Monday, February 15, 2010

Orly cries, “Poor Pitiful Me”

What a piece of work. This shit for brains Moldavian nimrod Orly Taitz that has blatantly slandered every Judge she’s been in front of, mercilessly slandered President Obama and his entire family has the gall to be offended that the media or as she puts it “Pro-Obama media thugs” are telling lies and slandering her. Well, what lies I’d like to know?

She’s been called crazy, even batshit crazy. Well that would be true. She has admitted using convicted felons, forgers and liars as “reliable wittiness’s” with full knowledge of their criminal histories in her laughable court cases trying to remove a sitting President from office. So what makes her think she has any more credibility than they do? She has made a bigger fool out of herself publicly than anyone else could have possibly done in her continual attempt to force Obama to prove his legitimacy to hold the office of president.

Her skull must be as thick as a bunker wall in her absolute refusal to accept the fact that every single claim she has made against Obama has been debunked so many times that no one even bothers with her anymore. Any attempt at making her understand anything is like trying to put water in a bucket that has no bottom. There is NO point.

After the complete and utter failure of every attempt she has made on behalf of her “clients”, (or those she’s suckered into singing on as so called plaintiffs) she filed a civil suit on Jan 27th as pro se plaintiff Taitz v. Obama, that contained 95 pages of the exact same debunked shit she filed in all her other failed lawsuits. The only notable difference is that she claimed; “Taitz suffered damages of $20,000 sanctions when US Judge Clay D. Land deemed her actions frivolous.” And; “Taitz has suffered severe emotional distress, her law license was endangered and her standing in the community was affected in the aftermath of this decision.” So I guess in addition to claiming Obama is an illegitimate President, she also claims he’s the one responsible for all her fuck-ups so he should have to pay her fine AND for her “severe emotional distress”.

Now, with a Feb. 26th deadline looming for her to respond to the charges against her with the California Bar, she files yet another court action in a last ditched effort to save herself, from herself. In this pathetic document, she is “requesting” a preliminary injunction to recuse the US attorney’s office from representing the defendant; (because of course they are the same ones that will have to prosecute him once he’s forced to produce the evidence she knows will prove him guilty of every crime she has accused him of, and that would be a conflict of interest)

She is also seeking injunctive relief to obtain all of Obama’s vital documents prior to “her” deadline to respond to the charges against her by the California Bar. She is evidently under the misimpression that her current legal situation is somehow now everyone else’s emanate emergency and she needs to be granted “discovery” NOW so she can justify herself to the bar. (Dream on chickie-poo)

In her current pleading she claims that without absolute verification of eligibility that even Osama Bin Ladin could become president. Then she goes on with the same old rhetoric and accusations that got her into this situation in the first place. Even commenting that the California Bar is comprised of Obots that are out to get her too and if “discovery” is not granted she will suffer irreparable harm and her career, her law license and her whole life will be in turmoil. She will be destroyed as a human being. (sniff, sniff)

Well Ms Orly, you are the one that willingly associated yourself with these “convicted criminals” that are now giving sworn testimony against you for suborning perjury. You know what they say; “If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas”. You are 100% responsible for your own situation and if you think any judge is going to feel sorry for you or even acknowledge your insane rants, or grant you anything other than a possible psych referral you’re out of your mind.

You’ve publicly slandered every judge, government and law official in this country. You’ve publicly made insane accusations against the President, all of which have been proven as completely false. You’ve been cocky, obnoxious and downright rude in your so-called court cases. And you have committed treason by publicly calling for armed rebellion against our government.

Now it’s time to face the music… and I’d say you’re pretty much screwed!


  1. We need make to a rally on front of Taitz's office and demand her to stop wasting our taxpayer dollars on her baseless, false, frivolous law suits.

  2. She’d probably call us all Obama’s Brown Shirts, call the police, FBI and the UN and claim she was being harassed by Obots and demand we all be arrested.

    Actually, that might be fun! We could even all wear brown shirts with an Obot logo! LOL