Friday, December 31, 2010

A Good Synopsis Of The Freaky Right Thought Process

Happy New Year Everyone! Be Safe, and watch out for Indians!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Orly Taitz Has Filed Intent To Run For US Senate

Of course Alvin Greene has a better chance at being elected President. She posted her “Candidate Intention Statement” on her website and the flying monkeys are ecstatic.

“karen December 29th, 2010 @ 10:13 am
Oh wow!! This is fabulous news! So exiting. I ca’nt wait to you you debate who ever is the Senator now. Sorry I do’nt know much about califorina politics so I do’nt know who he is.”

Karen doesn’t appear to know much about literacy either.

”Parenthesis December 29th, 2010 @ 8:59 am
How much do you plan to spend? It’s going to cost millions. God Bless!”

Yes, how much in deed? Orly had to spend her retirement fund to run for SOS after getting only, what was it 20, 21 people to donate to her campaign? And most of them didn’t even live in California!

“John December 29th, 2010 @ 9:39 am
Why not just run for Queen of the Universe, Orly? You’d have about the same chance of winning. We’ve just seen two much richer, more accomplished and less crazy (although not nearly as attractive) right-wing women go down in defeat in CA after spending more money than you or I will ever see on their campaigns. Given that, what makes you think you might win a Senate campaign?”

Come on John, why would she run for Queen if the Universe when she believes she already holds that title.

“ December 29th, 2010 @ 11:13 am
I am doing the right thing and I am right on the issues, but thank you for the compliment in finding me attractive”

Oh, I get it, to feed her ego and her publicity addiction, which IS her primary issue.

"Jeffrey Doobin December 29th, 2010 @ 4:55 pm
Just like last time, you’ll never get past the Republican primary. It’s fun though to watch you bring the story of Borat to reality."

Well Jeff, you’re right about never getting past the primary, but Borat? Hum, I guess technically there is a comparison that can be made there. They are both bigots. Orly hates Muslims, and Borat hates Jews.

And I guess they do both have that same kind of expressionless gaze when they speak.

Not to mention that they both make fools of themselves every time they open their mouths.

Well it will be interesting to say the least on just how Taitz will attempt to discredit Feinstein, or what she’ll try to sue her for.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Air Powered Car?


Will this become next battle of Greed v Green?

His last comment, “this car disturbed a lot of big companies”, is probably very true. Unfortunately for big oil companies’ cars that run on air could be their worst nightmare. Anyone ever see the documentary film “Who killed the electric car”? It’s a shame but it seems that greed will always do its best to overpower green.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Historic Day In America

The repeal of DADT has marked a major milestone for the civil rights of the LGBT population of this country, and has also sent the bigots, homophobes and “CINO’s,” (Christians In Name Only) into a complete tailspin. It’s amazing how the conservative right in this country, which primarily claim to be “God Fearing Christians”, make no bones about their bigoted homophobic anti-gay CINO agendas. And it seem some politicians make no bones about which of these whackos they publicly support.

Perusing the comments on the Fawx News article about the repeal of DADT we find some of the most bigoted comments of all:

This stupid african monkey in the white house has no business making any decisions regarding the military unless he takes his pencil thin arms and enlists today. Also his ape faced missing link mate should get a banana and return to her homeland.”

Ah, conservative racism at its finest, but of course their hatred of Obama has nothing to do with his race.

As for the religious contingent?

God's wrath will this nation due to the fact Good is evil.. and Evil is good....This un-natural act..Read the Bible God has destroyed nations that commit this Sinful act.. you are not born Gay.. it's a lifesyle."

According to “Right Wing Watch”  the so-called “Christian” orginazations are also chiming in.

From Bryan Fisher of the American Family Association:

“We are now stuck with sexual deviants serving openly in the U.S. military because of turncoat Republican senators ... Had the cloture vote failed, we would still have sane moral and sexual standards governing military personnel policy. But sadly those days are gone, perhaps forever.”

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, recently designated as a Anti-Gay Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, had this to say:

"Today is a tragic day for our armed forces. The American military exists for only one purpose - to fight and win wars. Yet it has now been hijacked and turned into a tool for imposing on the country a radical social agenda. This may advance the cause of reshaping social attitudes regarding human sexuality, but it will only do harm to the military's ability to fulfill its mission."

This group is particularly nasty, which is why the SPLC designated them as Hate Group.

From the SPLC statements from FRC on homosexuality:

“To make the case that the LGBT community is a threat to American society, FRC employs a number of “policy experts” whose “research” has allowed FRC to be extremely active politically in shaping public debate. Its research fellows and leaders often testify before Congress and appear in the mainstream media. It also works at the grassroots level, conducting outreach to pastors in an effort to “transform the culture.

In Its Own Words

“Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual movement.”— Robert Knight, FRC director of cultural studies, and Frank York, 1999

“[Homosexuality] … embodies a deep-seated hatred against true religion.”— Steven Schwalm, FRC senior writer and analyst, in “Desecrating Corpus Christi,” 1999

“One of the primary goals of the homosexual rights movement is to abolish all age of consent laws and to eventually recognize pedophiles as the ‘prophets of a new sexual order.’”--1999 FRC pamphlet, Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex with Boys.

“[T]he evidence indicates that disproportionate numbers of gay men seek adolescent males or boys as sexual partners.”— Timothy Dailey, senior research fellow, “Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse,” 2002

“While activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. … It is a homosexual problem.”— FRC President Tony Perkins, FRC website, 2010”

Of course the designation of Hate Group was not taken lightly by the FRC, and they have challenged the SPLC on it.

From Right Wing Watch:

Last week when Jeremy Hooper discovered that the Family Research Council was planning to roll out a campaign fighting back against the Southern Poverty Law Center's designation of the organization as an anti-gay hate group, we noted that FRC was asking people to sign on to the campaign to "stand in solidarity with Family Research Council, American Family Association, Concerned Women of America, National Organization for Marriage, Liberty Counsel and other pro-family organizations that are working to protect and promote natural marriage and family."

By doing so, we pointed out, any one who added their name was essentially declaring that they stood shoulder-to-shoulder with groups that proclaim:

Gays should be exported from the country;
The federal government must be overthrown if it allows gay marriage;
"Moral perverts" need to be kept out of the military;
There is nothing "conservative" about "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it 'love'";
Homosexual behavior ought to be outlawed;
Gay sex ought to carry criminal penalties;
Gays ought to be prohibited from serving in public office;
Gay sex is domestic terrorism;
"Hitler recruited around him homosexuals to make up his Stormtroopers ... [because] homosexual soldiers basically had no limits [to] the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict."

Here’s the letter, and see below for some of our Republican politicians that signed it FRC's ridiculous attempt to spin the SPLC list

Signed by:

U.S. Congress Senator David Vitter - (R-LA)
U.S. Congress Senator Roger Wicker - (R-MS)
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann - (R-MN)
Speaker-designate John Boehner - (R-OH)
Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor - (R-VA)
Congressman John Fleming, M.D. - (R-LA)
Congressman Trent Franks - (R-AZ)
Congressman Louie Gohmert - (R-TX)
Congressman Jeb Henserling - (R-TX)
Congressman Jim Jordan - (R-OH)
Congressman Steve King - (R-IA)
Congressman Donald Manzullo - (R-IL)
Congressman Kevin McCarthy - (R-CA)
Congressman-elect Alan Nunnelee - (R-MS)
Congressman Mike Pence - (R-IN)
Congressman Joe Pitts - (R-PA)
Congressman Peter Roskam - (R-IL)
Congressman Steve Scalise - (R-LA)
Congressman Lamar Smith - (R-TX)
Congressman Fred Upton - (R-MI)
United States SenateJim DeMint - Senator
Virginia Ken Cuccinelli - Attorney General

Imagine that!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do We Have A Bit Of A Drinking Problem Mr. Boehner?

Interesting question. In light of his seemingly frequent emotional outbursts, it’s quite possible, and it seems people have been taking notice.

From his latest crying jag on 60 Minutes:

How about a little slurring to go with that whine? (pun intended)

Looks like he was having fun on election night! (Hiccup!)

And what’s up with the puffy eyes and no socks?

There’s even a website called “John Boehner Booze Watch”  with lots of comments on “signs you may be a drunk”. It’s worth a look.

Well, he is an asshole, wouldn’t surprise me if he were a drunk as well!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Orly Taitz To Face Hearing For TRO Dec 20 2010

Well this ought to be good. Seems Ms Lady Liberty is going to have some “splaining” to do. After Berg filed his emergency motion for TRO it was referred back to Judge Robreno. Orly obviously didn’t read the order very well and jumped the gun. (There’s a real surprise!)

She posted on Dec 12, 2010:

“In spite of nearly 500 pages of horrific defamation of my character by Philip J. Berg, Lisa Liberi, her mother Dorothy Waddell and the rest of their accomplices, Third Circuit Court of Appeals denied their motion for restraining order against me. I am free to post this truthful information, showing that Lisa Liberi, assistant for attorney Philip J. Berg, is a convicted document forger and thief, who got 8 year prison term in CA in 2008, and who is currently on probation. The question remains: why is licensed attorney Berg continuously working with a convicted forger Liberi and submitting documents to multiple courts ans viciously attacking me and other innocent individuals?”

And what do you know, it showed up on scribe.
Orly Taitz's Bizarre Posting About the Liberi v Taitz 3rd Circuit Mandate Order  

Judge Robreno’s Order on 13, 2010

Liberi Robreno Order 12 13 2010

What is it with Taitz; she just can’t seem to stop posting Lisa Liberi so-called “Rap Sheet”, as she so arrogantly struts around professing to be the epitome of righteousness. It’s unbelievable. She’s even taken to welcoming her newest flying monkeys by saying; “As Queen of the Birthers I welcome you to my Kingdom”

Her fucking head is as big as the Goodyear blimp (And twice as empty!)

Well, lets have a look at just how righteous Ms “Queen of Birferstan” really is. Her biggest “public” gripe with Ms Liberi and Mr Berg is that as an officer of the court Berg has no business working with (what she claims as) a convicted felon and he certainly shouldn’t allow her to draft or file court documents. It is HER duty to expose this outrage. (Right)

Rivernider Jan 12, 2010 “Hearing Transcript”
Page 11, Line 19: Cross-examination by Mr. Berg:

“Q. Dr. Taitz, when did you first meet Mr. Lincoln?
A. In May last year.
Q. Isn’t it true that Mr. Lincoln was working with you from May 2009 through November 3, 2009?
A. Mr. Lincoln was working with me, trying to help me in a frivolous lawsuit, which you filled against me.”

Now Charles E. Lincoln is a convicted felon, and a disbarred lawyer, and here in court Taitz admits being guilty of the very thing she accuses Berg of doing. Imagine That!

Page 29, Line 23

“Q. Ms Taitz, isn’t it true that the background of the convictions, which you mentioned regarding Lucas Smith and Larry Sinclair, you were aware of that before you asked them to become witnesses on your California case; is that correct?
A. That’s correct.”

She even admits to knowing the felony backgrounds of two of “her” witnesses, before she asked them to testify for her. She had claimed them both very reliable, before they dumped on her and both filed affidavits of her suborning perjury. Of course Lucas also goes into the disgusting details of Taitz’s sleezy adulterous affair with convected felon CEL III.

Lucas Smith Affidavit:

Smith, Lucas Daniel - Declaration 10-12-2009

Larry Sinclair Affidavit:

Sinclair, Larry - Affidavit 9-15-2009

On top of that her X lover, who she dumped when her husband found out about her dirty little affair, is also suing her AND her husband.

Lincoln v Daylight, Taitz, etc.

Taitz has also had multiple complaints filed against her with the California Bar, one coming from Connie Rhodes. The client that fired her in Rhodes v McDonald, the same case where Judge Land sanctioned Taitz and fined her $20,000 for courtroom ignorance.

RHODES v MacDONALD - 18 - Letter from plaintiff Connie Rhodes regarding withdrawal of motion to stay - Gov....

Well, all I can say is, Ms High ‘n Mighty is about to be taken down a peg or two.

Stayed tuned for the next exciting episode of “The Crazy Daze of Tin-Foil-Taitz!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tit For Tat, Taitz Has Another One Bites the Dust

Lets see if we can make like Dorothy and “Follow the yellow brick road” on the latest dismissal of Orly Taitz’s QW. This case was prompted by Judge Land “imposing sanctions”  on Taitz in October of 09 for her incompetent and disrespectful conduct. (Excerpts below)

In January 2010 she filed a “Quo Warranto Petition”

“Wherefore THE PLAINTIFF and Petitioner Dr. Orly Taitz is praying for following relief:
1. Petitoner is praying this Honorable Court to grant her the ex-relator status in the name of the United States of America and requesting this Honorable Court to issue a writ of Quo Warranto to the ex-relator against a respondent Barack Hussein Obama to ascertain if he was eligible to take the position and franchise of the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief of US military and order an evidentiary hearing whether fraud upon the court was committed and whether criminal charges should be brought against the respondent for fraud, identity theft and social security fraud.
2. Grant petitioner the Writ of Mandamus for the Commissioner of Social Security Michael Astrue to release explanation, as to how Barack Hussein Obama is able to use the social security number 042-68-4425, issued originally in the state of CT to an individual born in 1890, while Obama clearly is not 120 years old, was not born in 1890 and never resided in the state of CT.
3. Grant a petition for a writ of Mandamus for the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to release the birth certificate that was used by Barack Hussein Obama to obtain his US passport.
4. Plaintiff is asking for financial relief associated with time spent and costs of her pursuing the issue of illegitimacy of Obama for US presidency and fraud perpetrated by Obama in using multiple social security numbers of deceased individuals and numbers never assigned.
5. Plaintiff is asking for financial relief for severe emotional distress that she was subjected to when she was subjected to an orchestrated effort by this administration to stop her, to silence her, when she was subjected to sanctions for bringing forward legitimate issues of Obama legitimacy, when a group of convicted criminals, convicted, indicted and admitted forgers was used to derail her cases, undermine her and her license, while law enforcement stood idle, unwilling to prosecute and incarcerate those criminals and stop continued harassment.”

So Taitz is effectively suing Obama for “financial compensation” because she was fined 20,000 smackaroos for her own incompetent behavior and is claiming that it’s Obama’s fault. Her “logic” is that if Obama hadn’t committed all these crimes she accuses him of (but can’t prove); she wouldn’t have had to go to court in the first place and would never have been sanctioned. And she wants the court to make Obama prove he is a legitimate POTUS because she’s been unable to even come close to proving that he isn’t.

Judge Lamberth "denied"  this on April 14th 2010, and said:

“This is one of several such suits filed by Ms. Taitz in her quixotic attempt to prove that President Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. This court is not willing to go tilting windmills with her.”

On April 26th 2010 Taitz filed “First Motion for Reconsideration”.   On June 18 2010 that was also “denied” . So she appealed again on August 27th 2010 and filed “60 B Motion for Reconsideration”   which was also “denied”   yesterday on December 9th 2010.

So the latest tit for tat goes like this:


"New Facts, new Evidence $20, 000 damages suffered by Taitz due to fraud committed by Obama, give her standing to proceed with discovery on the merits.”
"Newly discovered evidence -additional last name for Barack Obama, Barack Soebarkah, as noted in his mother's recently released passport. After two years of continuous FOIA requests sent to different governmental agencies, submitted by hundreds of US citizens, the State Department finally released a certified copy of the 1967 passport for Stanley Ann Dunham, mother of Barack Obama. That passport showed yet another name, that has not been seen before: Soebarkah, which apparently comes from the full name of Obama's stepfather Lolo Soetoro Soebarkah. This is additional new evidence, which tends to show that Obama indeed committed fraud, that he was sworn in as the US president under a name, which is not legally his”
“Chain of Causation, Obama intended to defraud the public and induce them to believe that he is a constitutionally eligible president. When Taitz presented her cases in front of Judge Land, he indeed relied on representation by Obama, that he is a legitimate President and therefore found a legal action questioning Obama's legitimacy to be frivolous and sanctioned Taitz $20,000. The chain of causation was not broken.”


“Plaintiff contests the dismissal of her complaint for lack of standing, asserting that new evidence now gives her standing. First, plaintiff presents a letter from the Department of Justice regarding her $20,000 sanction for frivolous filings in a separate suit challenging the President’s eligibility for office. Plaintiff contends that this sanction is evidence of injury resulting from “fraud committed by Obama, which caused Judge Land to believe that Taitz’s action of doubting Obama was frivolous.”
Second, plaintiff claims to have evidence of an “additional last name” allegedly used by the President, which “tends to show that Obama indeed committed fraud . . . [and] that she has suffered due to fraud committed by him.”
“Plaintiff’s sanction does not constitute new evidence under Rule 60(b)(2).”
“There is no causal connection between plaintiff’s sanction for frivolous filings and the President’s alleged conduct, nor can this Court redress the alleged injury by vacating another court’s sanction. See id. at 560–61. Moreover, absent causation and redressability, plaintiff’s alleged evidence of fraudulent conduct does nothing to establish standing. Plaintiff thus offers no evidence meriting reconsideration under Rule 60(b).”


"Good Samaritan, rescuer theory warrants a finding of foreseeability of injury and granting Motion for Reconsideration. Yet another theory shows that damages suffered by Taitz are proximately related to fraud committed by Obama,- and that is the theory of damages suffered by a rescuer, a good Samaritan, are foreseeable and proximately related."


"Plaintiff also raises new legal theories in an effort to establish standing. First, she alleges injury based on a Good Samaritan theory. The Court will not consider this argument, as plaintiff cannot use her Rule 60(b) motion to raise legal arguments that were available to her at the time of filing. Second, she argues that her $20,000 sanction now gives her “interested person” status under the quo warranto statute. The Court again refers plaintiff to its dismissal of her complaint, which explains that only the Attorney General may bring a quo warranto action against a public official."


"Damages suffered by Taitz represent a direct result of violation of Honest Services act under USC 18 §1346. Taitz was deprived of Honest Service through a scheme to defraud, whereby Obama's appointment of the Attorney General and the US attorney for the District of Columbia and a salary received by the Attorney General and the US Attorney for the District of Columbia became a de-facto bribe to keep the public silent about fraud perpetrated by Obama to obtain the franchise of the President. Taitz was directly harmed and denied an inalienable intangible right of Honest Services. The $20,000 sanctions assessment represents a further instrument, a tool within such scheme to defraud and deprive Taitz of Honest Services."


"Plaintiff raises a new claim under 18 U.S.C. § 1346, asserting that her $20,000 sanction represents a scheme to deprive her of honest services. Here, she does not seek reconsideration of the Court’s dismissal of her complaint. Rather, she is asking the Court to consider a new claim, apparently on the basis of “newly discovered evidence” under Rule 60(b)(2). As noted above, however, plaintiff’s sanction does not constitute new evidence. Therefore, the Court will not consider a legal argument that plaintiff could have raised in her complaint."

Bottom line?


“In her second motion for reconsideration, plaintiff adds nothing but further allegations of the President’s ineligibility for office. She offers no new factual or legal argument meriting reconsideration under Rule 60(b)(1). Nor has she identified any “previously undisclosed fact so central to the litigation” justifying relief under Rule 60(b)(6). Good Luck Nursing Home, Inc., 636 F.2d at 577. Accordingly, the Court will deny plaintiff’s motion with regard to her quo warranto claims.”
“CONCLUSION For the reasons set forth above, it is hereby ORDERED that plaintiff’s motion [34] for reconsideration of this Court’s Order [22] dismissing her claims is DENIED.”

I guess Lamberth is still not interested in “tilting windmills” with her. It’s obvious that Taitz has quite a problem with comprehension of the laws and how they actually work. She also has a problem accepting the consequences of her own actions, such as the sanctions and fine she continually blames on Obama.

Once again, lets look at what the sanctions were really for, as documented in the link above:

“Instead of arguing pertinent legal authority supporting her position, counsel reverted to “press conference mode,” repeating political “talking points” that did not answer the Court’s questions or address the Court’s concerns.”
“Ms. Taitz’s performance confirmed to the Court that her focus was not to pursue a legitimate legal cause of action to obtain relief for her client but was to use the Court to force the President to produce a “birth certificate” satisfactory to her and her followers.”
“Instead of responding to the Court’s specific concerns or addressing the contemplated amount of the monetary sanction, Ms. Taitz continued her attacks on the Court, as well as her political grandstanding. She now moves to recuse the undersigned, alleging that the undersigned had ex parte communication with the Attorney General of the United States”
“Comparing herself to former Supreme Court Justice and civil rights icon Thurgood Marshall, counsel likens her plight to Justice Marshall’s epic legal battle to desegregate American schools and public places. Quite frankly, the Court is reluctant to even dignify this argument by responding to it, but it captures the essence of counsel’s misunderstanding of the purpose of the courts and her misunderstanding of her own claims.”
“In summary, counsel, dissatisfied with the Court’s rulings and “seeing the writing on the wall,” now seeks to escape accountability for her misconduct during this litigation. She shall not be allowed to do so. Her motion to recuse and motion for enlargement of time have no merit and are accordingly denied as frivolous.”
“The absolute absence of any legitimate legal argument, combined with the political diatribe in her motions, demonstrates that Ms. Taitz’s purpose is to advance a political agenda and not to pursue a legitimate legal cause of action. Rather than citing to binding legal precedent, she calls the President names, accuses the undersigned of treason, and gratuitously slanders the President’s father. As the Court noted in an earlier order, counsel’s wild accusations may be protected by the First Amendment when she makes them on her blog or in her press conferences, but the federal courts are reserved for hearing genuine legal disputes, not as a platform for political rhetoric and personal insults. Simply put, no reasonable basis existed for counsel to believe that her legal cause of action was legitimate under existing law or under a reasonable extension or modification of existing law. Thus, counsel’s Complaint on behalf of Captain Rhodes was frivolous.”
“In addition, an attorney, as an officer of the Court, has an obligation to use legal proceedings for the legitimate purpose of pursuing a lawful cause of action. It is not appropriate to use briefs or motions to make personal attacks on opposing parties or the Court.”
“Calling the President a usurper and mocking his father as treacherous and disloyal to the British Crown added nothing to the advancement of Plaintiff’s legal cause of action. It provides good rhetoric to fuel the “birther agenda,” but it is unbecoming of a member of the bar and an officer of the Court. Likewise, accusing a judge of treason and suggesting that the federal courts are under the thumb of the Executive Branch for no reason other than the judge ruled against you may be protected by the First Amendment when made outside of court proceedings, but it has no place in a legal motion for reconsideration.”
For all of these reasons, the Court reaffirms its findings in its previous order that counsel’s motion for reconsideration was frivolous and that her conduct demonstrates that she has attempted to use the legal process for an improper purpose. Thus, sanctions are warranted.”
“The Court finds that counsel’s conduct was willful and not merely negligent. It demonstrates bad faith on her part. As an attorney, she is deemed to have known better. She owed a duty to follow the rules and to respect the Court. Counsel’s pattern of conduct conclusively establishes that she did not mistakenly violate a provision of law. She knowingly violated Rule 11. Her response to the Court’s show cause order is breathtaking in its arrogance and borders on delusional. She expresses no contrition or regret regarding her misconduct. To the contrary, she continues her baseless attacks on the Court. Defiantly defending the “position of the patriots,” she scoffs at the notion that a federal court would consider sanctioning her when she is on the side of such freedom fighters as the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, a comparison that, if accepted, would disgrace Justice Marshall’s singular achievements. Counsel’s bad faith warrants a substantial sanction.”
“While the Court derives no pleasure from its imposition of sanctions upon counsel Orly Taitz, it likewise has no reservations about the necessity of doing so. A clearer case could not exist; a weaker message would not suffice.”

So, how is any of "her" flippant, obnoxious behavior Obama's fault?

Now I know that Taitz got her legal degree from an unaccredited online law school, but I’d like to know how the hell she passed the bar!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Has Berg Taken Taitz Down For The Count?

In a previous post “Who’s the Nasty?" I gave a run down of the long-winded events leading to this birfer lawyer v idiot birfer lawyer pissing contest. And it seems to look like it’s getting pretty nasty for the queen of nasty. Following the emergence of that nasty website put up in a continued effort (on her behalf I’m sure) to slander, harass, and humiliate Ms Liberi, Berg is doubling down and coming in for the home stretch.

Since Judge Robreno transferred the case of Liberi v Taitz to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, “notice”  has been given by that court that the case has been “listed on the merits on Wednesday February 9, 2011”, and says:

“This advance notice is provided so that you may make arrangements to be prepared to appear and present argument if it is required. The panel will determine whether there will be oral argument and if so, the amount of time allocated therefore. (See Third Circuit Internal Operating Procedures, Chapter 2.1.) No later than one (1) week prior to the disposition date you will be advised whether oral argument will be required, the amount of time allocated by the panel, and the specific date on which argument will be scheduled.
Counsel shall file an acknowledgment form within seven (7) days from the date of this letter, and advise the name of the attorney who will present oral argument. In addition, please indicate whether or not s/he is a member of the bar of this Court. Bar membership is not necessary if counsel represents a U.S. government agency or officer thereof or if the party is appearing pro se. If the attorney is not a member of the bar of this Court, an application for admission should be completed, which should be returned to this office without delay.”

Well first of all, Orly has been crying for two years that she couldn’t get a case heard on the merits, and now she’s finally going to get her chance. I’m betting however, that she claims this case has no merits! (LOL) But, if this court thinks it can allocate enough time for Orly to make an oral argument, it’s dreaming. There is never going to be enough time to “Let Her Finnnisssh”. (Ahhahaha!)

So the case has been scheduled, and we’re counting the days. But of course it seems the closer this thing gets to coming to an end, the more hell bent Taitz seems to put an end to Liberi.

On December 6th Berg filed an “Emergency Ex Parte Motion for TRO”  in an attempt to have the slanderous Liberi website shut down. He also filed a “Motion to expedite”  because it seems that after Ms Liberi contacted the Dallas police department to file a complaint about Geoff Staples for setting up the website, someone contacted Ms Liberi “claiming” to be a Detective Forney.

“Geoff Staples is Defendant Orly Taitz and Defendant Linda Belcher's witness who forged documents and fraudulently input Plaintiff Lisa Liberi's email address in attempts to have her falsely arrested. Defendant Orly Taitz knew these documents were forged, however, filed them with your Court as genuine (Taitz has also filed these forged documents in the Appellate Court this month. See Case No. 10-3000.) See Defendant Taitz's filing of September 28, 2010 appearing as Docket No. 145, which contains Geoff Staples forged documents. See also Plaintiffs filing of October 7, 2010, appearing as Docket No. 146 which contains all the evidence of the forgeries.
Plaintiff Liberi immediately contacted the Dallas Police Department, where Geoff Staples resides and left a message. A call came into Plaintiff Liberi's home from (972) 559-5000, Liberi did not answer in time, no message was left on her voicemail, and therefore called the number back. This phone number is to the Dallas, Texas FBI office. As Liberi was ending her message, her other line beeped, and again (972) 559-5000 appeared on her caller ID. Liberi immediately answered the call. A man was on the line who identified himself as Detective Forney, but did not state with what agency or police department he was with. As a result, Plaintiff Liberi gave all her personal information requested under the pretence she was speaking to law enforcement from the Dallas FBI.
Approximately fifteen [15] minutes later, (972) 559-5000 called Plaintiff Liberi again; again the man identified himself as Detective Forney and stated he spoke with Geoff Staples. That Geoff Staples admitted to purchasing and setting up the fraudulent website. The man stated Geoff Staples admitted working with Defendants Linda Belcher and Orly Taitz and that he set the fraudulent website up out of anger and as punishment for Liberi suing Belcher and Taitz. Plaintiff Liberi asked the gentleman why he was calling from the FBI-Dallas phone number. The man stated he works with the FBI and shares space with them.
After thinking about the call and discussing the contents of the call with the man identifying himself as Detective Forney, Plaintiff Liberi, with Plaintiff Ostella on the phone with her, three-way called the Dallas FBI office (xxx) xxx-xxxx and asked if they had a Detective Forney. The receptionist of the FBI transferred Liberi to Personnel, who stated they did not have any employee by that name. Plaintiff Liberi was then transferred to a FBI xxxxxxx xxxxxx, who took a full report and stated that the man identifying himself as law enforcement (Detective Forney) was not a law enforcement officer and was "spoofing" the FBI's phone number. Xx xxxxxx immediately told Liberi to report the incident to her local authorities as Defendants Orly Taitz, Linda Belcher and Geoff Staples have conspired together and faked the identity of a law enforcement officer, set-up a fraudulent website in Liberi's name, stolen the identity of Liberi, and they have now confirmed her home address, which was extremely dangerous. Xx xxxxxx also stated she was doing a report and for Liberi to update her IC3 complaint immediately. Xx xxxxxx told Liberi to immediately contact the Judge in the Civil Case, which is Your Honor, and obtain and request an urgent Temporary Restraining Order.”

Now someone please tell me, just how stupid would you have to be, to continue doing shit like this when you know your ass is going to be hung out to dry just for what you did initially? I swear I’d have to call that “Ernest T. Bass Stupid”.

Ya’ll remember Ernest T, right?

My question is this, has Taitz just totally convinced herself that the courts/judges/FBI, etc… are all so corrupt and so stupid that they are too dumb to be able to snag her ignorant ass for all of this, or what? I mean really, WTF!

I’ll tell you though; I do have sympathy for poor Lisa. How could anyone not, even if she is working for a birfer lawyer? This whole thing has had to be one hell of an ordeal for her. From her statement in the “Emergency Motion for TRO”   she says:

“Due to the fear caused by these individuals, the constant harassment, cyber-stalking, intimidation techniques, I recently was hospitalized for complications with my heart. This is in addition to paramedics appearing at my home on more than four (4) occasions, having to undergo treatments for my heart now for the second time in the past year, all of this due to the stress, harassment, retaliation, fear, which has cost me just in medical expenses in excess of $250,000.00. I need to move in attempts to protect my family, but can't due to my medical expenses. My health and medical expenses are not going to improve, if these individuals are NOT stopped, the stress and fear to live with what these people are doing to my family and me is taking a severe toll on me and my health.”

Lisa, if you’re out there all I can say is hang in there girly girl! Here’s a little glimpse from Ms Daisy’s crystal ball. Like my dear departed mother use to say. “All dogs will get their day”, and I’m pretty sure Orly’s day will look something like this:

Then again, she may end up having her day before Liberi v Taitz even gets to court. Next week Lt Col Terrance Lakin will be court-martialed at Ft. Meade in Maryland and Orly Taters plans on attending.

From her blog:

“Major General Vallely calls the department of justice Court Martial system corrupt, calls to relive military judge Denise Lind of her duties as a judge and have her court martialed, calls on everybody to support LTC Lakin. Join me on December 14-15 at Fort Meade and support Lakin, join Major general Vallely in calling to court martial a corrupt military judge Denise Lind
Posted on December 8, 2010”

Now, I’m a born and raised military brat, and I’ve been to Ft. Meade. It is not an “open post”, meaning unless you have a military ID card, or a military sticker on your car, or a military sponsor, your ass is not getting past the front gate. And even if you manage one of those three, all you have to do is look like you intend to cause a problem and the MP’s will be all over you so fast you won’t know what hit you.

Orly if you’re out there, listen up, I wouldn’t even bother wasting the air fare if I were you. …Then again on second thought, maybe you should give it a go. If anyone messes with you just tell them that they are acting under the orders of an illegal president and they have no authority over you. And don’t forget to mention that you are NOT intimidated by corrupt Obama Brown Shirts. Just demand they get out of your way and tell them if they don’t back off you’ll have them prosecuted for aiding and abetting treason. That’ll fix ‘um.

(Oh how I would love to see that!)

Of course there is one other possibility, The SCOTUS has scheduled her “petition” for denial on January 7th. Wouldn’t it be fun if they ordered her to show cause why they shouldn’t have her remanded to the nearest psyche facility for a full mental evaluation? (Sooner or later someone is bound to do that!)

Barring these two alternate possibilities, I’m pretty sure Berg will take her down on February 9th.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Shit, Here She Goes Again!

Tin Foil Taitz is at it again, this time she has set her goals above that of a meager “Secretary Of State” and is now considering running against Dianne Feinstein for the US Senate. (As if she could even get elected dogcatcher!)

“A number of my supporters have urged me to run for U.S. senate and one campaign manager called me yesterday saying that he would be honored to be my campaign manager. If I decide to run for U.S. senate against Diane Feinstein, than bringing American jobs back to America and repealing and replacing WTO will be the center piece of my campaign. Cleaning elections fraud and black box voting will be the second part of my campaign. If you want to help me push those issues, call me”

Cleaning elections fraud and black box voting will be the “second” part of her campaign? Hasn’t she been spewing “elections fraud” with every breath she’s taken since a black man with a Muslim father sashayed his little black ass into the White House?

Well let’s see, what charges/allegations will she throw at Dianne if she decided to go this route. (As if she’d have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting on the GOP ticket.)

Certainly aiding and abetting the ”illegal usurpation of the office of POTUS”, and misprision of felony would be at the top of her list. Perhaps she saw this video from April 09 where Glenn Beck was spewing allegations against Feinstein and considers it “proof” of her guilt and the prefect tool to have her disqualified, there by clearing the way to take the election by default. (Standard O-Logic)

Who knows what kind of evidence she may manufacture or allegations she may make, but it will be interesting to see. Maybe she’ll put Sherlock Sankey on the case!

Of course running for the US Senate with her history of calling for sedition and armed rebellion may be a bit difficult. But hay! Bachmann is a Congresswoman and she just called for Insurrection, so what the hell! She’s even got a plan for eliminating our entire government and starting all over!

“What are the other remedies against abusive Federal government? 5 minute sovereignty and a new federal government
Posted on December 5, 2010

According to U.S. constitution, if 34 states declare sovereignty, current union ceases to exist and a 5 minutes later a new union can be formed. What is the benefit? you do away with the current abusive Federal administration, you do away with the corruption in federal judiciary and you do away with corrupted black box voting and the 14 trillion dollars of foreign debt and 300 trillion of unfunded obligations, as those were created by the old union, which does not exist anymore. New Union means new federal government, new Judiciary, clean slate. Can we have a constitutional convention next year and see this happening? You might be surprised to hear that the answer is yes. Wait till January to see the changes. So, if current administration, Congress and federal Judiciary do not clean up their act, they might find themselves unemployed sooner than they ever thought.”

Wow, only 34 states and 5 minutes! Imagine that!

(Has anyone ever investigated how much nitrous oxide she orders through her dental clinic?)

Ancient Gods, Astrology, Religion, And The Winter Solstice

Every year the winter solstice marks the official first day of winter. On this day the sun is at it’s lowest point in the southern sky and marks the shortest day of the year. There were many things ancient people didn’t understand, but one thing they did understand and documented was astrology and the rotation of the stars. Of course in ancient times, it was believed that the sky that rotated, not the earth.

To the ancients the winter solstice was a symbol of re-birth. The sun after having reached it lowest point in the sky was re-born and would again climb and warm the earth and bring forth life sustaining vegetation and crops.

The ancient Pagan celebration of the winter solstice is one of the oldest winter celebrations in the world. The ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia. There is documentation of astrologers and sun worship as far back as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians themselves were strict followers of the stars and astrological advice. They also worshiped many Gods, many of whom were associated with or represented by the sun. In fact, Amenhotep IV, tenth King of the 18th dynasty was called a heretic because he dared to declare that indeed there was only one true God, Aten- the Sun God, and he created the first monotheistic cult of sun worship.

The following three short videos show the connections between ancient worship of the sun, ancient texts, astrology and modern day religions.

It’s really amazing how the beliefs of these ancient people have been transformed into the modern religious beliefs people have today. Most of who would outright deny the true origins of those religious beliefs. Many modern religions believe that “God created man in his own image”, when most likely it was exactly the other way around.

Friday, December 3, 2010

This Is What Happens When Radicals Run Wild

When I first saw this video I immediately sent a link to two very close friends who happen to be police officers. Luckily they had both already seen it.

(Just as a background) For 10 years I volunteered as a medic on the rescue squad in my community. My regular running partner was an incredible medic who I always teased as having 15 jobs. As well as being a volunteer, he was a flight medic, a police officer, a 911 dispatcher, defensive tactics and fire arms instructor at the local police academy, as well as a member of the SET (special entry tactics) team, among other things.

Just on the EMS side, (emergency medical services) you can’t imagine some of the “crazies” we encountered, or places we ended up in going on 911 calls. I've been in crack houses, been personally assaulted, found children beaten to bloody pulps by drunken parents, babies born and left in toilets, stabbings, shootings, auto accidents with patients barley alive inside the mangled heaps of metal that used to be cars. I once even had a 5-year-old little boy completely impaled on a pool stick. (Horrible accident, but he lived)

But all the scary places, violence, and creepy people I encountered running 911 was nothing compared to fear that gripped me when I did “ride alongs” with my squad partner on cop duty. It wasn’t the domestic disputes, or the drunks, or even the local street crazies that scared me. It was the traffic stops.

When a cop pulls a car over, they have no fucking idea what is going on in that car, or what the people in it are capable of. I have to say, for me the traffic stops were truly terrifying moments. I’ve seen and been involved in a lot of wild shit, but none of it frightened me as much as the traffic stops on those ride alongs.

This video, from the Southern Poverty Law Center is a perfect example of why my fears were justified.

Michele Bachmann Calls For Insurrection

Why is this woman even allowed out without keepers!

Hay Michele, are you going to give up your government health care?

This woman is seriously disturbed.

More from Michele

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What’s Up With …Bob Over At American Grand Jury?

I’ve always referred to Bob as “…Bob” because that’s pretty much how I see him. You know, haven’t you ever met someone that was (as they say) “a little slow on the uptake”? Sometimes when you talk to people like that, they look up and give a brief little blank pause while they attempt to engage their brain. (Alvin Greene is a good example)

Anyway, is …Bob packing it in over at the AGJ, or are they all now making ready for war?

“God was removed years ago from public office — It is no longer necessary to be a Nation Under God — the Marxist State has aligned itself with the Devil and he assures us that God will never sit on any throne in the United States, Obama will do that for him — after all, didn’t God give the world to the Devil anyway?
With my rant comes a reality that American Grand Jury isn’t getting the job done. We get between 7,000 to 8,000 hits a day yet we only have 50 to 60 people that comment here on a regular basis. Why is that? We don’t ask for contributions to keep this website going — We don’t make you jump through special hoops to be a part of this website — we keep the trolls and progressives out — so what is it? My only conclusion is that this website has failed to reach any type of critical mass because the format has become boring and I am bored with it too. ”

Well …Bob, it could be that you and your actual following of 50 or 60 are just entertainment for the rest of the 7 or 8 thousand Trolls that go to your website to get a laugh.

“Anyway, I simply must move on and find other ways to invest my time and efforts. Folks, I am tired of politics. I am tired of being negative, which I have become and I am tired of telling people that things are going to be okay. Personally, I think we are past the stage of being okay. We have a Nation full of perverts, liberals, illegals, gays, criminals and corrupt politicians that are happy with the status quo. On the other side we have a group of conservatives that deserve better but we are never going to get what we want until we rid ourselves of evil in this Country. My belief is it will take a civil uprising to get the job done — if that doesn’t happen we will slide so far into communism that we will never recover. We are looking more and more like early-communist Russia, only worse in some cases. Hell, even the Chinese have figured out how to beat us at being a socially adept Nation.”

A civil uprising? All (almost) 60 of you? Ho-Lee Shit! The trolls are in big trouble now!

“Sorry folks — you can hate me — and you can call me a traitor, but I refuse to live my life any longer on the dark side of negativity. Time to move on, enjoy what life I have left and fight when the actual time comes to load my gun and shoot some criminal trying to invade my property. Until that time comes all the talk, gossip and lip-service in the world is not going to remove Obama from office. Civil war, a severe Depression or God’s intervention are the only things I can see that will get the job done.”

So are you going to dress up like a tree, patrol your perimeters, put up surveillance camera’s, motion detectors and shit like that too? Wow! I’m sure your neighbors will be thrilled!

He ends with:

“Anyway, time will tell — you need to comment on this article today as this is ALL you are going to get. I don’t give a crap if Obama is dying I am not going to post it today.
Bob Campbell
Editor American Grand Jury”

But he adds a PS:

“PS.. I am sure I will hear from some of you about the evils of being a quitter — so be it. I can deal with the criticism and I understand where it is coming from. My excuse is I have other things more important to me right now such as my family, my business and my God. I hope most of you understand — if you don’t, well, drop back 10 yards and punt!”

What, is that some kind of code to rally your (almost) 60 storm troopers? “Drop back 10 yards and punt”?

His PS is followed by a cartoon of Obama holding a cell phone and saying:

“Whenever Allah needs me, he just gives me a ring on my blackberry!”

Maybe that's a signal for them to await the call to arms!

Larry chimes in:

Larry says: December 2, 2010 at 7:08 am
Bob: I am very sorry that we will lose this Great Voice for FREEDOM!!
I fully understand your situation, I was forced, 20 years ago to close my Racing Car Business as a result of Government!
Whatever the New Format is to become, if I still can Post and be a part of the Site, I certainly will continue yo SUPPORT You!
My Patience is also running thin, and am in Concert with your Feelings and Justifications.
May you find what you seek, and do it with a Fruitful Conclusion for You and your Family!!
I stand Ready, Willing and Able? to “Cover Your Flank”, IF and When the Situation Arises~~~~~~~
May the Lord Look Down Upon You, and keep You and Yours Safe from Harm!!
SEMPRE FI !! and God’s Speed my Friend!!!
Larry M”

Okay then! “In concert with …Bob’s feelings and Justifications and standing ready, willing and able to cover his flank”?


And here comes ledbythnose, a nose:

“ledbythnose says: December 2, 2010 at 7:29 am
Well Bob I have been wondering when you would come to this conclusion. I too have been becoming more involved with being proactive in preparing for the Civil War that is eminent.We have cussed and discussed this stuff till we are blue in the face and its high time we all gird our loins and lock and load. I however consider you and all of the great posters here at AGJ wonderful Friends and will continue to stop in and share whats up. The best advise I can give you all is buy a gun if you don’t have one and have at the very least 5 thousand rounds of ammo for it. Learn to use it well because it will be your best Friend in the days to come.Stock up on foods and survival gear as much as possible. Have a planned meeting place established with your Family and Friends for when TSHTF,and most of all draw close to our Lord and seek his strength and guidance. The dark days ahead will require a strong faith in the Master.Join your local Militia and become active in training. Finally remember we ARE TEAM INFIDEL and it is us that they must fear to the depths of their filthy soulless being. Hopefully we will meet on the other side and rejoice in the salvation of our dear Republic.Until then don’t take any wooden Nickles and may God save and bless THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

So “team Infidel” here is going to “gird his loins and lock and load”. Is this guy stuck in some kind of B line survival movie here?

And WTF is up with Roderick?

“roderick says: December 2, 2010 at 8:43 am
the only reason the “fraud” ran for president was to fly around in a 747. it was caucasians (and I am white) that got us into this mess (huge national debt) that will be here until we die.
when you vote for someone just because he is black or half white and half black you have your neighbor obviously not giving a sh-t.
the approval rating of the “fraud” shows you the real truth. you can read it on
in all honesty the democrats should not have endorsed the “great fraud” in ‘08. they should have told him “you need to go your way and we’ll go ours because and wait just wait I’m not finished ‘when the election of 2010 comes and everybody has realized you, obama, are nothing more than a “great fraud” who wants to fly around in your little airplane, we, the democrats, are going to get our asses kicked.”


I think this is what happens when they start typing while stuck in that “blank pause phase” before their brains kick in.

Lawdy Lawd! Whatever next?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Orly’s On Recycle Mode …Yet Again

On her website is a post claiming that Obama says (in a speech) that his father served in WWII. There is a link to this 18 second video

However…. This was debunked as usual (Imagine That!) by Snoops. 

Orly Taitz is forever spewing about “Defrauding the Public”.

Yet… Defrauding the public is what her life is all about.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dude! It’s Time For Leo Berman To Think About Retirement

Anderson Cooper from CNN did an interview today with Texas Birther Rep Leo Berman. And he went full birthtard.

Oh I’m so looking forward to the backlash from this! He just made a complete fool of himself (and Texas) on CNN, not that I think he cares, but I'm sure Orly is having a birther orgasm!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Birferverse Is Buzzing With Sedition

Mario Apuzzo’s birther case was tossed by the SCOTUS, (no great surprise there) and the birther minions are massing. The fringe contingent over at the American Grand Jury are having shit fits.

Good old …Bob is over there stirring the crazy pot. He posts in part:

“I just received an email from Victoria Windsor. The Supreme Court has denied Apuzzo’s Writ for Certiorari — they gave NO explanation whatsoever.”

Well …Bob, most rational people don’t really need to have this explained.

“This tells me the Supreme Court is a now complicit in the cover-up of Obama’s eligibility. Right before Thanksgiving I received an email from a person who claimed to Clerk for Judge Thomas. I didn’t know the person so I was hoping it was a crank email. Turns out the person was telling the truth.
He said, “the Supreme Court would announce on Monday and give no explanation.” He further said, “most of the clerks at the Supreme Court were liberal and were laughing at Apuzzo and the Case.” You know that Apuzzo and Kerchner have spent in excess of a $million dollars on this case.”

It is true that fools and their money soon part. I can’t say that I’d blame the clerks for laughing at this. I’ve been laughing at birthers for the last 2 years.

“This tells you we have a VERY, VERY SICK Government. ALL 3 BRANCHES ARE COMPLICIT in the COVER-UP.”

Right! The whole world is in on this conspiracy.

“This is disgusting. Everyone, including most Congress Members and Supreme Court Justices know that Obama is dirty.”

Actually no, but they do know that birthers are crazy.

Oh, and the comments are getting good.

“ledbythnose says: November 29, 2010 at 11:21 am
Larry was right on the money the other day about this travesty. I hate to have to admit it Folks but the fix is in and there will be no investigation nor will there be any trial of this issue on a Federal level period. Bob and many others have worked tirelessly over the last 2+ years trying to bring this thing to a head and sadly to no avail. Soetoro will not be brought down by the eligibility issue period.We can now only hope that Mr.Issa will bring Impeachment charges against this Marxist Regime.It makes my blood boil that the American People can no longer depend on Government for Constitutional standing. If no charges are brought against Soetoro and his minions after January then I think we know what must happen at that point.The Second Amendment was designed by the Founders for exactly this situation and it will be up to EVERY American Citizen to use WHATEVER MEANS NECCESSARY to remove,arrest and prosecute these Traitors, and I mean right down to the local Civil level. Bottom line is be prepared for REVOLUTION! Long live the Republic and may we have the resolve to reclaim it for posterity sake so help us God!

Revolution, right. Will you have as many people as showed up at Mad Man Manning’s play trial?

"Larry says: November 29, 2010 at 11:22 am
WELL, NOW, SCOTUS has announced that our Nation in NOW a “Land OF NO LAWS!!”
IF they have Refused to accept the Articles of the Constitution, the have in ESSENCE declared the Constitution of the United States of America a NON-BINDING, NULLIFIED Document and have NULLIFIED ALL OF GOVERNMENT!! As of this MOMENT, We are WITHOUT LAW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!"

Really? Well if I were you I wouldn’t attempt to break any of those laws you say we don’t have. You’d likely end up just like your buddy Fitzpatrick.

"SUSANM says: November 29, 2010 at 11:33 am
TIME TO RISE? you can’t even count on judges, when this all hits the fan, everyone of these jugdes who are giving OUR COUNTRY over to an illegal, its going to be JAIL TIME/LINE THEM ALL UP."

It’s certainly possible that people calling for armed rebellion could get some serious jail time!

The question is, which of these idiots will be first?

BTW… I expect Orly’s (next) SCOTUS slap down to come at any minute.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Who’s the Nasty? Birther Lawyers Square Off in Liberi v Taitz

Orly Taitz is nothing if not SERIOUSLY vindictive. Anyone that does not praise and kowtow to her majesty’s will is mercilessly slandered. She hurls accusations of being treasonous criminals, of corruption, of people lying about her and DARING to “Defame” the righteous, “Lady Liberty of American Patriots” herself. Which is of course how she intends to be remembered in the history books. (Good luck on that!)

No one is safe from her wrath. Judges, law enforcement, government officials, the media, journalists, or any other poor sod that has the balls to cross her or get in her way will be destroyed. And she will send that destruction around the world filing “official” complaints with every world organization she can find. Fuck with her buddy and you’re dog meat! The depth of her egomania is astounding, and is matched only buy her intense hatred of (of course, Obama) or anyone that dares to defy her.

The vitriol she spews towards Obama and every judge that has ruled against her, (which is every judge she’s ever been in front of) is just standard operating procedure for her, but lets look at just how nasty she can get on a personal level. Since Berg filled the first complaint in Liberi v Taitz, there have been (from what I can tell) at least 70 fillings following that complaint, maybe more.

On May 5th of 2009 Berg filed a complaint against Taitz (and company) for slandering his assistant Lisa Liberi. Taitz posted on her website that Lisa was a convicted criminal, felon, forger, thief, and listed a mile long “rap sheet”, as well as publishing all of her personal identifying information, including her social security number, mothers maiden name, address, phone number and anything else she could come up with. But she didn’t just publish these things on her blog; She named it, “Dossier #6” and then went on a spamming rampage sending that personal information around the world to thousands of people.

The shit is probably still floating around like some kind of vitriol fog in cyberspace somewhere! The problem is that Berg’s assistant Lisa Liberi claims she is not the same Lisa Liberi who Taitz is claiming is this horrible criminal. (Ooops!) But as usual, little things like actual facts are irrelevant to Taitz if they don’t follow “her” agenda. It’s much easier to fabricate, forge, spin, or just pull out of her ass whatever works best.

Berg’s complaint gives a pretty good outline of the events leading up to Taitz’s assault on Liberi, so lets have a look at how that all went down. It seems that Taitz first pissed off Berg and Liberi when she plagiarized their briefs in her first court case Keys v Bowen in November 08. Following that she began to badger Berg and Liberi for help with her court filings, and even wanted Berg to sponsor her in the US Supreme Court. But Berg refused because to sponsor someone you are required to have known them for a year. Berg had not known Taitz that long and refused to lie and say he had, and that pissed Taitz off.

Meanwhile… Taitz was having another war with her Webmaster Lisa Ostella. Taitz’s computer skills generally fall along the same lines as her legal skills, pretty poor. But not so poor that she didn’t understand what she was doing when she had Ostella add a tracking/hacking program to her blog ( that that collected data from anyone visiting and posting on her blog. This is probably how Taitz obtained all of Liberi’s personal information that she plastered all over the Internet.

Ultimately Taitz also had issues with her paypal account, but rather than admitting that she had screwed up, (something she is completely incapable of doing) she claimed her site had been hacked and accused Ostella of stealing her donations. She also accused Berg and Liberi of stealing from her too. She filed complaints against Ostella with the FBI, God and everyone else as usual. This pissed off Ostella, and rightfully so, so she pulled the plug on Taitz’s blog which of course pissed Taitz off even more.

Since Berg had refused to sponsor Taitz in her Quo Warranto with the Supreme Court, Taitz latched on to another birther lawyer John Hemenway. On April 12, 09 she sent the following email to Berg:

“From: Orly Taitz
Subject: Ceize and Desist, demand to file a joint FBI complaint
To: “Phil J Berg Esq
Date: Sunday, April 12, 2009, 10:01 AM
04.12.09. Mr. Phillip Berg, ”this is to inform you that a few days ago I have forwarded my quo warranto pleadings to Mr. John Hemenway, since he agreed to be my local co-counsel in Washington DC. This was a confidential communication and Mr. Hemenway stated, that mistakenly he has forwarded those pleadings to you. Shortly thereafter you have sent a press release, stating that you will be filing Quo Warranto action. This is a Ceize and Desist letter, demanding that you do not use my pleadings and confidential information in any way, shape or form, as you received those in error without my authorization. Additionally, I received information from a licensed Private investigator, with 20 years of experience with Scotland Yard and 12 years of experience in US, that your paralegal Lisa Liberi has an extensive criminal record, involving fraud, forgery of documents and identity theft. See attached file. I also received information that her husband, who is currently on parole, is an owner of 2 of accounts, accepting credit cards on your charitable foundation web site. As an officer of the court I am obligated to forward this information to the authorities: FBI, Attorney General of California and San Bernardino County Distict Attorney, since Lisa Liberi had a 8 year conviction in San Bernardino County, California. I believe that you, as an officer of the court, as well and a former Assitant Attorney General of Pennsylvania, should join me in issuing a joint complaint and demand for investigation from the above listed authorities.
Dr. Orly Taitz Esq”

So, she plagiarized Berg and Liberi’s work, then threatened Burg with a “Ceize and Desist” demanding he not use her stuff. (As if he would want to!) She also accused Ostella of hacking her paypal, but it was actually her that was hacking the computers of everyone that visited her site. (Notice her usual MO of accusing everyone else of the things she is doing?)

This “investigator” from Scotland Yard, Neil Sankey (also named in Berg’s complaint) is Taitz’s primary investigator. Just as a side note, here’s what the Guardian  said about him in a birther article from Nov. 09:

“Sankey says his fascination began with the realisation "that this man wasn't what he said he was. He wasn't an ordinary Democrat — he was far more extreme than that." So about a year ago he began reading blogs and websites that claimed to expose Obama's foreign roots, his spurious Hawaiian birth certificate and the $2m White House cover-up that has prevented the public finding out about the plot.”

So, Sherlock here gets his information from birther blogs, right! (What a wanker!)

Now the question is where did Sankey get all this “dirt” on Liberi? Here we back up a bit to answer that. Linda Belcher, (aka Linda Starr, and also named in Berg’s complaint) was moderator for Berg’s website and quite a nasty piece of work herself. Berg started having problems with Belcher, and they apparently parted ways on unfriendly terms. On March 6th 09 Belcher posted her last post on Berg’s website:

"Re: Weekly Discussion Topics 03/01/09 - 03/07/09
by Linda Starr on Today, 06:23
I am done with all the lies, false accusations, trashing and vicious crap that has been done to me since January by certain people around here. They tell me my services are no longer needed and I am not welcome here. I spent all these months doing nothing but working my butt off for Phil and this cause and I'm out. No expalanations except for more lies told about me...and Phil won't even talk to me after over a 10 year friendship!! How's that one? Lisa wants the trolls to take over and everyone knows Phil jumps to her tune, or so she tells it."

Then suddenly 10 days later, good ole Sherlock Sankey fires off this email to Taitz and cc’d Ostella (at that time Taitz and Ostella hadn’t parted company yet):

Subject: FW: >>>>>>>>>>Urgent IMPORTANT INFO SAME SUBJECT<<<< documents. Liberi appeared in San Bernardino County, Rancho Cucamonga, Superior Court, on March 21, 2008. She was sentenced to a state prison term of 8 years, imposed but stayed, and placed on supervised probation for 3 years as part of a plea agreement. Liberi was sentenced on ten felony counts ranging from Grand Theft, Forgery, and Filing False Documents. From 2000 to 2004, Liberi engaged in a complex fraud involving falsification of police reports, manipulation of credit bureau reports, loan fraud, and counterfeiting of court documents resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses to banks and credit unions. In 2002, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department personnel arrested > Liberi on theft by false pretense charges. In July 2004, Investigators from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud Unit arrested Liberi at the Ontario International Airport for additional felony charges while she was out on bail. She has an extensive criminal record going back to the 90’s.”

Hum… Could Belcher be where he got that information? (Hell hath no fury, as they say!)

Belcher was the one that first brought up the subject of Obama’s citizenship to Berg back in the spring of 08, and started him on his road to the Birtherverse. She also was the one that convinced Berg to hire her friend of 20 years Geoff Staples as his Webmaster. Berg ended up firing Staples the following December for putting unauthorized charges on his credit card, and as it turned out, Belcher soon followed being cut loose by Berg in March.

Berg’s primary complaint against Taitz accuses her of the illegal disclosure of Liberi’s personal identifying information, including her social security number. And yes, she did that. She posted and re-posted that information over and over.

And yes, that’s illegal:

California Civil Code §1798.85 which states in pertinent part: “(a) Except as provided in this section, a person or entity may not do any of the following: (1) Publicly post or publicly display in any manner an individual’s social security number. "Publicly post" or "publicly display" means to intentionally communicate or otherwise make available to the general public.”

Berg also accused her of Defamation, Slander, Libel, Invasion of privacy, and Harassment.

Taitz without question did of all of the above. She did publish personal information about Liberi; I saw it myself. Taitz also slandered, harassed and tormented the poor child half to death. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe this is the case that is going to bring this arrogant vindictive mega-bitch to her knees. She is not going to be able to bullshit her way out of this one, and even if Lisa Liberi was the same Liberi with the criminal history, Taitz STILL did it!

Taitz commented on Berg’s complaint in a rather long winded post on her website on May 8th:

“Check public records for yourselves, see that I am providing truthful information
Posted on May 5, 2009 29 Comments
I would like to respond in regards to some allegations that came forward recently.
As you can see in dossier #6 on this blog, I have received verified information from a licenced CA Private Investigator Mr. Neil Sankey (license 10905) , that Lisa Liberi, working as a paralegal for Phil Berg has a lengthy criminal record of grand theft and forgery (see dossier #6).

I have sent Mr. Berg this information, he never responded and never denied it. Due to the fact that Ms. Liberi has access to numerous documents and donations, I was obligated to provide this information to the public. Information that was provided, is public record and I urge everybody to call San Bernardino, CA criminal court system as well as NM probation officer (number in dossier) and verify that all the information is correct. I have urged Mr. Berg to disassociated himself and his practice and donation efforts from this person and hire a forensic accountant and forensic document examiner to review all documents and forensic records handled by her. Mr. Berg did not do so. From what I understand their website was under lockdown and Ms. Liberi went by name Agent88.

Paperwork filed yesterday was nothing but slander against me, a lot of sand in the eyes, but if you read carefully, the only thing they are trying to do, is further hide Liberi’s identity, saying that there is an undisclosed address and asking for a new social security number. They do not and cannot deny following important points:

1. Lisa Liberi, working for Philip Berg, resides in New Mexico, previously resided in CA and has a lengthy record of grand theft and forgery of documents.

2. Phil Berg was warned by me and a volunteer, that her continuing association with the Obama litigation undermines everybody’s work and everybody’s effords, as it puts into question integrity of fundraising of donations and veracity of any and all documents handled by her.

3. Regardless of what might be financial and other arrangements of Mr. Berg with Ms. Liberi, as an officer of the court, he had a duty to disassociate his fundraising efforts and legal research from her. I believe he owes this to all the patriots involved in this effort, particularly people like me working 24/7. He has an obligation to hire a forensic accountant and forensic document examiner and check all the records. Imagine, if any of Obama eligibility cases go to trial, Berg and any and all attorneys will be impeached and reasonable doubt will be in the minds of the jurors, if they know that the documents presented, were gathered by a person with the record of forged documents, that the supervising attorney knew about it and made no effort to disasiociate himself and verify the records by the licensed professional. Rest assured, that if I could obtain this information about Ms. Liberi, so could Obama’s attorneys, with millions of dollars available to them. I am wondering if Ms. Liberi’s association with Mr. Berg was mastermind by somebody, as she had a conviction in March of last year, was supposed to serve 8 years in San Bernardino CA, but the sentence was reduced to probation and restitution to victims.

4. On the contrary, as the first donors reported to me problems with pay-pal, I have reported this to the police and FBI immediately. The reports were posted on the blog. When web master Lisa Ostella has stated that she wants me to take back my complaint, I switched to a different web master and made sure that with the current web master my e-mail address is listed on the registration of the domain, in order not to have the same problem. Ms. Ostella’s actions as a web master in locking me out of my web site, allowing several days of defamatory statements and later defrauding the donors and my foundation, by sending e-mails and claiming to represent foundation and soliciting donations for the foundation are inexcusable and will have to be prosecuted in due time.

5. I did not intent to prosecute this matter at this time, as I felt that Obama eligibility prosecution and research is more important for the country at large, however I will respond as required to the filing by Mr. Berg.

6. I wonder in regards to timing of this complaint, as I am making progress in a number of states and with a number of plaintiffs. If Mr. Berg is really concerned about this country and it’s future, he should dismiss this outrageous and frivolous complaint immediately, disassociate himself from both Ms Ostella and Ms. Liberi and not waste my time, that is needed to organize more citizen grand juries, more meetings with attorney generals of the states, local FBI offices, US attorneys, grown numbers in resistance movement and turn this country around. All of the stonewalling that we have observed, indicates that the problem is much bigger, then birth certificate. I am the only attorney, who has the courage to bring to the forefront all of the evidence of forgery,perjury, multiple social security numbers, unreported job positions. Judges are hesitant to decide based on birth certificate only. it is extremely important to push for criminal investigation of all the issues. This frivolous law suit simply wastes my time and resources.

Dr. Orly Taitz Esq.”

Right, she had a “duty” to do it and Berg’s lawsuit is a frivolous waste of time. I think this is when Taitz actually realized that she had screwed up big time, which is probably why it took her 3 days to reply. She must have spent those three days spinning like a washing machine with a lopsided load trying to find a way to justify her attack. The problem is that she cannot legally justify what she did. In her 
“Motion for Dismissal of TRO”  she’s still spinning and basically attempting to flip the whole thing into lies by Berg and Liberi (Now there’s a real surprise.) And all the fillings that follow pretty much follow the same pattern. Taitz consistently makes the entire issue about something other than the fact that she IS guilty of doing exactly as the original complaint charged.

As time passes, Taitz can’t let this one case stop her crusade against everyone else so along the way she continues her quest to trash Obama and have him removed as POTUS, as well as proving herself to be the slanderous vindictive bitch that she is. She knowingly associated “herself” with true convicted criminals, felons, forgers and thieves, (again, something she accuses everyone else of doing) all of who ultimately turned on her. Including the one she was doing the wild thing on her dental chairs with while her unsuspecting husband thought she was just working late. (Sucker!)

She has publicly slandered every judge she’s ever seen, and accused them of conspiracy, treason, corruption, aiding and abetting and more. She has also slandered every public official, journalist, media outlet, and pretty much everyone that has crossed her path. She even submitted a pitifully forged Kenyan birth certificate as actual “evidence” to the court. A document she obtained from a convicted forger with full knowledge of his criminal history at the time. I mean really, how fucking stupid can you be?

(OMG that was funny as shit when she submitted that Kenyan BC to Judge Land. I near pissed myself laughing when I read the transcript.  For a perfect example of Taitz’s legal prowess you have to read it. The birth certificate bit starts on page 27, line 20.)

It’s no wonder she was slapped with a $20,000 fine. She is utterly the most incompetent lawyer that ever was. Yet, she STILL claims, (in her own words) that the fine was “Judicial extortion to keep me and all of you as silent slaves about illegitimacy of the Kenyan usurper,” as she was begging for donations from her flying monkeys to cover the fine.

Among other things she has also openly called for the overthrow of the US Government, and for armed sedition. There just seems to be no limits to what she will do or say to attract attention and support. Orly Taitz is a Jew, and even had the balls to try and rally support at a White Supremacist rally! WTF! She has also not had any problem demonstrating her bigotry and extreme hatred of Muslims, calling the NY Mosque a “spit in the face” and calling for her supporters to protest with dogs and (believe it or not) pet pigs on a leash to intimidate Muslims.

From the very beginning Taitz has demonstrated there is no limit to how nasty or vindictive she can be. Nor does there appear to be any limit to what she will do, or how low she’s willing to go to destroy anyone that gets in her way. And what is in her way right now is the very real probability that Liberi v Taitz is going to be her undoing. One would think, given the fact that she knows full well that she is guilty as charged in that case, that she would at least make an attempt not to do anything to make things worse for herself than they already are. But we are talking about Orly here.

Three days after Berg filled his brief on 11/7/10 outlining all of her lies, forgeries and manipulations, Liberi received an email from someone called “convictedfelon” stating “Love your new website”. It seems that “someone” set up a bogus website in the name of “Lisa Liberi”, posting the same supposed “mug-shot” of Liberi that Taitz had sent to the far ends of cyberspace and back, along with the same nasty stuff Taitz has been saying about Liberi all along.

Funny but, Taitz would normally be all over something like that like stink on shit, plastering links to it to infinity while basking in the glory of Liberi’s misery. But there was only silence. Not a word, not even cricket chirps. (Imagine that!)

And low and behold it didn’t take long, but whom do you suppose the site was traced back to? It was none other than Webmaster Geoff Staples, Linda Belcher’s life long friend, both of them having been involved with Taitz’s acquisition of the so-called “evidence” against Liberi. And both of them fired by Philip Berg. Well, Well, what a coincidence!

I swear these people are as dumb as a box of rocks!

There was recently a comparison made between Orly Taitz and Alvin Greene of South Carolina. (Y’all remember Howling Alvin, right?) Well, none of his wailing will be able to come close to what Orly is likely to do when the judicial hammer comes down on her for this one. Her own “MSNBC Meltdown” will probably pale in comparison! She’ll probably create some sort of vortex right on the spot, spinning her lopsided load like an out of control Tasmanian devil. (OMG I hope someone gets it on video!)

Now I’m not a gambling kind of person, but I have been known to bet a beer from time to time. And this time I’d be willing to bet a case of Red Stripe on who is going to win this birther pissing contest!

Keep ‘um cold, and the popcorn handy! This is going to be good!