Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abortion Language In the Health Care Bill

Why does anyone think they have any right what so ever to force their “opinions” on abortion on anyone else, let alone forcing it into government bills or legislation? Most religious extremists base their opinions that abortion is flat out murder, (even though it isn’t and it’s a perfectly legal procedure) on religion. Well, as they say, “Opinions are just like asshole… everybody has one!”

Bart Stupak a pro-life Democrat from Michigan is threatening to kill the healthcare bill because he claims that it will provide federal dollars for abortion, and “he just can’t have that”!

Of course his claims are bullshit and have all been debunked.

What is with these nimrods and why are religious opinions of any kind, allowed to have influence of any kind on government anything? I know there are a lot of wing nuts out there that believe this is a “Christian” nation and we should all have to abide by Christian doctrines, but that is complete bullshit. Christians have no more claims to this country than Jews, Buddhists or any other religious group, regardless of what they may think or believe. And by the way, Christians are no more right about who the “true God” is (if there even is one) than anyone else is about their Gods either! The truth is all religions are totally man made, just like polyester!

The Christian “opinion” of abortion is just that, an opinion and has no bearing on the lives of anyone else. They have no more right to dictate that no one should be allowed to have one any more than the Jehovah Witnesses can say; “Our God forbids blood transfusions even in a case of life or death, so we refuse to have them and no one else can either. And the absurd thing is Jehovah Witnesses have just as much right to demand that blood transfusions not be covered in the healthcare bill as Christians have to demand abortions not be covered…. NONE.

If anyone wants to live their life by whatever flavor of religious belief strikes their fancy, then go right ahead and knock yourself out, but keep your religious agenda to yourself and out of government. If religions of any kind insist on meddling in government affairs then every one of them needs to be stripped of their tax-exempt status!

So to Stupak and every other Congressman and Senator who hold “pro-life” agendas I say, “Stuff your religious opinions up your ass and pass the fucking bill!” If you want to fight for religious agendas, get a church, be a preacher and leave government to those who understand the principals of Separation of Church and State.

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  1. IMO the way to spell stupid in 2010 is - Stupak. I will no longer call these fools "pro-life", I will call them anti-freedom. They want to remove freedom from the lives of females. I find them to be the biggest hypocrites of all. This past summer and fall we saw all these nutcases out there with their racist signs along with some of the stupidest signs ever. "Keep government out of my Medicare" "Keep government out of my body" and so on, and so on, and so on. They fail to see the hypocrisy of having the government in the bodies of women when they want ban abortion. They don't want it but they want it forced on others... They aren't even smart enough to know that Medicare is government. I had one fool write that Social Security and Medicare is funded completely by the deductions from our paycheck and the government has nothing to do with it. He also said the government has nothing to do with the VA, it is funded by the soldiers that have money taken out of their pay when in the service and they get to go to VA for the rest of their lives on that. I told him he should go look the SS administration up, under and he could find the VA there too. How do these people make it in this world? How can such ignorance exist? And Oily isn't even involved in this!