Monday, February 15, 2010

What the hell is wrong with people?

Now the anti-abortion crowd has taken to racial profiling in their attempt to deny women the right of choice. Pathetic. How about some of you hardcore right-wing holier -than- thou Christian types stop trying to control the lives and rights of others and try doing something that will make a difference and actually put a stop to many of these abortions you are so adamantly against.

How about getting on board with healthcare reform so these women have access to medical care and preventative measures to stop unintended pregnancies before they ever begin. Why not call your Senators and Congress people and demand they push this healthcare bill through. Why not try and advocating for a right to decent healthcare, instead of arguing against the right of choice.

While you’re at it why not give your rightwing Senators as much grief about their outrageous use of filibustering and literally holding this country hostage by playing politics as you do these poor women who find themselves in impossible situations. Maybe if they stopped trying so hard to stagnate the Obama administration, which has apparently become their primary goal in life, and actually did the job they were elected to do, there could be an economy where families could afford to have children.

Imagine that!

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