Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Catholic Church is Swarming With Pedophiles Priests

In the last week or so it seems that every day there is a new story in the news about horrific scandals of rape and molestation that seems to breaking out in every corner of the Catholic Church. The Church has become nothing but an absolute cesspool of predatory vermin masquerading as “Priests”. They claim to be men of God, when in reality, spawn of the devil would be much more accurate.

In the spring of last year Ireland was rocked with scandal over the thousands of people who came forward, which as children had the misfortune to be placed in Catholic run boarding schools. There were reports of being raped, gang raped, forcibly sodomized, being stripped naked and publicly beaten, tormented, tortured and even stories of children being murdered by the Christian Brothers Order, and it fucking went on for 60 years! It was a literal pedophile free-for-all and the Vatican KNEW there was a problem and they did NOTHING. Times Online reported  last November that the Christian Brothers Order were ordered to pay $146 million to it’s victims.

Now more people are coming out almost daily by the hundreds all around the world and its even inching it way right to the Pope’s brother and even the Pope himself It’s absolutely unbelievable how the church continually shakes its sorry head and pretends to be “shocked” at all these reports. They know damn well what the hell is going on. They’ve always known and the only thing they ever did about it was cover it up, shuffle the pedophiles on the next church to find “fresh meat”, and payoff the victims. It’s beyond disgusting!
On   there is a graph that covers a 25-year span of “known” monetary settlements the Catholic Church has paid to its victims in the United States alone. The total was $2,069,179,500.00! Put that into a monthly average, and the church has been paying $6,897,265.00 a month, every month for 25 years in damages, and that is ONLY in one country! There is no telling what the world wide total is, or how much additional unreported “hush money” has been paid.
WTF! I swear they must teach “Pedophilia 101” in priest school because apparently they are all guilty in one way or another, if not of the act, of the cover-up. And to every single Catholic I say, you are all fools, every one of you! Not because of your faith, (faith has nothing to do with this) but because of all the money you give to this criminal organization! AND for putting your own children on the pedophile smorgasbord!
In Brazil all hell just broke loose when a video was sent to a local news network that showed a priest having sex with an alter boy. Apparently another of the priest’s victims, now 21 who said that the same priest had abused him repeatedly since he was 12 years old secretly filmed the assault. I wonder how much that will cost the church? All you Catholics out there best get out your checkbooks!
There is an excellent documentary film called “Deliver Us From Evil” about the story of one priest, Father Oliver O’Grady who spills his guts about all the children he molested. Including his rape of a baby! He tells of how his crimes were covered up by the church as he was shuffled from parish to parish. It really is a must see. If you have Netflix, put it on your list!
Movie Trailer “Deliver Us From Evil”

I think it’s high time the Vatican has its ass crucified for all this. They are flat out guilty of criminal conspiracy in covering up the rape and torture of innocent children. They are also guilty of accessory for continuing to shuffle their sleazy pedophiles around to continue to rape and torment more innocent children.
The time has come for all the victims of these pedophile bastards to speak up. Stand united with all the others that are coming forward and show your true numbers. Then together you can take these bastards down! Make them pay for all the hurt they have caused.
There are lots of horrible things that people in this world do, but one of the very worst is to harm an innocent child. I hope every one of them rots in their own hell!


  1. Global Village IdiotMarch 18, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    As a recovering catholic I offer up your daily humor;

    Q: What is the difference between a catholic priest and acne??

    A: Acne doesn't come on a boys face until he is about 14.

  2. That was pretty bad. I’m all for humor, (after all just look at Orly) but there is nothing funny about what these perverts are doing to all these poor kids. They should be castrated! After all, they have to take vows of celibacy, and are not supposed to need those jewels anyway.

    How much do you want to bet that if mandatory castration were part of the requirements to go along with their vow of celibacy, not another man would ever take that vow. I seriously doubt there has ever been a priest that kept it anyway! If they aren’t buggering alter boys, they surly have something else on the side somewhere.

  3. Global Village IdiotMarch 18, 2010 at 6:39 PM

    Mz Daisy,

    You nailed it in the first paragraph - pretty bad joke, but to the point. It is not to laugh at, but to shudder. Castration would not eliminate the priesthood, but make only those devout enough to comply apply.

    Married clergy, anyone? I do not share the christers faith, but no where is it written that faith precludes marriage, and vice versa.....

  4. The squalls of accumulating scandal besetting the roman catholic church will look like a mere trifle compared to the 'perfect storm' that is shortly coming. For these growing, worldwide sexual scandals are only setting the stage for the 'churches' worst nightmare: the questioning of it's very origins! And that has already begun on the web. Not by any atheist ravings, but with first wholly new interpretation for 2000 years of the Gospel/moral teachings of Christ. Redefining all primary elements including Faith, the Word, Law, Baptism, the Trinity and the Resurrection. This is not reformation but revolution. We may very well come to 'remember' the church as two thousands years of hubris, intellectual, theological self deception and a counterfeit copy of revealed truth.  

  5. This is the motivating factor that caused me to leave the Catholic church.

    When my boys attended Catholic School, I was told I had to sign a release form for field trips, not only holding the school and the entire Church harmless, but I had to indemnify them for any claims! When I refused to sign, I was directed to the General Counsel for the Houston Diocese. He was a real hard ass, and, needless to say, my sons did not go on field trips.

    Less than two years later, guess who pops up and says he was abused by priests? Yep, the same General Counsel who spent his professional career denying the claims of abuse victims and putting them through more hell.

    I am now a happy agnostic.

  6. Global Village IdiotMarch 19, 2010 at 6:34 PM

    You go, Uncommonsense - you go.

    I am an unscathed, recovering catholic.

  7. I guess I was lucky; I was raised by non-church going heathens (ha). I guess they were sort of recovering Baptists. I was sent off to Sunday School for a while, (with the neighbor kids) but gave up going when I got into an argument with the SS teacher, AND the Baptist preacher one Sunday when I was about 10, or 11. They were trying to tell me that all life descended from Adam & Eve, and that what I had learned in school about the evolution of man was not true. Being the defiant little shit that I was, I asked them to prove it. They double-talked a bit, but couldn’t. Then told me I “just had to have faith that it was true”. I basically told them that I thought that was a crock and never went back.

  8. My religious experiences were being baptized in the Methodist church but only going to Sunday school with a neighbor since neither parent attended. I finally gave up on religion when I was invited to go to a day school church camp and some lady forced me to pray on my knees and would slap the back of my head and call me a sinner that was going to hell when I didn't pray with the words she thought I should say.

  9. How many are victims and how many are looking for a payout?

  10. Global Village IdiotMarch 21, 2010 at 11:06 AM


    Of those who came forward without seeking recompense, who later were convinced by a scum-sucking attorney to 'stick it to them, it will not change what happened to you, but it will make us both wealthy; they have lots of dough' I would guess that 95% wanted closure.

    Another guess is that about a third of all who came forward had financial gain in mind. For what its worth.

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