Monday, March 29, 2010

You Just Can’t Fix Stupid

I’m really surprised that nothing surprises me anymore when I look at the internet for the morning news headlines. Living so far out in the country I don’t have TV, and can’t see paying whatever it costs these days for satellite TV to blast commercials for Viagra and Slim Fast in my face all day long, or whatever they are advertising these days.

Maybe it’s TV that is making people so crazy. I do know there are a lot of crazy people on it and lots of gullible nimrods buying the vitriol that is continuously spewed by the likes of people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. It’s almost as if some of these nimrods are hanging on every word just waiting for something to rage about. Whether or not it is legitimate or even anywhere near close to fact is irrelevant so long as it sounds good, and they can find a way to blame or bash Obama for it.

Now we have Moose Burger Barbie back on the scene stumping for McCain in Arizona. How people could possibly be so taken in by her is beyond me. She’s back on her redneck high horse stirring the pot and raising the rage just as she did on her campaign trial of 08. Her latest, after posting a map of all the Democrats who voted for healthcare reform and targeting them with crosshairs she claims, “The GOP is not the party of No, we’re the party of HELL No!”

She is typical of the master of hypocritical bullshit that the Hell No party has become. On the 08 campaign trail she professed being a pro-life abstinence only advocate, yet she was pregnant with her first child before she married her “first dude”, (if he was in fact “first”) and on the campaign trail she brought along her unmarried pregnant teenage daughter. Yep, that abstinence only thing really works, you betcha!

Then she ranted on and on about Obama “paling around with terrorists”, yet her husband Todd had been an active member of a fringe Alaska Separatist group since 1995 and she was a frequent speaker at their events. She also proclaimed “government transparency” as she became Alaska’s queen bitch of ethics violations while governor.

It makes one wonder how anyone with half a brain cell could fall for her crap. But in regard to Obama she did add to her “paling around with terrorists” the magic phrase that sucked in and stirred up all the racist right wing Christian teatards disgusted at the thought of a black president. “He’s not like us”. Even though Palin never stated it outright and McCain denounced rumors of Obama being a “Muslim”, in the eyes of Palin’s followers Obama was a Muslim terrorist who would take over this country and take away their guns and their Jesus.

An October 08 Pew poll showed that 1 in 5 white evangelical Protestants (19%) believed Obama was a Muslim. Today according to Live Science  67% of republicans believe Obama is a socialist, 57% believe he is a Muslim, 61% think he’s going to take away their guns and 24% believe he is the antichrist. And what are the republican leaders doing about these absurd beliefs of their constituents?

I’ve posted this before, but it answers the question perfectly.

The entire party of Hell No is fueling this kind of bullshit and misinformation hand over fist. They are pandering to those chomping at the bit for some reason to go off the deep end, and some are already over the edge. Leaders of this right wing fringe are openly calling for armed revolt and the use of force to remove Obama from office. Teatards are shouting nigger and physically spitting on democratic leaders. Bricks are being thrown through the windows of democratic offices and democratic family members have had their homes vandalized and gas lines cut.

Now this morning I read about the FBI raiding Christian Militia groups over the weekend, and arresting people for planning to kill a cop, and then with the homemade bombs, blow the rest of them up at the funeral home when they all gathered for the funeral. WTF is wrong with these people? Who the hell needs to worry about Al Qaida when our own homegrown terrorists are apparently a much more urgent threat?

Last week Democrats called on Republicans, specifically Michael Steele to co-sign a document with Tim Kaine that called for “elected officials of both parties to set an example of the civility we want to see in our citizenry.”

“We also call on all Americans to respect differences of opinion, to refrain from inappropriate forms of intimidation, to reject violence and vandalism, and to scale back rhetoric that might reasonably be misinterpreted by those prone to such behavior”

Steele refused to sign. Again, I’m not surprised. Fear tactics, outright lies and intimidation is all they have left, and the more shit they can stir up the better I think they like it.

Meanwhile as the violence and ill-informed teatard rhetoric continue it is also reported today that Michael Steel is just having a good old time on the RNC dime spending money like it’s going out of style.

The Daily Caller’s Jonathan Strong  reported today that in February Steele’s “RNC” trip to California included spending $9,099 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 at the nearby Four Seasons, and a whopping $1,946.25 (to be exact) at the Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex. Again I say, WTF!

I swear I don’t know who is more full of shit, the hypocritical party of “Hell No” who have stopped at nothing to obstruct or kill everything the Obama administration has attempted, or the assholes they encourage by fueling the fires of hate. This kind of shit needs to stop before someone is killed. I hate to think it will take some horrific incident and the possible death of an innocent person before people wake up and realize what the hell they are doing. But the direction these groups are going, right wing Christian extremists, tea partiers and the birthers, something really bad is bound to happen sooner or later and it won’t be pretty.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aiding and Abetting, Aiding and Abetting! Orly’s Notching Up The Crazy Again

Tin-Foil-Taitz is getting closer every day to slamming her crazy train into that big brick wall. In the world of mental health, often when people are hurting or seriously distressed for one reason or another they in various ways cry out for help. Just like a child who throws temper tantrums or a person who “attempts” suicide, are often un-conscious cries for help. Maybe that is what is happening with Orly. This outrageous behavior of hers could possibly be a cry for help, and Gawd knows she certainly needs some serious mental help intervention.

In this latest rambling of hers “Cook v Good Motion for Reconsideration”  she now accuses the 11th Circuit Court of aiding and abetting as well as contributing to the “hate crimes against her”.

“This court’s refusal to reinstate this case, in light of the fact that the counsel has filed the proper brief and motion electronically, the moment she got proper pro hac vice right to do so from this very court, and within the 14 days as allowed, not only shows bias on the part of the court, but also suggests that this court is using its power to dismiss the appeal in a case of the sitting president involved in activity, such as elections fraud, social security fraud, is done with improper purpose of aiding and abetting the current President in felonious fraud violation of the civil rights of the plaintiff under the color of authority.”

(That was a 115 word single sentence, Woof)

“No one is immune from prosecution for aiding and abetting criminal activity, misprision of felony and subornation of crimes: not the President (as evidenced by the Watergate investigation), not appellate court judges and not clerks of the Court of Appeals. Additionally, the counsel in this case Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ is a candidate on the ballot, running for the position of the Secretary of State of the State of California. The one word decision to deny the appeal without any explanation or justification only adds wood to the fire of hate crimes committed against the counsel, as well as against her whole family and her three children, as they all are subject to death threats, insults, intimidation, harassment, tampering with her car, and other hate crimes. The situation became so bad, that it necessitated an official appeal and request for protection from the UN Committee for Civil rights defenders in Geneva, Switzerland.

The court of law is about substance. Substance trumps form. The underlying case, is a case of the District judge Clay D. Land overstepping his judicial discretion in dismissing the underlying case of US army officer Stefan Cook who brought incriminating evidence about the sitting president, whereby the sitting district judge abused his discretion and improperly dismissed the case, as well further abused his discretion in a related case of Rhodes v Macdonald in not only improperly dismissing the case, but also in an attempt to intimidate the under signed counsel by improperly assessing sanctions and trying to pressure the under signed counsel into silence. In regards to the substance of the underlying case, it is one of the most important cases in the Nation today, possibly in the US history, as it relates to the criminal activity committed by one who got into the position of US Presidency, based on such activity. There was no violation of form, motion for reinstatement was properly filed within 14 days, it was filed with the Appellate Brief electronically. Even if there was a minor procedural error in the form of the filing, it is so minuscule in comparison to the magnitude of the crimes committed, in comparison with substance of the case, that denying an appeal on such minor procedural error, whatever it might be (no explanation was provided in the one word order “Denied”), is criminal in itself.”

It looks to me as if she is begging for someone to intervene. I think that somewhere deep down she must realize that she has dug herself not just into a hole, but into a friggin bottomless canyon and there is no way out but to ratchet up the crazy as far as she can until someone steps in to rescue her from herself. She is literally like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland who runs amuck screeching at the top of her lungs; “Off with their heads!” Everyone in this country is a criminal aiding and abetting Obot and she is the ultimate victim of this massive conspiracy of Obama’s to take over this country, and do her in.

It’s wouldn’t surprise me if the 11th Circuit Court just ignores this insane rant all together. I can’t wait to see the reply from Judge Lamberth whom she also told in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t comply with her demands that he too would be guilty of aiding and abetting.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “The Crazy Daze Of Tin-Foil-Taitz”.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Catholic Church is Swarming With Pedophiles Priests

In the last week or so it seems that every day there is a new story in the news about horrific scandals of rape and molestation that seems to breaking out in every corner of the Catholic Church. The Church has become nothing but an absolute cesspool of predatory vermin masquerading as “Priests”. They claim to be men of God, when in reality, spawn of the devil would be much more accurate.

In the spring of last year Ireland was rocked with scandal over the thousands of people who came forward, which as children had the misfortune to be placed in Catholic run boarding schools. There were reports of being raped, gang raped, forcibly sodomized, being stripped naked and publicly beaten, tormented, tortured and even stories of children being murdered by the Christian Brothers Order, and it fucking went on for 60 years! It was a literal pedophile free-for-all and the Vatican KNEW there was a problem and they did NOTHING. Times Online reported  last November that the Christian Brothers Order were ordered to pay $146 million to it’s victims.

Now more people are coming out almost daily by the hundreds all around the world and its even inching it way right to the Pope’s brother and even the Pope himself It’s absolutely unbelievable how the church continually shakes its sorry head and pretends to be “shocked” at all these reports. They know damn well what the hell is going on. They’ve always known and the only thing they ever did about it was cover it up, shuffle the pedophiles on the next church to find “fresh meat”, and payoff the victims. It’s beyond disgusting!
On   there is a graph that covers a 25-year span of “known” monetary settlements the Catholic Church has paid to its victims in the United States alone. The total was $2,069,179,500.00! Put that into a monthly average, and the church has been paying $6,897,265.00 a month, every month for 25 years in damages, and that is ONLY in one country! There is no telling what the world wide total is, or how much additional unreported “hush money” has been paid.
WTF! I swear they must teach “Pedophilia 101” in priest school because apparently they are all guilty in one way or another, if not of the act, of the cover-up. And to every single Catholic I say, you are all fools, every one of you! Not because of your faith, (faith has nothing to do with this) but because of all the money you give to this criminal organization! AND for putting your own children on the pedophile smorgasbord!
In Brazil all hell just broke loose when a video was sent to a local news network that showed a priest having sex with an alter boy. Apparently another of the priest’s victims, now 21 who said that the same priest had abused him repeatedly since he was 12 years old secretly filmed the assault. I wonder how much that will cost the church? All you Catholics out there best get out your checkbooks!
There is an excellent documentary film called “Deliver Us From Evil” about the story of one priest, Father Oliver O’Grady who spills his guts about all the children he molested. Including his rape of a baby! He tells of how his crimes were covered up by the church as he was shuffled from parish to parish. It really is a must see. If you have Netflix, put it on your list!
Movie Trailer “Deliver Us From Evil”

I think it’s high time the Vatican has its ass crucified for all this. They are flat out guilty of criminal conspiracy in covering up the rape and torture of innocent children. They are also guilty of accessory for continuing to shuffle their sleazy pedophiles around to continue to rape and torment more innocent children.
The time has come for all the victims of these pedophile bastards to speak up. Stand united with all the others that are coming forward and show your true numbers. Then together you can take these bastards down! Make them pay for all the hurt they have caused.
There are lots of horrible things that people in this world do, but one of the very worst is to harm an innocent child. I hope every one of them rots in their own hell!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Orly Taitz Keeps Her Drawers In A Perpetual Knot

Orly evidently came across this piece that was posted on  on February 26th announcing that Damon Dunn, Republican candidate for California Secretary of State would be the guest speaker at a Blackhawk Republican Women meeting on March 10th. It states:

“In the GOP battle for the party’s nomination, Dunn, 33, a realtor, pastor, and former football player may face Orly Taitz, a whack-job celebrity in the Birther Movement, whose platform for vetting candidates will serve as cover to flog President Obama’s citizenship claims”

(Do ya think? That would be exactly what she intends to do!)

So yesterday “March 15th” on her website she calls yet again for her Tin-Foil Pit Bulls to go on the attack:

“Please Contact Blackhawk Republican Women committee and demand that they reconsider their invitation or provide equal time for me to provide truth ful info. Please demand apology and retraction from Boots Republican Candidates block author, who seems to be a Marxist, masquerading as a Republican.”

My question here would be exactly how they can demand this invitation for Dunn to speak be reconsidered or she be given equal time for a chance to (as she calls it) “provide truthful info” at an event that is already come and gone?

As for demanding an apology for calling her a “whack-job”, well… what’s to apologize for? That would be what you would call “hitting the nail right on the head.” (What a Putz!)

And the big news seems to have tightened the knot in her drawers even more! In reply to Orly’s “appeal” of the sanctions and $20,000 fine against her, the 11th Circuit Court  of appeals has plainly told her to piss off, and pay up!

“ We have fully considered Taitz’s arguments. We find them unpersuasive and therefore affirm the district court’s sanctions judgment.”


Posted this on her website today:

"Request was forwarded today to hear my case by the full 11th circuit before I forward the appeal to the Supreme Court
Posted on March 16, 2010"

The Supreme Court? Oh no, she’ really going to scare the crap out of them with that!

She’s also gone ape shit over the fact that the SS administration has denied her request for detailed information on every speck of documentation they have of Obama’s life. She fired off another
letter of appeal   “DEMANDING” an administrative hearing, and believe it or not she says:

“Refusing to act and prosecute, you become complicit and subject to criminal liability for aiding and abetting of felonies, subornation of felonies and under RICO.”

Imagine that! More charges of aiding and abetting, whatever next?

“Wherefore, due to the above mentioned I demand disclosure of requested information, specifically original application for SSN 042-68-XXXX and explanation of use of other multiple Social Security numbers by Mr. Obama. If you refuse to grant this appeal, I demand an administrative hearing within 30 days.”

She also cc’d the letter to Judge Lamberth, Chief Justice John Roberts, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Attorney General Eric Holder, Director of Secret Service Mark Sullivan, and last but not least, the United Nations Commission for Civil Rights Defenders in Geneva, Switzerland.

So the demands continue, the threats of charging people with aiding and abetting continue, as does the insanity of Orly Taitz. I wonder how much therapy it would take for her to actually be able see herself as all these officials who she continually harasses, as well as the rest of us see her?

“WWFS” (What Would Freud Say!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Orly Taitz Now Files “Criminal” Complaints Against Damon Dunn

Imagine that!

I would love to know from what planet this mentally defective nimrod actually comes. I truly wonder how much longer she will be allowed to wonder freely (without a straight jacket) while “usurping” the status of a “sane human being”.

She is in serious need of an extensive mental evaluation. We’ve already speculated what the potential outcome of her mental evaluation could be in “Diagnosing Orly Taitz”  and I doubt we’d have been far off! Maybe Judge Lamberth will TDO her ass to St. Elizabeth’s if she actually gets far enough to exhibit her raving insanity in his courtroom. (I’m still looking forward to that!) She’s already given him a prime example of her utter madness in her last filing.

This latest psychotic rant of hers posted on her website has been sent to the California Registrar of voters:

“Criminal Complaint regarding voter fraud and elections fraud committed by Mr. Damon Dunn, registered voter in Orange County, CA, and a Candidate for the position of the Secretary of State on the ballot for the Republican Primary in Orange County, CA based on CEC §8001 (a)(2), CEC §18203, §18500.
Criminal Complaint regarding voter intimidation as well as intimidation of the Candidate on the Ballot Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, as well as intimidation and harassment of children of Dr. Taitz in an effort to pressure Dr. Taitz to withdraw her candidacy from the race for the Secretary of State of CA.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t she publicly urged her Orlybots to harass Dunn in an attempt to get him to bow out of the SOS race? That didn’t work so now she files a “criminal” complaint against him alleging that he is intimidating and pressuring “her” to withdraw her candidacy? WTF!

Her letter to a Mr. Kelley and states; “I demand immediate investigation,” then goes on about what a fraud this Damon Dunn is and claims:

“It is imperative for you Mr. Kelley and for the District Attorney of Orange County Mr. Tony Rackauscas , as well as the Secretary of State Ms. Debra Bowen to act in this manner, as inaction will constitute aiding and abetting fraud in election punishable by §18500.”

There she goes again; “You’re going to be guilty of aiding and abetting if you don’t meet my demands!” Does she really think anyone takes anything else that come out of her mouth seriously? She just threatened Judge Lamberth with the very same thing just the other day.

This is great, a perfect example of her paranoid delusions:

“I personally have been hit by a barrage of insults and assaults coming from a number of Marxists Left Wing publications such as Politijab, Politico, Huffington Post, Washington Independent, OC Weekly,Daily Beast which only confirms the fact that Mr. Dunn is really a Democrat trying to fraudulently run on a Republican ticket in order to prevent a Bona fide Republican from running against a Democrat Debra Bowen in the General election, as all of these Marxist publications attacked me, while praising Dunn.”

Ah… What? How the hell does she conclude that articles about “her” ignorance are proof that Mr. Dunn is really an “undercover democrat”, trying to keep a “Bona fide Republican off the ticket? She is absolutely out of her mind! (You just can’t make this kind of shit up!)

She also claims her children have been targeted, and have been sent ugly emails. Now I must say that if that is “truly” the case, that is flat wrong. (Come on Obots, all ya’ll know better than that) Lay off her poor kids! Gawd knows they have enough to deal with as it is. How would any of you feel if she were your mother! Have some sympathy here!

However, knowing Orly and her extensive history of lies, fraud and “posting as other people” on her own website, I wouldn’t put it past her to have arranged those emails herself just so she could make a stink about it. (Yes, I went there!) Just like the cheap stunt she pulled with Stefan Cook volunteering for duty so they could go to court and fight the orders.

The fact is she is a blatant lying fraud, and I believe desperate, (and psychotic) enough that it would not surprise me in the least if she had planted those emails to her children, not just for the publicity but for grounds to make this claim. That would be beyond shameful, but I swear I wouldn’t put anything passed her. She’s fucking crazy and she’s become like a freaked out crack-whore over this “quest” of hers to conquer Obama by any and all means necessary. She spends half the damn letter “supposedly” about Dunn’s eligibility, ranting about Obama!

“These e-mails were clearly sent with the intent to cause severe emotional distress to my children and to me and with an attempt to harass my whole family, and to intimidate me into dropping out of the race for the Attorney General.”

(Hold the phone! Attorney general? I thought she was running for Secretary of State. Does she even have a clue what she says half the time?)

“I actually don’t believe that Mr. Dunn personally sent these e-mails. I believe these e-mails were sent by his supporters or by supporters of Mr. Obama, as I currently have an active legal action in the Washington DC Taitz v Obama 10-cv-151-RCV. In this case I provided information and affidavits from licensed investigators”..

Yadayadayayada.. Obama, Obama, Obama! She can’t let it go! Then she says:

"If I become Secretary of State, I will demand proper original vital records from Obama.”

If? … Lady “If” an elephant had wings; it’d be a hell of a bird! And you wouldn’t win this election “if” hell froze over.

In closing, she writes:


Based on the information provided in the above criminal complaint

1. I demand removing Mr. Dunn from the ballot as inelligible to run in the Republican party primary.

2. I demand criminal investigation of the voter fraud, elections fraud as well as voter intimidation and investigation of the intimidation of the family of the candidate.

3. I demand to forward all of the above information to the District Attorney of Orange County, CA Tony Rackauscas, secretary of State Deborah Bowen, as well as US attorneys for criminal matters for the central District of CA Mr. Brent Sabel and Mr. Ken Julian, who investigated and successfully obtained criminal conviction in previous case of public corruption of a High Rank politician and public official Sheriff of OC Mike Caronna.


Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ”

I’d like to see someone “demand” that she be TDO’d to the nearest mental facility! She is like a friggin freight train barreling full steam ahead, but she’s too fucking stupid to see that she’s headed straight for a big brick wall!

What is with this trip she’s on in believing that she alone has the ability and “strength of character” (her favorite description of herself) to destroy what she calls the “Obama regime” and anyone else who gets in her way. I swear it’s as if she has absolutely convinced herself of her own lies and come hell or high water she “knows” she is bound for victory and eternal glory. (PAH-Leease!)

Orly honey, listen up, the only thing you will ever succeed in destroying will be yourself and I for one will have no pity on you when you do. But I will laugh my ass off when you smack that fucking wall! Maybe that will knock some sense into that giant rock you have sitting on your shoulders.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

CRA Disses Orly Taitz, Backs Damon Dunn For Secretary Of State

Go Figure! Poor Orly just can’t seem to win for losing. Funny thing is that she seems to believe herself to be as popular and prominent a person as ever was, when in truth the only thing she is prominent for is her utter incompetence, and she’s about as popular as a butt rash. Next up on her agenda? No doubt it will be “Damon Dunn, Republican Usurper!”

After asking her tin-foil-hatters to simply ask him to drop out of the race didn’t work, she accused him of voter fraud and filed a complaint. (Imagine that!) Yesterday she posted:

“I have a feeling that Mr. Dunn will withdraw his candidacy, as he might end up facing criminal charges, if he continues his run, and that is not withstanding tremendous embarrassment to the Republican party, that he brought, however you never know. We will have to wait and see.”

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you!

It’s amazing how she claims that she is so proud to be an “American Citizen” and then accuses everyone in America of being criminals, frauds, liars, and wants to put the entire country in jail. She is constantly slandering every official in the US, and that’s ok, but anyone that call her names or makes fun of her is guilty of hate crimes and should also be put in jail.

What the hell does she want? To eliminate our entire government, conquer our country and claim it as her personal property? The United States of Taitz? I DON'T think so..

Orly Taitz, you are laughable, a sorry excuse for a lawyer, and no doubt an extreme embarrassment to your entire family. You will never get elected to any public office even if no one else is running. You probably couldn’t even get elected dogcatcher, though if you tried real hard you might be able to get public appointment to be in charge of picking up all the “used dog food” in state parks.

Nor will you EVER win any of your ignorant lawsuits. I say next up for you will be another slap down, this time by Judge Lamberth. Poor guy, I can just imagine him shaking his head in disbelief as he attempts to read your last reply. (Man! I’d like to be a fly on that wall. I wonder if a fly can piss itself laughing?)

But, by all means, continue your crusade, because in the end you will be victorious. I have no doubt that your efforts will earn you top billing on the next reality TV show, “America’s Most Ignorant.” You could use this video re-mix of your most famous interview of all time for your audition. I guarantee you’ll take first place in the finals!

Go for it Orly!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Orly Taitz Accuses US Attorneys of Racketeering

In her latest piece of work, (or filings) she is getting even further out of control than I thought possible, even for her. This is rich…

“Motion for leave of court to add Ronald Machen, Jr, US Attorney, Rudolph Contrehras, Assistant US Attorney, Alan Burch, Assistant US Attorney as additional defendants and add a Cause of Action for RICO- Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations as an Additional cause of action in the first Amended Complaint.”

So now she’s not only suing Obama, but also accusing the US Attorneys of racketeering! She continues her diatribe of what she perceives as Obama’s “massive” criminal activities and then states:

"This evidence is so overwhelming, that it doesn’t even require additional investigation.”

Sure, let’s just cut to the chase and put Obama’s black Muslim usurping ass in jail where he belongs. She says he guilty, so he’s guilty and there is no further need to investigate anything, so lets get on with it!

“ US attorneys’ actions in not prosecuting this matter goes beyond mere negligence, it falls within the realm of misprision of felony, compromising of felony and adding and abetting commission of felony, predicate acts, which will tie in the above US attorneys to Mr. Obama and sufficient for RICO legal action.”

YES, lets put all their sorry asses in jail too! And not only that, but…

“At this point if the court does not grant the application or dismisses the complaint, the court itself will be guilty of aiding and abetting all of the above crimes and misprision of felonies. As such the court has no other alternative, but to proceed with discovery and proceed expeditiously.”

In other words, “Don’t you dare fuck with me on this or I’m going to put your sorry Obot ass jail too. So you better shit or get your ass off the pot right fucking now, cuz I’m not playing with you about this!”

She really seems pissed that in the defense’s motion to dismiss they stated that there is no evidence that any “harm” she suffered (such as the $20,000 fine she was smacked with) was anyone’s fault but her own.

“What exactly will it take for the Department of Justice to concede that indeed I was harmed or in imminent danger of being harmed? Do I need to be actually crucified? Knowing the modus operandi of Holder Department of Justice, I am not sure even that will be enough. They might still find some reason to state that there was no harm, no injury. They probably will state that the nails were not long enough, who knows…”

No shit, she put that in there! Hay Orly, they have some really long nails at Lowe's! You know, just in case you might want to grab a few and try nailing yourself to something so you can blame that on Obama too. Lowe's also has quite a selection of screwdrivers, maybe you should look them over while you’re there. Might help with some of those loose screws that you have rolling around.

“The extent of damages and indifference and unwillingness to act by law enforcement and Department of Justice has prompted me to file a complaint with the UN commission for Human Rights defendants.”

Except for the fact that she isn’t a Human Rights Defender” so that was just another waste of time and resources, and the fact that the folks at the UN are probably still laughing!

“What I am doing today is equal to a new civil rights movement, a movement to reassert civil rights of the US citizens to have their cases heard in the court of law based on the Constitution, based on clear evidence, proper original valid records, not based on twittering, not based on intimidation of judges and attorneys. If Obama regime is successful in silencing attorneys like me, working pro bono to uphold the constitutional freedoms, then we don’t have a Constitution, then we have a dictatorship, a tyranny.”

Actually I wouldn’t refer to this as a “new civil rights movement”. The only thing I can equate her “movement” to would be to a very loose bowel movement, as evidenced by her constant diarrhea of the lip!

“After I have done over 700 interviews all over the World, the world is watching and waiting for your decision. Your decision can be one of obfuscation of all vital records of one sitting in the White House, it can be a decision of aiding and abetting Social Security Fraud and Identity theft by Mr. Obama, or it can be a decision of upholding the law. Your decision can signify further persecutions of me, as a decedent fighting Obama regime, or it can be a decision putting an end to persecutions. The decision is yours and the Nation is watching and the World is watching.”

Now, is it me, or did Orly just basically tell this judge that unless he grants her everything she wants, that he is nothing but a no good Obot criminal too? Great way to start off, and of course it’s plain to see how it will be 100% Obama’s fault when this Judge slaps her down for being ignorant too.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Dr. Orly Taitz Esq. Ca Secretary of State 2010" (ROFLMAO)

Well, I was right; she’s running for Secretary of State on the platform of Obama’s “ineligibility” as POTUS. Just how much of a clown can this woman make of herself? On her website she posted this:

“Important Posted on March 5, 2010

I will officially announce my candidacy for the position of the Secretary of State tomorrow at the Republican state assembly at the Buena Park resort.

I have set a separate bank account with bank of America. Any checks with campaign contributions please address to “Orly Taitz for Secteretary of State 2010″.

The web site and business cards are being made. See attached link. Any and all help is being appreciated.

Obots, please don’t waste your time writing garbage to me or about me. In case you didn’t realize until now, I have enough strength of character to go beyond what you are doing.”

I just love it! “Obots, please don’t waste your time writing garbage to me or about me”. What garbage? Like the garbage you post about you having “strength of character”? Does that “character” include having sleazy adulterous sex with convicted felons on your dental chairs? Suborning perjury from other forgers and felons to further your bullshit lawsuits. Attempting to perpetrate fraud in the court with your buddy Stefan Cook by having him “volunteer” to go to Afghanistan so you can make a lame attempt at trying to sue to have the orders revoked? How about inciting armed rebellion against the US Government? Yep! Real strength of character you have there Orly.

On her new campaign website she has listed under campaign issues “This page is under construction. Watch for updates regarding campaign issues”. Would that mean whenever (and if ever) she figures out what the hell the issues are? LOL! On her “About Us” page, she goes straight to town on Obama! (I wonder who the “us” is, maybe she has a mouse in her pocket. Or maybe it’s the voices in her head!)

“Dr. Taitz is well known around the country as an attorney who brought to public view a number of legal cases exposing Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged illegitimate status as the President of the United States (POTUS); as well as his apparent use of multiple social security numbers of deceased individuals or numbers never assigned, based upon documents found in the public domain. In spite of such flagrant and prima facie illegal actions by Mr. Obama, no judge as of yet had courage or support to hear a case on the merits and legal actions that are lingering in different Courts of Appeals, as well as US District court of Columbia where Dr. Taitz has recently brought Taitz v Obama, a Quo Warranto action.”

And this:

“Dr. Taitz was born and raised in the Communist Soviet Union and knows first hand the bleakness of living in a "totalitarian regime," as well as the dire existence of living in a society deprived of one's Constitutional rights. When Mr. Obama became president of the United States, Dr. Taitz became deeply concerned by the fact that he refused to present any of his original vital records; and by the fact that the issue of Mr. Obama’s dual citizenship and split allegiance was not heard in any court of law; and has still not been heard, as of this writing. Dr. Taitz has embarked on a pro bono personal assignment based upon her vision to bring to light this very important issue, and have this unprecedented case heard on the merits.

This extremely unusual circumstance that has not previously arisen in the United States has served as the impetus of her assertion to run for the Secretary of State for California. Orly is certain her concerns of the great loss of Constitutiona rights of Americans is a grave concern for all Americans in this matter.”

(By the way Orly, the word Constitutional does have an “L” at the end.)

So her bogus birther agenda has become the ”impetus of her assertion” to run for this office. Right, sounds perfectly logical. (Excuse me a moment… AAHHHahahahahaha. Sorry. Good thing my bladder is empty or I might just piss myself laughing here!)

Maybe this whole stunt is motivated by her deep distress at  her extreme lack of attention by the media. Being the publicity whore she is maybe she’s getting desperate to find a way to attract some of that high profile media attention she is so sorely lacking. Well, this ought to do it! However, if she thought the “big bad Obot media” was being mean to her before, she better hold on to her hat because with this shit, the media is going to, (as my dear departed mother used to say) “tear her ass up like a piece of new ground!"

OMG, I can’t wait! Go for it Orly! Give‘er your best shot!

Everyone, quick word of advice…. Just make sure you all go pee “before” you read or watch any of this!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Abortion Language In the Health Care Bill

Why does anyone think they have any right what so ever to force their “opinions” on abortion on anyone else, let alone forcing it into government bills or legislation? Most religious extremists base their opinions that abortion is flat out murder, (even though it isn’t and it’s a perfectly legal procedure) on religion. Well, as they say, “Opinions are just like asshole… everybody has one!”

Bart Stupak a pro-life Democrat from Michigan is threatening to kill the healthcare bill because he claims that it will provide federal dollars for abortion, and “he just can’t have that”!

Of course his claims are bullshit and have all been debunked.

What is with these nimrods and why are religious opinions of any kind, allowed to have influence of any kind on government anything? I know there are a lot of wing nuts out there that believe this is a “Christian” nation and we should all have to abide by Christian doctrines, but that is complete bullshit. Christians have no more claims to this country than Jews, Buddhists or any other religious group, regardless of what they may think or believe. And by the way, Christians are no more right about who the “true God” is (if there even is one) than anyone else is about their Gods either! The truth is all religions are totally man made, just like polyester!

The Christian “opinion” of abortion is just that, an opinion and has no bearing on the lives of anyone else. They have no more right to dictate that no one should be allowed to have one any more than the Jehovah Witnesses can say; “Our God forbids blood transfusions even in a case of life or death, so we refuse to have them and no one else can either. And the absurd thing is Jehovah Witnesses have just as much right to demand that blood transfusions not be covered in the healthcare bill as Christians have to demand abortions not be covered…. NONE.

If anyone wants to live their life by whatever flavor of religious belief strikes their fancy, then go right ahead and knock yourself out, but keep your religious agenda to yourself and out of government. If religions of any kind insist on meddling in government affairs then every one of them needs to be stripped of their tax-exempt status!

So to Stupak and every other Congressman and Senator who hold “pro-life” agendas I say, “Stuff your religious opinions up your ass and pass the fucking bill!” If you want to fight for religious agendas, get a church, be a preacher and leave government to those who understand the principals of Separation of Church and State.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Rage On The Right? Of Course It’s NOTHING To Do With Racism

This whole country has gone completely nucking futz with hate. This rise in hate, conspiracy theories, racism, and more prominently in my opinion, closet racism has taken off, not just because we have a Democratic White House but primarily because we now have a black President.

New SPLC Report: “Patriot” Groups, Militias Surge in Number in Past Year

“There are already signs of radical right violence reminiscent of the 1990s. Right-wing extremists have murdered six law enforcement officers since Obama's inauguration. Racist skinheads and others have been arrested in alleged plots to assassinate the president. Most recently, as recounted in the new issue of the Intelligence Report, a number of individuals with antigovernment, survivalist or racist views have been arrested in a series of bomb cases."

Rage On The Right States:
“The signs of growing radicalization are everywhere. Armed men have come to Obama speeches bearing signs suggesting that the "tree of liberty" needs to be "watered" with "the blood of tyrants." The Conservative Political Action Conference held this February was co-sponsored by groups like the John Birch Society, which believes President Eisenhower was a Communist agent, and Oath Keepers, a Patriot outfit formed last year that suggests, in thinly veiled language, that the government has secret plans to declare martial law and intern patriotic Americans in concentration camps. Politicians pandering to the antigovernment right in 37 states have introduced "Tenth Amendment Resolutions," based on the constitutional provision keeping all powers not explicitly given to the federal government with the states. And, at the "A Well Regulated Militia" website, a recent discussion of how to build "clandestine safe houses" to stay clear of the federal government included a conversation about how mass murderers like Timothy McVeigh and Olympics bomber Eric Rudolph were supposedly betrayed at such houses."

“Last year also experienced levels of cross-pollination between different sectors of the radical right not seen in years. Nativist activists increasingly adopted the ideas of the Patriots; racist rants against Obama and others coursed through the Patriot movement; and conspiracy theories involving the government appeared in all kinds of right-wing venues. A good example is the upcoming Second Amendment March in Washington, D.C. The website promoting the march is topped by a picture of a colonial militiaman, and key supporters include Larry Pratt, a long-time militia enthusiast with connections to white supremacists, and Richard Mack, a conspiracy-mongering former sheriff associated with the Patriot group Oath Keepers.”

And who is helping to fuel all this hateful propaganda?

My poor father, republican that he was would probably shit himself over the disgrace his party has become. They do nothing but cow tow and pander to racist bigots and have nothing to rely on but fear tactics and the ignorance of the simple minded.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Orly Taitz For Secretary Of State? Talk About A Snowball’s Chance In Hell!

Just look at the “Intent to run” form she filed, she couldn’t even fill that out correctly.

OMG this is going to be funny as shit! She’s already posted this on her blog:

“Posted on March 4, 2010 No Comments

CA is the most populated state in the Union with about 33 million people I got information that there are 3.9 million likely Republican voters, who will be voting in the Republican primary.
If the football player Damon Dunn does not drop out of the Secretary of state race, I will need to reach3.9 million people and secure votes of more then half -about 2 million. I was told that the advertising slates go between1-5 cents per person, which means that I will need to raise 20,000-100,000 for the campaign basic advertising.
Please, let me know if any of you talked to Damon Dunn, and if he is willing to drop out of the Secretary of State race? I don’t have his phone and address. I only know that he lives in Irvine, CA.
I read an interview he gave lately. He doesn’t question Obama’s legitimacy for presidency or legitimacy of election. He is a Republican in name only. He didn’t even vote until last year. If either Debra Bowen is reelected or Damon Dunn is elected, it will be business as usual.Nothing new.
If you have any specific info, if you have experience running a campaign, if you can help set up a web site for the campaign or organize volunteers for the phone bank or e-mail and fax campaign material or money bomb, or outreach to tea party volunteers from around the country, please call me at 949-683-5411 or e-mail at

Maybe she’ll get her tin-foil-hatters to call Debra Bowen and ask her to drop out too since she doesn’t question Obama’s legitimacy either. Now there’s a good strategy, just ask everyone else to bow out. Good plan! That’ll save a lot of campaigning money if she’s the only one on the ticket.

I can’t say as I’ve ever seen anyone run for Secretary Of State on a platform of Presidential eligibility, but hay, this “IS” Orly Taitz we’re talking about here.

Keep the Red Stripe cold, and the popcorn handy!

Senator Roy Ashburn; Fights Gay Rights But Gets Busted Leaving Gay Bar

Typical GOP Teatard hypocrite, and a Catholic one at that! This kind of shit really pisses me off.

This guy has consistently voted against gay rights and then gets busted for a DUI leaving a gay bar, shit faced with some guy.

On his homepage his biography states in part: “In the tradition of Ronald Reagan, Senator Ashburn is a true reformer and a champion of openness, accountability, and bi-partisanship.”

Openness and accountability… Right. I’m sure he’s a good Catholic too!

I wonder if hypocrisy is a requirement of the GOP Purity Test?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Talk About A Complete Crock Of Shit!

Following Orly Taitz’s appeal to the United Nations for protection against all the big bad Obots that are trying to destroy her we have this little interview.

She claims it’s been over a year and a half that she and “hundreds and thousands of her supporters and followers” have filed countless complaints with the FBI and law enforcement all over the nation about death threats, car tampering, cyber attacks, yadda yadda yadda, and no one would help her.

She goes on whining about the convicted felons who are “telling lies” about her and forging her signature. Of course she left out the part about her adulterous affair with the alleged signature forger, including the fact that she was having sex on the dental chairs in her office with him. Again she claims that “judges were used to retaliate against her and her clients”, but she fails to state exactly “who” was using these judges for this retaliation, I guess it must be those big bad Obots again.

Then on about her client Maj. Cook and how the judge refused to hear the case and how he was also retaliated against for questioning Obama’s legitimacy. She claims the military then pressured the defense contractor Cook worked for to fire him from his job as a result, and she was sanctioned buy the court “Not because she did anything wrong, but because she was bringing legal actions against Obama”.

All I can say to that is BULL-SHIT. Lets get something straight about this Stefan Cook clown. He is as big a fraud (if not bigger) than Orly Taitz, and the both of them got exactly what they deserved.

Here is an email Cook sent to Taitz On Sun, 2/1/09

From: Stefan Cook
Date: Sunday, February 1, 2009, 6:40 AM

Dear Attorney Orly,
My name is Major Stefan F. Cook. I am an officer in the Army Reserve of the United States of America and understand that you are heading up a class action suite to request that Barack Obama show he meets the Constitutional qualifications to be our Commander In Chief. As an officer in the U.S. Army, I have the right to know that I am following the lawful orders from a Constitutionally qualified Commander In Chief.

I would like to sign on as a participating plaintiff in this class action.

Please advise.


Cook is a reservist, not an active duty soldier. After hooking up with Taitz in February, and 5 months “AFTER” Obama took office this “joke” of a military man “Volunteered” to go to Afghanistan in May. And he did that intentionally as part of a pre-meditated plan to use his orders, once they were cut to bring this completely fraudulent and staged lawsuit in an attempt to challenge Obama’s eligibility.

It was nothing but a lousy scam, Cook is a disgrace, a liar and a fraud and I don’t blame his employer for firing him. I wouldn’t hire his sorry ass to shovel horseshit! And if anyone believes that Orly Taitz was not behind every aspect of that scam, you’re just as batshit crazy as she is. I can’t imagine that even they could so fucking stupid to think that anyone in their right mind would fall for such a blatant fraud as that.

Think about that and then answer the question; If Taitz was deceitful enough to “attempt” to pull something like that, do you seriously have any doubts that Taitz DID suborn perjury from her other convicted felon clients Sinclair and Smith? Throughout her entire “movement” she has surrounded herself and her cases with nothing but frauds, liars and criminals.

She is nothing but a conniving lying bitch, and no better than any of convicts she associates with.

White House Calls For Simple Majority Vote On HealthCare Reform

Yea Buddy! Time to “Git-r-done”! All the Healthcare summit last week proved was that the Repubs have no intention what so ever to cooperate in any fashion on the passage of Healthcare reform. After hashing out detail after detail on this bill for an entire year, their proposal was to “scrap the whole thing and start over until the two parties could find a common ground they could agree on”. Well here’s my response to the party of “No”, not only “no back at ya”, but HELL no! The time has come to shit, or get off the pot on this one.

The biggest crock of all is that on a line-by-line breakdown of the issues they agree with most of the things that are already in the bill. The need for cost control, elimination of fraud waste and abuse, elimination of pre-existing conditions, even the ability to buy across state lines, among others. The problem is they care more about causing the Obama agenda to fail than they care about the American people. As for saying that we should wait until the two parties come up with a bill that they both agree on; they may as well say, “Lets just wait until hell freezes over”.

The fact is Repubs truly don’t give a rat’s ass about what’s good for the people or for the country. The Healthcare industry has spent billions on lobbying and advertising to promote fear mongering and flat out lies to fight reform, and with the GOP they got exactly what they paid for, a big fat NO vote.

What a bunch of assholes. The Repubs were against Social Security and Medicare too, but at least some of them were onboard when it came to a vote. And now 50 years after Medicare passed the hardcore Teatard Party, in their utter ignorance spent most of last summer protesting Healthcare reform by shouting “We don’t want the government to touch our Medicare!” This time no Repubs will be on board when it comes to a vote, and personally “I” don’t give a rat’s ass if they do or not as long as reform is passed.

For years people have been dying, going bankrupt, and struggling to decide between buying medication and buying food because of healthcare costs. All the while the Healthcare industry has raked in billions upon billions in profits. I’m not saying making a profit in business is a bad thing, but reaping outrageous profits while American citizens die because of lack of care or medication is an abomination.

Insurance companies as well as pharmaceutical companies have spiraled so far out of control its beyond ridiculous. Our choice as it currently stands? Take it or leave it. In their quest for even greater profits the industry is turning more and more to mass advertising. Now I’ve lived and traveled all over the world, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, England, Italy, South Africa, Australia, literally all over the damn place and one thing that I can tell you “first hand” is that nowhere outside this country have I EVER seen a pharmaceutical commercial on TV. Nowhere! Turn on a TV here in the US and that’s all you friggin see! (And one reason I don’t even have TV)

Its no wonder the cost of healthcare in this country is so outrageous. In Dec 2009 National Geographic reported the average annual world cost per person for healthcare was $2,986 yet in the US the cost was $7,290 per person, almost 2 ½ times the world average. Switzerland being the second highest was $4,417 still nearly $3,000 less per person than we pay.

Now if you consider the real cost of the marketing strategies of the private for profit only companies in this country you can plainly see why that is. The average cost of a prime time 30-second TV commercial on a major network is around $125,000 and pharmaceutical commercials not only run constantly on prime time, they run 24/7 on every network in every state in this country.

Not only is there the outrageous cost of running the ads, there is a huge cost in producing those ads as well. Now take into account how much is spent by pharmaceutical companies every year by sending out Reps who provide elaborate lunches, snacks and who take entire medical offices out for expensive dinners in fancy restaurants to market their products. This happens every single day all across this country and the excessive cost of that alone is just mind-boggling. Who the hell do you think is paying for all of that? We are, every damn dime of it!

Then you have all these yahoos who sit on their fat asses in front of TV’s every night munching on chips and snarfing up giant bowls of ice cream while their cholesterol and blood sugars go through the roof. They sit there being pelted with “Just call your doctor today and ask for this newest drug to solve all your problems”, and they do exactly that.

I can’t tell you how many patients I’ve had (working as a nurse in family practice) come into the doctors office with reams of printouts about drugs they saw on TV and want to try. Drugs of course that are NOT covered by their health insurance, yet they expect the docs to “just call the insurance company and get it authorized”. Well it not always that easy and what ends up happening is doctors have to hire full time nurses to sit on the phone all day, day after day attempting to pre-authorize these expensive meds when often a generic would work just as well.

And who pays for that? We do, just like we pay for the TV commercials and drug rep lunches and dinners. Every bit of that increased cost is passed to every one of us in increased premiums. It’s absolutely absurd, and that in my opinion is the first thing that needs to stop. Secondly we need some sort of non-profit public option to compete with the private industry. Without that as well as “severe” limits on advertising expenditures, cost will never be brought under control.

Again I say; CALL YOUR SENATORS, tell them enough is enough! We need this reform and we need a public option!

Tell them all the time has come to fight for the needs of the people in this country instead of fighting for the special interests. And the time has definitely come to tell the Healthcare lobbyists to all go fuck themselves!