Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obama Spent 3 Years At An Al-Qaida Training Camp?

Orly Taitz is certainly well known to be “batshit crazy”, but I think she’s got some serious competition with this Rev. Dr. Manning character. You remember him; he’s the one that said he wanted Obama “jailed, hung and shot”, which earned him a visit from the Secret Service. Orly has posted a link  to a new video of this clown claiming that Obama never went to Columbia University, and Columbia is guilty of treason for covering up the fact that Obama was “actually in Afghanistan at an al-Qaida training camp for the 3 years he “claimed” to be at Columbia”.

Where do these people get this shit come from I’d like to know? I mean “Jeebus Freaking Cristers”, are they pulling it all out of their ass, or just seeing swirling visions in their latte? (Maybe it’s a Starbucks conspiracy!) The lunacy is really getting out of control. It’s a fact that 1 out of every 4 people is mentally unbalanced to some degree or other, but these people have crossed the border into psychotic.

Manning is calling on his followers to join him in a mass protest at Columbia University during graduation this year. He intends to demand that they “fess up” to the fact that Obama was never really there and admit he spent those 3 years in Afghanistan training with al-Qaida. This ought to be interesting, everyone be sure to stock up on popcorn and beer!

Meanwhile I guess Orly will still be running around somewhere trying to dodge all the Neuro Magnetic attacks Obama is beaming at her. Maybe she’ll make herself a tinfoil vest to go with her hat! Then we should just start calling them “Mad Man Manning and Tin Foil Taitz”

These people have gone way past the point of no return. Could it be that they have gotten so flipping whacked they are even scaring off people like Glenn Beck? (Imagine that!) As their insanity continually reaches new and more outrageous heights, and all their constant claims of “eminent victory” are continually blown away like a fart in the wind, the entire movement seems to have begun to fizzle out.

But all is not lost; there is still an abundance of crazy people out there and I’m sure many more to come and keep us laughing!


  1. When the teatards are afraid of the birthers you know some weird shit is going down.

  2. Obama was at Columbia from 1981 to 1983. Al-Qaida, was formed, as far as anyone can tell, in 1988. In 1983, the Soviets were still occupying Afghanistan.

  3. Come on now OriGuy, you know these people can’t be bothered with details and facts like that. It just confuses them. It works better for them if they just wing it and go with whatever sounds good and suits their cause.