Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Orly Taitz’s Secret Revealed

First a warning, Orly Taitz’s website has been “hacked by the White House”, or so Orly is claiming. Who ever did the hacking has apparently done a damn good job. My advice to everyone is not to go to that site for any reason, less your computer will end up as screwed as Orly’s cases.

Birther news has been very scarce lately, prompting people to look elsewhere for something to write about. There are tidbits floating about in regard to Orly seeking support for her decision to run for California’s Attorney General, or possibly Secretary of State. But the big news flash is that the truth about Orly Taitz has finally been reveled! Now brace yourself for this one, it’s a biggie! (No pun intended)

I was sent an anonymous email describing the events following the recent Birther v. Birther v. Birther circus trial in Florida where all the Birthers went to court and accused each other of all being liars, felons, frauds and forgers. The one thing that stands out about their testimony in this case is that they were all actually telling the truth this time. And of course everyone knows if you get dirt on someone in an email it “has” to be true, right? Just ask Orly herself if you have any doubts about that. Most of the evidence she has presented in her court pleadings came from emails sent to her by her devoted followers.

After the Florida trial a photographer looking for some interesting new twist on the Queen of Birthism, followed Orly when she left the courthouse. He reports that she went back to her hotel and didn’t emerge until about 8 am the following morning. She left alone carrying a small gym bag, got into her hire car and after stopping at a Starbucks drive thru she got on to 95 north.

Keeping up with her was something of a chore, her average speed being about 90 mph. Finally she exited 95 in West Palm Beach and made her way to a Wawa’s where she gassed up her car and went inside the store. She was in there for about 10 minutes and exited with a small white bag and what appeared to be another cup of coffee. Driving back to 95, she took the ramp and continued her excessively rapid trek northward.

Finally she exited 95 at North Beach and drove to the oceanfront. Parking her car near a public bathhouse, she took her gym bag and went inside. About 15 minutes later the photographer watched over the tops of the cars as she emerged wearing a blue and white bathing suite and carrying her cell phone in her teeth as she tucked her frizzy white hair under a matching bathing cap while walking towards the beach.

The photographer followed at a discrete distance watching as she stopped to talk to some people. At that point he made his way around to the right of the group and took this photo:

So now you know....

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  1. I read your comments on DrConspiracy. I used to live in Arlington.