Saturday, February 27, 2010

Taitz v. Obama, Defendants Motion to Dismiss

Full text here

Well it looks like Orly, who claimed to be a “Well known Constitutional Attorney”, doesn’t actually know shit about the Constitution, or the law. No great surprise there. Lets look at a few excerpts from the motion to dismiss:

“Dr Taitz’s complaint suffers from exactly the same defects that doomed many of her previous litigation efforts. Simply put, her allegations about the President’s citizenship are not a concrete and particularized injury as required to establish standing under the “case or controversy” requirement of Article III and the harms that she has suffered from judicial and/or bar sanctions for her conduct in litigation are the consequences of her own actions and not in any way traceable to any legal claim cognizable against Defendant.”

In other words, her allegations are completely full of shit and she’s out of her friggin mind if she thinks Obama is responsible for her ignorance.

“In her complaint, plaintiff has entirely failed to establish her standing to sue.”

Well, that would probably be because she doesn’t have any, imagine that!

“Plaintiff presents a rambling set of unsubstantiated conspiratorial allegations to support her claim that she has somehow been “injured” through her prior efforts to litigate the President’s eligibility for office including, inter alia, that she suffered “vicious attacks coming from the media,” that an “emissions hose” in her car “was disconnected,” that certain private individuals “”submitted [sic] perjured affidavits… and forged her signature,” and that “her paypal account was tampered with.” Complaint at 2-3. Of these, only the harm that conceivably stems from official action on the part of any governmental entity is her claim that “when she brought two legal actions in the Middle District of Georgia… she was sanctioned $20,000.” Complaint at 3.

This injury is not traceable to any action of the Defendant, but stems instead from her decisions to file repeatedly, frivolous motions in district court in the Middle District of Georgia, even after being warned by that court.”

In other words, she’s a babbling fucking idiot and any injury she has suffered as a result of sanctions is a direct result of her own stupidity and her own actions, and nothing what so ever to do with Obama.

I love this bit…

“According to the text of the Constitution, the issues Plaintiff seeks to raise in this case regarding both whether President Obama is a “natural born citizen of the United States,” and therefore qualified to be President, are to be judged (if at all), by other parts of the government than the judiciary.”

Now given that she claims to be a “Constitutional lawyer”, you’d think she would get this basic concept since it is specifically outlined in the Constitution. It then goes on to explain (probably for her personal benefit) exactly how that works, who is responsible for raising that question and who is responsible for addressing it, and “when”.

It attempts to explain that “if” your dumb ass has any “legitimate” objections, questions or doubts, you have to say so “before” the candidate actually takes office. Of course attempting to explain anything to Orly Taitz is about as productive as banging your head on a pole.

“Every objection shall be made in writing, and shall state clearly and concisely, and without argument, the ground thereof, and shall be signed by at least one Senator and one Member of the House of Representatives before the same shall be received. When all objections so made… shall have been received and read, the Senate shall thereupon withdraw, and such objections shall be submitted to the Senate for its decision; and the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall, in like manner, submit such objections to the House of Representatives for its decision.

3 U.S.C § 15. The statute is clear that Congress adjudicates all challenges to the counting of Electoral votes for president.

In summary, the text of the Constitution and the relevant statutory law make plain that challenges to the qualifications of a candidate for President can, in the first instance, be presented to the voting public before the election, and once the election is over, can be raised as objections as the Electoral votes are counted in the Congress. Therefore, challenges such as those raised in this case are committed to the electors, and to the Legislative Branch.”

But HELLO, after the President is already in office, it’s to late! It’s a bit like walking into an empty church the day after a wedding, and shouting; “I Object”! Well, go ahead and object, no one gives a shit because your objection is irrelevant.

And even if any of these Birthtards did make their “rambling set of unsubstantiated conspiratorial allegations” at the proper time it would have been just as irrelevant then as it is now because its nothing but hearsay and hogwash!

Orly’s response:

“Latest development in US District court in the District of Columbia

Posted on
February 26, 2010

Mr. Obama has responded today. I have to say that they didn’t drag their feet and responded within 10 days since the Application was posted on the docket. The pleadings are signed by 3 US attorneys: Ronald Machen, Rudolph Contreras and Alan Burch.

As expected, they filed an opposition to the application for preliminary injunction and motion to dismiss.

There are 7 exhibits and a total of 94 pages. I am in my office now and I am actually seeing patients. I will be having dinner with my family and I will take a red eye to FL, as I am speaking in Daytona, at the Volusia county freedom fair. I will read all the pleadings and exhibits at night, on the planes. I will submit my reply and other necessary papers in due time.

I appreciate everybody’s support. I should have written the names of the people, who help me, but I am really swamped, I will do it later.

thanks again

In due time? Hummm, sounds a bit like some of the winds has been taken out of her sails. Could it be that her little encounter with the bar had something to do with that?

Well… provided she still has a license to practice law when she does get around to it, it will be as entertaining and absurd as all her other “filings” have been I’m sure.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Friday Night Entertainment

This is incredibly cute and damn funny!
Happy Friday...

Go Michael!
Human Evolution Smack-Down

By Michael Bihovsky

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Insurance Rates Rising, WellPoint Raising Premiums By Double Digits

What an outrage, Teabaggers need a good “Tea Bagging” if you ask me, and I know just who will be giving it to them, WellPoint. Think Progress   reports plans for double-digit increase in premiums in 11 states: 

“– California: Average rates are expected to increase 25 percent in 2010, with increases as high as 39 percent for some policyholders.
– Colorado: Average rates are expected to increase 19.9 percent in 2010, with increases of up to 24.5 percent for some policyholders.
– Indiana: Rates are expected to increase 21 percent in 2010.
– Maine: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield requested a 23 percent increase for 2010 after five straight years of double-digit increases for individual policyholders. Anthem is suing the Maine Insurance Commissioner for rejecting its request last year for an 18.5 percent rate hike and allowing a 10.9 percent increase.
– Ohio: Average individual rates are expected to decline 40 percent in 2010 due to a new state law that went into effect in 2010.”

I cannot believe that people are so stupid that they continue to fight against Healthcare Reform in the face of these outrageous increases. They would without a doubt be the first ones to slam Obama with the blame for these rate increases if “Gawd forbid” reform isn’t passed. But the truth is none of them will have anyone but their own sorry asses to blame.

It’s all about the money honey. Money talks and bullshit walks and lobbyists circle scare tactics round and round. Meanwhile their puppets (AKA the GOP) talk circles, and talk shit, filibuster, and do every thing they can to block or obstruct everything the White House tries to do. Then have the nerve to say, “Obama is all talk and nothing is getting done”. Well, WTF!

The current health insurance industry in the country will never be brought under control without reform, a hell of a lot of regulation, AND a public option. The California insurance regulators investigating Anthem Blue Cross, after their recent announcement of the potential 39% premium increase have already found 732 violations and they’ve just gotten started!

Those violations are probably nothing compared to what regulators would find if they came down on every health insurance company Nation wide, starting with United Health!

Call your senators, call the White House, and make your voice heard. Tell them to vote YES to reform through reconciliation. YES with a PUBLIC OPTION.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Orly Taitz Appeals to the UN For Protection From Persecution in the US

Now this takes the cake!

For Immediate Release 

"February 22, 2010

Today the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has confirmed that American attorney Dr. Orly Taitz has applied for urgent action under the mandate for human rights defenders.

Dr. Taitz, a well known Constitutional attorney, has been under increasing attack in the United States from groups and individuals opposed to her legal actions challenging the Constitutional qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of the President of the United States.

The California attorney has been the victim of death threats, vandalism, false complaints, and suspected assassination attempt. Her reports to law enforcement and judiciary have been ignored.

This office has been retained by Dr. Taitz to support her efforts for a UN investigation of her claims.

For more information contact:

Dr. Jonathan Levy
1629 K Street NW Suite 300
Washington DC 20006 USA”

So is Orly now claiming herself as a “Defender of Human Rights”? Give me a friggin break! Can someone explain to me what could possibly make her think that inciting sedition, inciting armed rebellion, slander, treason, total courtroom incompetence and pure bull-headed ignorance makes her a “Defender of Human Rights”?

If she had half a brain cell she should have considered where this insane campaign of hers to remove Obama from office would lead her. She had nothing but lies, forgeries and hearsay and expected to use convicted criminals and felons to prove her case. Now because of her own incompetence, and her own action, her ass is on the line with the California bar and she has lost it all together if she thinks she will get protection from the United Nations.

She’s claiming to be the victim of death threats, vandalism, false complaints, and suspected assassination attempt. Yet she associates herself with people like Manning who called for Obama to be jailed hung and shot, and she is personally the queen of “false complaints”. Assassination attempt? Would that be when an emissions hose came loose in her car? She probably pulled the damn thing loose herself! She has got to be the biggest fraud I have ever seen!

Every legal authority in this country has, unequivocally debunked the Obama eligibility issue. Yet she has continually run around this country like a publicity whore making a literal spectacle of herself with her insane claims and accusations.

Well Orly honey, the UN cannot help you. You are not a defender of human rights. You are an idiot, and I’m quite sure that in a few days you’ll be a disbarred idiot.

You’ve made your own bed, now you can lay in it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Obama’s Stimulus Bill a Success

The New York Times Reports it’s added 2.5 million jobs.

Well, I guess the Repubs will find some way to claim the credit for that success. Even though they all voted against it with one hand, and at the same had the other hand reaching for as much of it as they could get.

Teabaggers won’t believe a word of it, just another socialist lie

Birthers will want to see the long form

Friday, February 19, 2010 Update….

Well, what do you know...

From Think Progress..

On House GOP Website, Republican Leadership Takes Credit For Successful Stimulus Project

That certainly didn’t take long…
Such predictable assholes!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Justifying the use of lethal force to remove Obama?

At David Crocket writes: “Americans must defend America, as no one else is left to do it.”

He has a post by John Charlton from The Post & Email. Charlton claims it’s not terrorists plotting against the US its Muslims. He claims George Bush just used the phrase “war against terrorism” so he wouldn’t upset the Saudis.

He goes on to claim that while the US was fighting in Iraq the Socialists and Muslims were forging an alliance to “infiltrate the west and take over our governments and companies” so they could win the war from within, and says:

“To achieve this hundreds of millions of dollars poured into the country to advance the political career of Barack Hussein Obama and like minded socialists. With his installation in power, the Federal Government and all those mindless officials both in D.C. and in the states, whose duty is to defend us from within, are paralyzed, being politically and psychologically incapable of naming Barack Hussein Obama as Public Enemy Number 1, Usurper, Traitor, Domestic Enemy.”

This guy is batshit crazy too. He writes:

“The natural law accords no right or respect for a usurper. He can by the natural right be removed from power by any means, peaceful or violent. In fact, it would be an act of heroism and patriotism to arrest him; nor can I deny that according to the great thinkers on this subject that it would not be a crime to use even lethal force to do so. But as a Christian I pray for, exhort and encourage peaceful means, even though I recognize that no crime can be committed to remove Obama, precisely because to remove a usurper from power is the duty of every patriot, and if done so for that reason, is never a crime before God or men.”

According to great thinkers? What “great thinkers” are we talking about here? I wonder if he considers himself as one of these great thinkers? He certainly did think about, and rationalize to himself how this would not be “vigilantism” but would in fact be justified:

We have become too quiescent, lulled to sleep for a generation, on account of the many public servants who faithfully guarded our nation during the Cold War. But now with the open take-over of our Federal Government by Socialists and Islamists, there is no line of defense left but the common man. If we do not take up arms and start a counter-revolution, the nation is lost.

However, I am convinced that no violence, let alone lethal, need be employed. An Orange Revolution is sufficient. The time for words, litigation, and political action has run out. We the People needs to set a date and march on Washington, D.C. with arms, and take back the government.”

Right. An Orange Revolution, good thinking. Must have been his good “Christian” side that thought of that one while he was praying. But it seems to me this fruit loop has plainly stated, “anything” that has to be done to remove Obama, including lethal force is not only justified but a patriotic duty, and therefore cannot constitute as a crime. 

Should we call this individual, “Seriously Disturbed”? I think I’d have to say yes on that one.

This guy gets my vote as the next candidate for a visit from the Secret Service.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What the hell is wrong with people?

Now the anti-abortion crowd has taken to racial profiling in their attempt to deny women the right of choice. Pathetic. How about some of you hardcore right-wing holier -than- thou Christian types stop trying to control the lives and rights of others and try doing something that will make a difference and actually put a stop to many of these abortions you are so adamantly against.

How about getting on board with healthcare reform so these women have access to medical care and preventative measures to stop unintended pregnancies before they ever begin. Why not call your Senators and Congress people and demand they push this healthcare bill through. Why not try and advocating for a right to decent healthcare, instead of arguing against the right of choice.

While you’re at it why not give your rightwing Senators as much grief about their outrageous use of filibustering and literally holding this country hostage by playing politics as you do these poor women who find themselves in impossible situations. Maybe if they stopped trying so hard to stagnate the Obama administration, which has apparently become their primary goal in life, and actually did the job they were elected to do, there could be an economy where families could afford to have children.

Imagine that!

Orly cries, “Poor Pitiful Me”

What a piece of work. This shit for brains Moldavian nimrod Orly Taitz that has blatantly slandered every Judge she’s been in front of, mercilessly slandered President Obama and his entire family has the gall to be offended that the media or as she puts it “Pro-Obama media thugs” are telling lies and slandering her. Well, what lies I’d like to know?

She’s been called crazy, even batshit crazy. Well that would be true. She has admitted using convicted felons, forgers and liars as “reliable wittiness’s” with full knowledge of their criminal histories in her laughable court cases trying to remove a sitting President from office. So what makes her think she has any more credibility than they do? She has made a bigger fool out of herself publicly than anyone else could have possibly done in her continual attempt to force Obama to prove his legitimacy to hold the office of president.

Her skull must be as thick as a bunker wall in her absolute refusal to accept the fact that every single claim she has made against Obama has been debunked so many times that no one even bothers with her anymore. Any attempt at making her understand anything is like trying to put water in a bucket that has no bottom. There is NO point.

After the complete and utter failure of every attempt she has made on behalf of her “clients”, (or those she’s suckered into singing on as so called plaintiffs) she filed a civil suit on Jan 27th as pro se plaintiff Taitz v. Obama, that contained 95 pages of the exact same debunked shit she filed in all her other failed lawsuits. The only notable difference is that she claimed; “Taitz suffered damages of $20,000 sanctions when US Judge Clay D. Land deemed her actions frivolous.” And; “Taitz has suffered severe emotional distress, her law license was endangered and her standing in the community was affected in the aftermath of this decision.” So I guess in addition to claiming Obama is an illegitimate President, she also claims he’s the one responsible for all her fuck-ups so he should have to pay her fine AND for her “severe emotional distress”.

Now, with a Feb. 26th deadline looming for her to respond to the charges against her with the California Bar, she files yet another court action in a last ditched effort to save herself, from herself. In this pathetic document, she is “requesting” a preliminary injunction to recuse the US attorney’s office from representing the defendant; (because of course they are the same ones that will have to prosecute him once he’s forced to produce the evidence she knows will prove him guilty of every crime she has accused him of, and that would be a conflict of interest)

She is also seeking injunctive relief to obtain all of Obama’s vital documents prior to “her” deadline to respond to the charges against her by the California Bar. She is evidently under the misimpression that her current legal situation is somehow now everyone else’s emanate emergency and she needs to be granted “discovery” NOW so she can justify herself to the bar. (Dream on chickie-poo)

In her current pleading she claims that without absolute verification of eligibility that even Osama Bin Ladin could become president. Then she goes on with the same old rhetoric and accusations that got her into this situation in the first place. Even commenting that the California Bar is comprised of Obots that are out to get her too and if “discovery” is not granted she will suffer irreparable harm and her career, her law license and her whole life will be in turmoil. She will be destroyed as a human being. (sniff, sniff)

Well Ms Orly, you are the one that willingly associated yourself with these “convicted criminals” that are now giving sworn testimony against you for suborning perjury. You know what they say; “If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas”. You are 100% responsible for your own situation and if you think any judge is going to feel sorry for you or even acknowledge your insane rants, or grant you anything other than a possible psych referral you’re out of your mind.

You’ve publicly slandered every judge, government and law official in this country. You’ve publicly made insane accusations against the President, all of which have been proven as completely false. You’ve been cocky, obnoxious and downright rude in your so-called court cases. And you have committed treason by publicly calling for armed rebellion against our government.

Now it’s time to face the music… and I’d say you’re pretty much screwed!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Health Care Reform’s Public Option Still Possible

Throughout the entire last year of health care debates, the GOP has done everything in its power to kill the reform that this country needs. In The New England Journal of Medicine, Robert Steinbrook, MD wrote on November 18th 2009 that health care interests spent between January and September 2009 spent $396.2 million lobbying Congress and federal agencies according to the federal data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics. You can bet your ass they weren’t fighting for the public option.

The public option is the only thing that will create the kind of competition needed to bring these private for profit only insurance companies back down to earth. Without it, they win and everyone else loses, including the teatards who have fought so hard against their own best interests. The GOP has fueled the lies all along about reform such as the death panels, rationing, age discrimination, and an entire gamut of other bullshit in order to block this reform from passing.

It’s sickening how playing politics and pandering to special interests is more important than doing what is right by the American people. Well, yesterday 120 House Democrats sent a letter to the Senate urging them to use reconciliation to pass healthcare reform that includes the public option, and I for one hope they do. It could be the only chance to get this thing done, and done right.

On the Plum Line, Greg Sargent's Blog reported on 1/29/10 that “GOP Senator Orrin Hatch is now warning that if the Dems pass health care reform via reconciliation it will lead to a permanent “war” between the two parties.” Like there isn’t a permanent war going on now! They have fought against everything that has come from Obama administration and they are not likely to change that either way.

Greg Sargent goes on to list 7 different GOP bills Hatch voted “for” that were passed using the same process of reconciliation he’s now claiming that if the Dems do with health care reform it will be war. Typical hypocrite, do as I say, not as I do. Well what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and the choice of a public option will be the best thing for everyone.

The United States is the only developed country in the world that does not provide for the health of its people, or offer some kind of public coverage. Most of them consider making a profit of the lives of the people a disgrace, and they would be right. When health insurance companies make billions while their customers go without care because of denied coverage or pre-existing conditions, go bankrupt because of cap limits, or even die, there is something seriously wrong with the way things are being done.

I for one am done with the status quo; people’s lives and livelihoods should come before exorbitant corporate profits. I worked as a Medic and Nurse for years and the healthcare horror stories that people have been telling for the last year are true, and then some. And if anyone of you thinks it can’t happen to you, you’re dead wrong.

Call your Senators, urge them to go for it, give us real reform that includes a public option!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to spot a Teatard

Any Questions?

This nimrod ripped around and cut in front of me on the road yesterday. (Luckily I had my camera.) I guess he couldn’t deal with riding behind me and looking at my one little “Obama 08” bumper sticker and wanted me to see what “he” thought about that.

I noticed next to his “McCain/Palin” sticker he has his USMC emblem. Then proceeds to plaster a picture of a donkey with Obama’s head coming out its ass, now there’s a fine patriotic thing for a Marine to do. I’ll bet he was one of those shit for brains old coots at the town hall meetings shouting about death panels and, “We Don’t Want The Government To Touch Our Medicare”!

It’s really pathetic to see all these Teatards, most of who have no fucking idea what the hell they are even talking about, spewing such ignorance and then claim to be “Patriotic Americans”. They are their own worst enemy. They protest anything and everything that would actually benefit every one of them, including clean energy. I mean, who the hell needs clean energy for god’s sake? Lets just keep polluting the planet until every one of these idiots as well as the rest of us all choke to death on our own hazardous fumes.

It is said that it is better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Of course if opening your mouth isn’t enough for you, then by all means plaster your vehicle with garbage like this and create a billboard to advertise your ignorance to everyone you pass on the road.

Barney Frank had it just about right.