Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Grand Old Party

Hard to believe the Modern Republican Party (in 1845) was founded by anti-slavery activists, (dare I say… Liberals?) Their major opposition issue was slavery, and very few if any white Southerners wanted anything to do with them. Even Catholics were primarily loyal Democrats until well after WWII.

Southern white democrats of course opposed the election of Lincoln, and once he freed the slaves many of them took to wearing white sheets and running murderous night raids. In their minds it was justified, after all they had to maintain white supremacy and keep those (now) good for nothing “Nigras” in their place. For a hundred years they did a pretty good job. Blacks may have been freed, but it was for damn sure they would not use white only toilets, drink from white only fountains or eat in a white only restaurant, at least not in the south. Not unless they wanted to be beaten to death or hung.

Then came President Kennedy followed by Johnson and the civil rights movement, and all hell broke lose. Suddenly all those once loyal democrats (or racists bigots) started bailing right and left. They refused to be part of a party that would have them piss in the same pot as some no account Negro, I mean Pah-leease! So as more and more whites migrated to the GOP, more and more blacks signed up as democrats.

Was that the tide that changed the face of the Republican Party forever? It seems over the years since to have become the party of choice for just about every hate group, extremist group and every redneck in this country. And as soon as a black man ended up on the democratic ticket for president they all came out in force, and they flocked to the GOP like ducks to water.

Thankfully they were not the majority, just for a change. As many Americans over the years have progressed beyond the racist bigotry of the past, many more began to see just how ugly and ignorant the face of that bigotry really was. Ugly because they were bursting at the seams with racial hatred, and ignorant because they believed they believed they were slick enough to hide their bigotry.

Since the onset of the 2008 campaign they called Obama a Muslim and a terrorist and every derogatory thing they could think of as well as accusing him of being guilty of every rumor they heard or read on the Internet. The fact that none of it was true was irrelevant; they were just desperate to have some kind of way to slander him. They wanted and still want him to fail at anything he attempts and they don't care what they have to do to make that happen. The Birthers claim he isn’t even eligible to be president, Teabaggers call him a socialist and communist, and Christian extremists call him the anti-Christ.

The most outrageous part of it all is watching these people attempt to claim that their disapproval and dislike of Obama is totally based on the issues, not because of his race. But the truth is most of them never had, and still have no clue what the issues actually were, nor do they really care. All they care about is opposing Obama and every time they are pressed for an answer as to why they, babble like idiots.

Has the GOP become nothing more than the new KKK?

It’s really a shame that in this day and age this kind of hatred and ignorance can still dominate so many people’s lives. They claim in one way or another that Obama is “hiding the truth” about himself, (among other things) but it seems to me that they are the ones that are really trying to hide the truth. The problem for them is it’s no longer politically correct to “publicly” use their white sheets to hide it with.


  1. Yes, continue to be focused on these nuts... and not on the fact that Barry Obama doesn't believe in anything and regularly trashes the base of the Democratic Party. Tragically, white liberal racism is the rule of the day: the idea that some spineless Harvardcrat and Wall Street shill like Obama represents the fulfillment of "Dr. King's dream" is the ultimate insult to the folks who fought and died for equality.

  2. That was a very insightful post. It's too bad that it would only anger the bithers and teabaggers to read it.

  3. Hey, anonymous,

    Why do you find it improbable that Dr. King's dream of equality did not include the possibility of becoming an African-American Wall Street shill equal to any White Wall Street shill?

  4. By referring to President Obama as "Barry", you have negated your entire post. It wouldn't matter if he was perfect and was able to accomplish everything that everyone could ever want or even if he was indeed the second coming of Christ, you would hate him. You would find fault and nitpick and hate hate hate. I find that sad. I'm so tired of all of the hate and the fearmongering that is tossed about these days. There is no way YOU would do any better.