of state race, I will need to reach3.9 million people and secure votes of more then half -about 2 million. I was told that the advertising slates go between1-5 cents per person, which means that I will need to raise 20,000-100,000 for the campaign basic advertising.
Please, let me know if any of you talked to Damon Dunn, and if he is willing to drop out of the Secretary of State race? I don’t have his phone and address. I only know that he lives in Irvine, CA.
I read an interview he gave lately. He doesn’t question Obama’s legitimacy for presidency or legitimacy of election. He is a Republican in name only. He didn’t even vote until last year. If either Debra Bowen is reelected or Damon Dunn is elected, it will be business as usual.Nothing new.
If you have any specific info, if you have experience running a campaign, if you can help set up a web site for the campaign or organize volunteers for the phone bank or e-mail and fax campaign material or money bomb, or outreach to tea party volunteers from around the country, please call me at 949-683-5411 or e-mail at

Maybe she’ll get her tin-foil-hatters to call Debra Bowen and ask her to drop out too since she doesn’t question Obama’s legitimacy either. Now there’s a good strategy, just ask everyone else to bow out. Good plan! That’ll save a lot of campaigning money if she’s the only one on the ticket.

I can’t say as I’ve ever seen anyone run for Secretary Of State on a platform of Presidential eligibility, but hay, this “IS” Orly Taitz we’re talking about here.

Keep the Red Stripe cold, and the popcorn handy!


  1. Ms Daisy, please check this out!

  2. Did Orly pay somebody to help her passing the california bar exam?. She could'n even fill out properly her application for Secretary of State position

  3. I think it's hilarious! All her birfer brigade sending her money. They'd probably get better results throwing money into a wishing well.

    Orly is the gift that keeps on giving.


  4. As far as the way she filled out the form... Why she's Orly! The famous Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire. Why would she need to actually enter her address? She's so "FAMOUS" and "POPULAR" that she could just drop all of the honorariums and change her name to just Orly. Kind of like Cher and Seal.

  5. She wishes she were as famous as that. One of the reasons I spend time blasting her on this blog is because, A. it’s fun, and B. No one I know even know who the hell she is so I have no one to laugh at her with.

  6. It's too bad you don't have someone that you know to laugh about her with. Most everyone I know is aware of her and follow her antics just for their amusement (as I do - a day without Orly is just not so fun), so when I get together with them, we always have a good laugh.

    You know... one day she's going to be gone and who are we going to get our entertainment from. I mean, I enjoy Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart, but they just don't have the comedic thrill that Orly brings. Probably because they're trying to be funny and Orly is so damned serious and STUPID.



  8. Yes, Ms. Taitz is amusing, and like many, I'm fascinated by the delusional rants cabined on her ship of fools -- and by the doltish bubbling of those roiled from the depths of paranoia by her floundering wake. But I'm also troubled by the possibility that Orly Taitz, and those like her, represent the future of what American culture will become in the age of internet.

  9. Let her finish!
    In other words- stick a fork in her, because she's almost done.

  10. She seems to think (?!) she only needs to pay for advertising for the people who (she hopes) will vote for her. If she needs to "reach3.9 million people" at a cost of 1 to 5 cents per head, that is $39K to $195K, not the $20K to $100K she states.
    Good thing she wants to be Secretary, not Treasurer!

  11. I kinda hate to raise a serious question, Orly being such a loon, but that application is stamped "Received and filed." Looks like they would've just handed it back to her and said, "This isn't completed properly." But snowball's chance is right anyway…

  12. Scary thing is, she has a national base of lunatics behind her that will contribute. It looks like the other Republican, Damon Dunn, won't qualify for the ballot, so CA SOS Debra Bowen will have to deal with Orly. Fun, yes, but these people are dangerous, and they will put their money where their mouths are.

  13. Isn't it interesting that when McCain was questioned about his birth certificate, no one ridiculed those people for asking. You might be interested in doing some study:

    And here is the disgraceful interview:

  14. As a matter of fact, some people still claim that McCain was not eligible to run either. But hay, at least he was white. And the others that asked the question about McCain’s birth were not ridiculed because when the question was answered, they shut up! They didn’t go on like that annoying child in the back seat continually saying “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

    As far as Lankin is concerned, he’s an idiot that just threw away his career and his pension, as well as being a disgrace to the military. I was born and raised in the Air Force (with a hardcore republican military father, and protocol was protocol, you did not fuck up, period) and I spent 20 years after that married to the Army, I know how the military will view him and his actions. Anyone that thinks Lankin’s blatant refusal to follow orders is going to get the birthers anywhere is delusional.

    The birth cert that Obama posted during his campaign is a legal document. It is not required by Hawaiian state law to contain any further information than what it has. The state has verified and re-verified that it is authentic, and that Obama was in fact born there. The fact that birthers refuse to believe that is irrelevant, and changes none of the facts.

    Obama is an natural born American Citizen, and you can spin the “two parent” claim until the cows come home, the fact is that you are NOT required to have two American Citizen parents to be a NBC.

    But you know what? This is a free country, if birthers want to believe that a major conspiracy started in 1961 to put a bi-racial baby in the White House 47 years later, who was really raised and trained as a Muslim terrorist to infiltrate and take over this country, they can knock themselves out. They can also continue to believe that every government agency and official, news agency, judge, and law enforcement agency in this country, including the CIA, and the FBI are all in on the “cover up” if they want to. They can even believe that Obama is really the son of Malcolm X, and he really assaulted Rush Limbaugh in a hotel in Hawaii with Neuro magnetic waves this past January if it makes them happy.

    Though anyone with more than two teeth and a lick of sense would have brains enough to realize that the actual probability of something like that happening are about the same as winning the lottery every week for an entire lifetime.

    Maybe you should do some studying. Try starting with the 13th Amendment, followed by the civil rights act of 1866, the 14th Amendment, and don’t forget to have a look at Title 8 of the US code Section 1401 and see if "you" can learn something.

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