Thursday, December 17, 2009

Uh Oh, Panic in the Birtherverse

Since the onset of the Birther Movement, birthers everywhere have clamored for headlines and recognition from the MSM about their so-called issues over Obama’s eligibility to be President. Trouble is every bit of attention they have gotten has been slamming them for their continuing claims of debunked rumors and hearsay.

On December 11, 2009 the self-proclaimed “World’s Leading Obama Eligibility Challenger” posted on her website that “Orly Taitz would be interviewed by NBC for a documentary about Obama’s eligibility”. It states that she will be able to “highlight her legal efforts to bring to light the vital records of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and the issue of his legitimacy to be President due to lack of Natural Born Status.”

Okay…. Isn’t that what they have wanted from the beginning? Don’t you think that if they truly believed in their own cause they would be chomping at the bit to finally have this chance to have their say? But the thing is the comments related to the post announcing this interview are full of apprehension. Paranoia is running rampant; they think it’s a trap!

A few selected references: “A potential hatchet job”, “Watch your back”, “A lot of us are worried about this interview”, “This is like Adolph Hitler offering free public showers”, “Ms. Orly, Please do not trust these media”, “They will try to make you look bad”, “I fear anterior motives”, (anterior?) “Who needs to get MSM coverage from a bunch of liars”, “Bring your own personal body guard”, “ I smell a rat”, “Please remember: NBC is committed to ObaMao”, (and you have to love this one) “Insist on having Olberman and Maddow for the interview so you can show them your upper hand”.

Upper hand? Pah-Leese! Olberman and Maddow would make dog meat out of Orly Taitz.

Maybe they are starting to notice a pattern here on how all the interviews and MSM attention they do get keeps making them look, shall we say… pretty damn stupid? I wonder why they don’t wonder why that is. Could it be that stupid people don’t know their stupid, because they’re stupid?

Well, today is supposed to be the day of the interview and the questions are: Will Orly have a meltdown like she did on MSNBC? Will she chicken out and cancel? Will they debunk everything she claims, “yet again”?

This will be interesting. Keep the popcorn handy!

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  1. This is assuming such an interview takes place at all. I can easily envision a scenario wherein Orly gets through the NBC switchboard, is connected to an intern, demands that NBC produce a documentary "exposing" Obama, and is told "we'll have someone call you." In Orly's mind, that means the documentary WILL be produced, and that she WILL be interviewed. This is no different than her being told that a court has scheduled a hearing and Orly saying/believing that "trial date has been set." Absolutely nothing this woman says can be taken at face value; when she's not being crazy, she's being mendacious.