Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Orly Taitz Accuses US Attorneys of Racketeering

In her latest piece of work, (or filings) she is getting even further out of control than I thought possible, even for her. This is rich…

“Motion for leave of court to add Ronald Machen, Jr, US Attorney, Rudolph Contrehras, Assistant US Attorney, Alan Burch, Assistant US Attorney as additional defendants and add a Cause of Action for RICO- Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations as an Additional cause of action in the first Amended Complaint.”

So now she’s not only suing Obama, but also accusing the US Attorneys of racketeering! She continues her diatribe of what she perceives as Obama’s “massive” criminal activities and then states:

"This evidence is so overwhelming, that it doesn’t even require additional investigation.”

Sure, let’s just cut to the chase and put Obama’s black Muslim usurping ass in jail where he belongs. She says he guilty, so he’s guilty and there is no further need to investigate anything, so lets get on with it!

“ US attorneys’ actions in not prosecuting this matter goes beyond mere negligence, it falls within the realm of misprision of felony, compromising of felony and adding and abetting commission of felony, predicate acts, which will tie in the above US attorneys to Mr. Obama and sufficient for RICO legal action.”

YES, lets put all their sorry asses in jail too! And not only that, but…

“At this point if the court does not grant the application or dismisses the complaint, the court itself will be guilty of aiding and abetting all of the above crimes and misprision of felonies. As such the court has no other alternative, but to proceed with discovery and proceed expeditiously.”

In other words, “Don’t you dare fuck with me on this or I’m going to put your sorry Obot ass jail too. So you better shit or get your ass off the pot right fucking now, cuz I’m not playing with you about this!”

She really seems pissed that in the defense’s motion to dismiss they stated that there is no evidence that any “harm” she suffered (such as the $20,000 fine she was smacked with) was anyone’s fault but her own.

“What exactly will it take for the Department of Justice to concede that indeed I was harmed or in imminent danger of being harmed? Do I need to be actually crucified? Knowing the modus operandi of Holder Department of Justice, I am not sure even that will be enough. They might still find some reason to state that there was no harm, no injury. They probably will state that the nails were not long enough, who knows…”

No shit, she put that in there! Hay Orly, they have some really long nails at Lowe's! You know, just in case you might want to grab a few and try nailing yourself to something so you can blame that on Obama too. Lowe's also has quite a selection of screwdrivers, maybe you should look them over while you’re there. Might help with some of those loose screws that you have rolling around.

“The extent of damages and indifference and unwillingness to act by law enforcement and Department of Justice has prompted me to file a complaint with the UN commission for Human Rights defendants.”

Except for the fact that she isn’t a Human Rights Defender” so that was just another waste of time and resources, and the fact that the folks at the UN are probably still laughing!

“What I am doing today is equal to a new civil rights movement, a movement to reassert civil rights of the US citizens to have their cases heard in the court of law based on the Constitution, based on clear evidence, proper original valid records, not based on twittering, not based on intimidation of judges and attorneys. If Obama regime is successful in silencing attorneys like me, working pro bono to uphold the constitutional freedoms, then we don’t have a Constitution, then we have a dictatorship, a tyranny.”

Actually I wouldn’t refer to this as a “new civil rights movement”. The only thing I can equate her “movement” to would be to a very loose bowel movement, as evidenced by her constant diarrhea of the lip!

“After I have done over 700 interviews all over the World, the world is watching and waiting for your decision. Your decision can be one of obfuscation of all vital records of one sitting in the White House, it can be a decision of aiding and abetting Social Security Fraud and Identity theft by Mr. Obama, or it can be a decision of upholding the law. Your decision can signify further persecutions of me, as a decedent fighting Obama regime, or it can be a decision putting an end to persecutions. The decision is yours and the Nation is watching and the World is watching.”

Now, is it me, or did Orly just basically tell this judge that unless he grants her everything she wants, that he is nothing but a no good Obot criminal too? Great way to start off, and of course it’s plain to see how it will be 100% Obama’s fault when this Judge slaps her down for being ignorant too.



  1. Yeppers our Girl Orly has ratcheted up the crazy to unforeseen heights! BTW, it's "Lowe's" , not "Lows".

  2. And I have no doubt she will take it higher still!

    Yes, thanks for the heads up on the Lowe’s, I need to go fix that. That one went right by me. And that’s funny because Lowe’s is my favorite store! I probably shop there more than anywhere else. Ahh country living! :-)

  3. As I wrote in Bad Fiction's comments, Orly reminds me of Miss Balbricker in Porky's. She's as obsessed with Obama's BC as Miss Balbricker was obsessed with the penis with a mole on it.

    It'll be interesting to see what Lamberth does once he reads this. Her rant deserves a trip to the insane asylum. A little bit of time in "Trembling Pines" might do Orly some good.


  4. It's become clear that Ms. Taitz is not simply an anti-Obama zealot, hungry for attention: she is deeply, perhaps pathologically, mentally ill. I wouldn't be surprised if, within the year, she takes her own life, leaving behind a long diatribe blaming Obama for forcing her to make the ultimate sacrifice for the constitution, truth, and justice.

  5. Orly reminds me of "Redmond Rose" one of the first internet kooks and winner if the IKOTM award.

  6. Arthur, I doubt Taitz will ever take her own life. She is way too narcissistic for that. She did, however, post a vile comment on her highly moderated web site this morning, from a poster called "minuteman", who suggested targeting Judge Lamberth's grandchildren in a bloody and horrific murder scenario. The post has now been scrubbed but there are screenshots on Politjab. It has also been reported to the appropriate authorities. She needs to be committed in a prison psych ward, and fast, before one of her followers carries out her vile wishes.

  7. Ditto with the screenshot of the message @ OFGS. What kind of a douche nozzle posts that on their site? Oh, Orly, thats right....

    Yeah Baby - thats how you sway a Federal Judge!

  8. 700 interviews?
    Hmm.. do the math.
    That would be more than an interview a day.
    Can't wait for her sorry ass to get disbarred.
    Thanks for the great blog, btw. :)

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