Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Senate Rejects Nelson Amendment 54-45

Why does anyone think that they have a right to trample on other people’s rights? Sorry but your religious issues/beliefs are your own problem and have nothing to do with anyone else’s legal rights and I think it’s about time you get over it and learn to deal with reality.

That reality is that an abortion is a legal procedure, period. I am so sick of these religious extremists, as well as churches and organizations fighting tooth and nail to limit, or restrict, or flat out deny women’s rights to “legal” reproductive care. Many not only want to deny coverage for abortion but also would outlaw abortion all together if they could. In some cases want to deny access to contraception as well. And now that we are so close to getting real healthcare reform in this country they are using abortion in any way they can to block that reform.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Should we outlaw women’s reproductive care because Christian extremists don’t agree with it? Well maybe we should outlaw blood transfusions too because it’s against the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses. How about outlawing pork as well because it’s against the laws of Judaism.

The Nelson amendment was basically the same as the Stupak-Pitts Amendment that passed in the House version of the healthcare reform bill. That bill would affect both public and private insurance programs. It not only bars coverage for abortion under the public option, but also prohibits use of public funds in connection with any private health insurance plan offering coverage through the exchange that provides coverage for abortion. Including existing plans that currently provide that coverage.

This would severely restrict the availability of private insurance coverage for abortion. Effectively denying millions of women the right to coverage for a legal medical procedure. It does suggest however that women could purchase a special “Rider” in addition to their regular insurance in order to have coverage for abortion care. How does it make the first bit of sense, to ask women to buy separate coverage to plan for an unplanned pregnancy? It doesn’t, no more so than telling men they have to buy a separate policy to obtain medication for erectile dysfunction.

You have to love Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca.) for cutting lose on all those nay-saying Senators on the Senate floor yesterday. Have a look:

Bottom line is these anti-choice people are perfectly entitled NOT to have an abortion if they so “choose”. But they absolutely do not have the right to deny that same right of choice to anyone else. Nor should they be able to deny access to medical coverage for a perfectly legal procedure to anyone else. They claim they don’t want “Their Tax Dollars” to pay for something they believe is wrong. Well, I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for war either, but they do.

Abortion has been legal for 36 years, and no that is never going to change. Women will never go back to the back alleys with whatever god-awful things they had to go through at the time. Any more then these crusty old male senators will give up their prescriptions of Viargra and go back to just wondering “limply” along wishing they could still get an erection. (Not as easy as it used to be, is it boys?)

I say keep your religious issues whatever they may be to yourself. No “religious opinion” has any business meddling in the laws of the land, in government policy and for damn sure has no business meddling in the lives of others.  If you don’t want anyone telling you how to pray or who you can or cannot pray to and you expect to have your rights respected, then you have no right to disrespect anyone else's rights by telling them how they can or cannot live or what they can or cannot do. Other people’s lives are not your friggin business, regardless of your religious beliefs.


  1. Decided to come by and visit your site. As I read thru it, I had to stop and get my hip waders on, the amount of liberal pablum, half truths, lies, general moaning and groaning, and just general human waste was pretty impressive for a new blog. And the religious bigorty thing, nice touch.

    Oh, and in looking at your photo, are you really female? It looks as though you are really a guy in a bad drag outfit.

  2. My, my, those good Christian values of yours are just oozing aren’t they? I see that in the midst of your ramblings you neglected to answer the question I asked. Which was, why you think that you have the right to force your beliefs off onto the lives of others? And how you can expect to have your rights respected when you have no respect for anyone else’s legal rights. But I guess I can see the answer. You are totally brainwashed in that it’s the Catholic way, or no way. You church is all that matters and what anyone else thinks or believes is totally irrelevant. Apparently you couldn’t care less about anyone that does not follow what “you” believe.

    You commented about half-truths and lies. Well, doesn’t that about sum up that Catholic Church? Maybe you should ask some of it’s “victims” what they think. Lets look at some of the “facts” of your beloved institution over the last 25 years. Fact, the Catholic Church (in the US alone) has made settlement payments to victims of abuse in the amount of $2,069,179,500.00. That comes out to $6,897,265.00 per month, every month for 25 years! (Imagine that)

    Don’t you wonder how much of your personal money was used for that? Of course this does not include all the “hush” money the church has paid out under the table in further attempts to cover up for and protect all the church pedophiles that dress priestly robes, at the expense of innocent children of course. After all the precious reputation of the church is much more important than the suffering of its victims.

    This figure does include by the way settlements paid to 16 victims in Washington DC by 8 different pedophile priests, namely; Edward Hartel, Paul Lavin, Thomas Schaeffer, Alphonsus Smith, Edward Pritchard, James Finan, Robert Petrella, and Raymond Callahan. (Any friends of yours?)

    See for yourself.

    Liberal pabulum? Well, it’s better than religious diatribe.

    Have a happy holiday, and keep putting lots of money in the basket! Lots more payoffs to come I’m sure.


  3. I'm curious, leftists...have you any idea the extent to which the foundation of your entire worldview is a complete and utter fraud based on lies and deception? I would imagine, unfortunately, that somewhere at your core that you do, since everything that your people try to accomplish is done by stealth and by - what do you call it - oh, yes, that's 'going dark'. Last time I checked, only cowards come out at night and fight when their opponents can't see them. Courage of convictions, indeed.

    I'm equally curious as to the manner in which such an erudite group of people managed to be brainwashed by what is really nothing more than the Nazi brainwashing tactics that were developed over the course of the 1940's and 1950's. You're apparently not nearly as intelligent as you'd like to believe. Further, if it weren't for the fact that you view yourselves as in some form or fashion 'shunned' - by your parents, peers, or society-at-large - you wouldn't have left yourselves intellectually vulberable to the worldview of a group of spoiled, petulant lifelong adolescents - the Baby Boomers. They've accomplished something painfully simple - they've whipped up the populist outrage of a group of self-perceived 'disenfranchised' people, people that have nothing in life on which to hang their proverbial hats (as a result of their own laziness, anger, or sense of entltlement), against the 'achievers' and producers of society,the proverbial 'valedictorians' and 'most likely to succeeds' from high school.

    How's that Global Warming workin' out for you? Do you honestly believe that the common sense people of this world believe all this? I know, I know....ignore the e-mails, ignore the evidence...deny, spin, deny, spin. That's ok. Your time in this country is beginning to come to an end, just as you thought your chance had finally arrived. You people woulod be a great laugh in the course of social conversation if it weren't for the fact that you're actually quite dangerous. As to whether you actually believe the stuff that you espouse or are just lying all the way toward your goal(s), I don't really care; in all honesty, I have a hard time determining which is worse.

    See you on the Battlefield of Ideas.