Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birther Madness

The birther leaders seem to be more engaged in battling each other in court these days since all of their cases against Obama have all ended in absolute total failures. All of their proclamations of eminent victory in removing what they refer to as the “Muslim Usurper” have fizzled into nothing more than a lot of repetitive hot air. So until they can come up with something other than their “same ol’ same ol’” talking points and non-existent evidence they have instead taken to going after each other.

Orly was just dragged into court in Florida recently thanks to her disbarred lawyer, former lover, and former assistant Charles E Lincoln III who apparently forged Orly’s name thereby hauling her in on his dirty dealings in the case of Riverninder v. US Bank. He claims he had her permission to sign her name and says she’s a liar when she claims he didn’t, which she of course claims is a lie.

It apparently turned out to be quite a spectacle of birther madness with birther lawyer Philip Berg there to represent disbarred birther lawyer Lincoln. And as a witness to the fact that Orly is the one lying, he brought another liar and convicted forger, AND former “reliable” witness for Orly until he turned on her, Lucas Smith to testify that Orly had suborned perjury from him in another birther case.

Philip Berg is also perusing his case against Orly in Liberi v. Taitz. He basically accuses her of tracking and hacking the computers of people that visit her website for the purpose of gathering personal information about them and then blasting that information all over her website. Which she apparently did do.

Meanwhile, back at the “Whopper Works” (aka Orly’s website) With little else but continual begging for her tin-foil-hatters to help her with her quests for evidence, she has taken to posting news stories of what ever she can find and spin into her birtherspear. Yesterday Orly posted a letter from Senator John McCain, which pretty much tells her, “Sorry doll, can’t help ya”. She posts the following comment:

“I actually didn”t send my pleadings to senator McCain. Those were forwarded to him by one of my supporters, Mr. Murray, a former law enforcement officer from Utah. I appreciate expedient response from senator McCain, however he is wrong in his assumption, that there is nothing he can do. There are two things that he can do and actually has a duty to do. First- he can bring the issue of Obama’s illegitimacy to presidency to the floor og the Senate and demand immediate Senate Judicial committee hearing. Two- he can sign on as one of my plaintiffs to refile the case in DC. He has the best standing to file Quo Warranto. Senator McCain could withstand torture by Vietnamese communists for years, he can withstand putting his signature on the pleadings. If I could withstand constant death threats, tampering with my car, convicted forgers submitting perjured testimony in different courts to undermine my law license, Obama’s brown shirts in the media and government constantly insulting me, assaulting, harassing and subjecting to retaliations; I am sure he can withstand putting his signature on the pleadings. Please write open letters to each and every congressman and senator, demanding they become plaintiffs or demand that they resign and let people with some guts take their place. (please cc to me).

James Edwards from United systems of Arkansas has offered reduced fee for sending mass certified mail letters to Congress and Senate. Currently I completely ran put of funds and can’t do it. If we will have funds, we’ll send certified mail letters.”

Demand they become plaintiffs or demand they resign? (Right!) And don’t you just love how “now” she continually refers to her once “reliable” witnesses, as “convicted forgers”. She even admitted in the court trial in Florida that she was aware of their criminal history when she intended to use them to further her own case. She also has been quite paranoid lately about people trying to “undermine” her law license. Well Orly honey, you are your own worst enemy on that one.

Could it be that her apparently increased desperation lately is because the California Bar is finally bearing down on her dumb ass for her inappropriate and irresponsible courtroom behavior, blatant slandering of all judges, and pretty much all government officials who deny her outlandish claims, or the media for refusing to publicize her “cause”? Not to mention her treasonous behavior in calling for armed rebellion against Obama and the entire US government. It would be interesting to know just how many formal complaints have actually been lodged against her. Word is that she has even retained a lawyer to defend her with the bar. (Good luck on that one!)

We seem to be coming ever closer to the end of Orly’s ranting insanities, as far as court filings are concerned. However being disbarred, which I have no doubt will be her final judgment, will surely not put an end to her quest, but it may just finish her off all together in the sanity department, not that she’d have very far to go for that. But it will certainly be fun to watch the tail spinning  blame game she goes into when it happens.

Maybe once she’s disbarred she can take her case as a civilian to a good Jewish Judge with real balls to take on this Muslim Usurper that’s spending "billions" (I'm sure the total will be in the billions by then, if it isn't already) of tax dollars to ruin her law career and take over this country.
                                                                 YES! Judge Judy!

Popcorn, check… Beer, check…

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