Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Religious Debate?

Not that I’m a religious person, but someone sent me an email of a public debate between two churches, one Catholic and one Presbyterian somewhere in a Southern US town, who apparently have a difference of opinions on dogs. The debate took the form of response and counter-response on the signs in front of their churches. Someone photographed the exchange and it was quite funny, so I thought I would share.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Only Humans Go To Heaven
Read The Bible

God Loves All His Creations
Dogs Included

Dogs Don’t Have Souls
This Is Not Open For

Catholic Dogs Go To Heaven
Presbyterian Dogs Can Talk To
Their Pastor

Converting To Catholicism Does Not
Magically Grant Your Dog A Soul

Free Dog Souls
With Conversion

Dogs Are Animals
There Aren’t Any
Rocks In Heaven Either

All Rocks
Go To Heaven

The funny thing is that there are a lot of dogs that are much nicer people than many 2-legged people. And why would anyone declare that dogs or animals don’t have souls? My dogs have emotions and feelings just like people do. I’ve even known dogs to have to be put on doggie Prozac for depression. Dogs can express love, grief, joy, fear, jealousy and even anger just like people. In many cases they are much more loyal than people. I think that if people can have souls, so can animals. 


  1. Regrettably, this is a hoax.

  2. I thought it probably was like most of the stuff people email around. But it made me laugh!