Thursday, March 11, 2010

CRA Disses Orly Taitz, Backs Damon Dunn For Secretary Of State

Go Figure! Poor Orly just can’t seem to win for losing. Funny thing is that she seems to believe herself to be as popular and prominent a person as ever was, when in truth the only thing she is prominent for is her utter incompetence, and she’s about as popular as a butt rash. Next up on her agenda? No doubt it will be “Damon Dunn, Republican Usurper!”

After asking her tin-foil-hatters to simply ask him to drop out of the race didn’t work, she accused him of voter fraud and filed a complaint. (Imagine that!) Yesterday she posted:

“I have a feeling that Mr. Dunn will withdraw his candidacy, as he might end up facing criminal charges, if he continues his run, and that is not withstanding tremendous embarrassment to the Republican party, that he brought, however you never know. We will have to wait and see.”

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you!

It’s amazing how she claims that she is so proud to be an “American Citizen” and then accuses everyone in America of being criminals, frauds, liars, and wants to put the entire country in jail. She is constantly slandering every official in the US, and that’s ok, but anyone that call her names or makes fun of her is guilty of hate crimes and should also be put in jail.

What the hell does she want? To eliminate our entire government, conquer our country and claim it as her personal property? The United States of Taitz? I DON'T think so..

Orly Taitz, you are laughable, a sorry excuse for a lawyer, and no doubt an extreme embarrassment to your entire family. You will never get elected to any public office even if no one else is running. You probably couldn’t even get elected dogcatcher, though if you tried real hard you might be able to get public appointment to be in charge of picking up all the “used dog food” in state parks.

Nor will you EVER win any of your ignorant lawsuits. I say next up for you will be another slap down, this time by Judge Lamberth. Poor guy, I can just imagine him shaking his head in disbelief as he attempts to read your last reply. (Man! I’d like to be a fly on that wall. I wonder if a fly can piss itself laughing?)

But, by all means, continue your crusade, because in the end you will be victorious. I have no doubt that your efforts will earn you top billing on the next reality TV show, “America’s Most Ignorant.” You could use this video re-mix of your most famous interview of all time for your audition. I guarantee you’ll take first place in the finals!

Go for it Orly!


  1. I was wondering when someone would use this video. It's hilarious because it really does highlight everything Orly has to say.

  2. I'm beginning to understand why Ms. Taitz elected to earn her law degree by studying at home--had she attended a traditional law school, in which students and professors convene in a spirit of collegiality, her repugnant and quarrelsome personality would have led to her expulsion.

  3. Arthur,

    I can assure you that real law schools, including the top ten in the country, are full of repugnant and quarrelsome personalities. That is not cause for expulsion. She would, however, never gained admittance to any such law schools. Even if she did, she would never pass the exams, as they require both knowledge and legal reasoning skills. She has repeatedly demonstrated that she has neither.

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