Monday, February 22, 2010

Orly Taitz Appeals to the UN For Protection From Persecution in the US

Now this takes the cake!

For Immediate Release 

"February 22, 2010

Today the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has confirmed that American attorney Dr. Orly Taitz has applied for urgent action under the mandate for human rights defenders.

Dr. Taitz, a well known Constitutional attorney, has been under increasing attack in the United States from groups and individuals opposed to her legal actions challenging the Constitutional qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of the President of the United States.

The California attorney has been the victim of death threats, vandalism, false complaints, and suspected assassination attempt. Her reports to law enforcement and judiciary have been ignored.

This office has been retained by Dr. Taitz to support her efforts for a UN investigation of her claims.

For more information contact:

Dr. Jonathan Levy
1629 K Street NW Suite 300
Washington DC 20006 USA”

So is Orly now claiming herself as a “Defender of Human Rights”? Give me a friggin break! Can someone explain to me what could possibly make her think that inciting sedition, inciting armed rebellion, slander, treason, total courtroom incompetence and pure bull-headed ignorance makes her a “Defender of Human Rights”?

If she had half a brain cell she should have considered where this insane campaign of hers to remove Obama from office would lead her. She had nothing but lies, forgeries and hearsay and expected to use convicted criminals and felons to prove her case. Now because of her own incompetence, and her own action, her ass is on the line with the California bar and she has lost it all together if she thinks she will get protection from the United Nations.

She’s claiming to be the victim of death threats, vandalism, false complaints, and suspected assassination attempt. Yet she associates herself with people like Manning who called for Obama to be jailed hung and shot, and she is personally the queen of “false complaints”. Assassination attempt? Would that be when an emissions hose came loose in her car? She probably pulled the damn thing loose herself! She has got to be the biggest fraud I have ever seen!

Every legal authority in this country has, unequivocally debunked the Obama eligibility issue. Yet she has continually run around this country like a publicity whore making a literal spectacle of herself with her insane claims and accusations.

Well Orly honey, the UN cannot help you. You are not a defender of human rights. You are an idiot, and I’m quite sure that in a few days you’ll be a disbarred idiot.

You’ve made your own bed, now you can lay in it.

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  1. Indeed. And let's not forget her laughable claim of being a "well known (sic) Constitutional (sic) attorney." Aside from the fact that this statement is demonstrably false, it contains two obvious punctuation errors. The statement should read, "well-known constitutional attorney."