Friday, December 4, 2009

Birthers: Just who are they really?

I first took notice of the Birther movement when I read about Army Maj. Stefan Cook suing to get out of deploying to Afghanistan on the grounds that Obama was ineligible to be president. I had heard bits about Birthers and their erroneous claims ever since a black man with a funny name ended up on the ballot for president, but I paid little attention.

My general opinion was they were nothing more than racist assholes hell bent not to fall subordinate to some “Uppity Negro” who had the gall to think he could just march his little black ass right through the front door of the White House. So I had no interest in reading about them. But when I saw the headline about Maj. Cook, being the military brat that I am I took sudden offence at an Army officer trying to dodge a deployment in such a manor.

I read the article and as it all turned out, this guy Cook was not active duty, but a reservist who sent a “request to volunteer” to his command to go to Afghanistan on May 8th 2009, 5 months after Obama took office. With his request granted orders were cut on 6/9/09 for him to deploy on 7/15/09.

Any reservist who volunteers for an assignment has the right to rescind that request and have the orders revoked up until the scheduled day of deployment, in his case that would have been 7/15/09. The week before that date on July 8th he and Orly Taitz filed a restraining order in federal court to avoid this deployment on grounds that Obama was ineligible. Well, if he didn’t want to go, and thought Obama ineligible why would he volunteer to go? That made no sense, even less given the fact that he could have just called his command and said “ Ah, Never Mind!”

The answer? Publicity. It was nothing but a cheap publicity stunt from the off. Big Headlines, “Army Officer Sues to Avoid Deployment, Claims Obama is ineligible to be commander in chief.” The army just canceled his orders, they had too much to worry about in Afghanistan to be bothered with this clown, and I can’t say as I blame them.

Orly Taitz was all over that like flies on a pile of dung. She publicly claimed the army canceled Cook’s orders because they knew if she got them into court she would win and prove Obama was a fraud. What a crock! I couldn’t believe that she was dumb enough to think that anyone (with ½ a brain cell) would fall for that crap; in fact the only ones who did were her deranged followers. (There you go!)

I have had considerable laughs since at the absurd comedy sideshow they have become as they repeatedly get kicked out of every court they set foot in. Mel Brooks himself couldn’t have written a more comically outrageous script. I swear the people who believe that these idiots are really on to something probably don’t have the brainpower to qualify to ride the short bus! If they paid the slightest attention to who these people really are that are leading the charge they would die of embarrassment. Lets have a look.

Orly Taitz, the self proclaimed “Worlds Leading Obama Challenger”, is a dentist, real estate agent, correspondence school lawyer, and even a black belt. Lets not forget to mention “road hazard”. In just over a year she has had 4 speeding tickets, one for going in excess of 100 mph, 3 failures to stop at signs or lights, 2 tickets for yakking on a cell phone while driving, one for not wearing a seat belt and one for evading an electric toll booth.

She has been fired by several clients, one Connie Rhodes who then filed a complaint against her with the California Bar. Two others, Larry Sinclair and Lucas Smith who filed sworn affidavits with the courts attesting to her suborning perjury from both of them and accusing her of having an adulterous affair with one Charles E. Lincoln III, a disbarred lawyer, convicted felon, and her primary legal “assistant”. She swears none of that is true, but old Chucky boy came forward and said, “Yep, got me some of that!”

She has had multiple complaints filed against her and was even slapped with a $20,000 fine for her courtroom behavior. She publicly slanders every judge that that doesn’t rule in her favor and accuses them all of treason. In fact I can find no evidence that she has ever won a single case. But to give all dogs their due, (as my mother used to say) the x-clients that accused her of suborning perjury are themselves nothing but criminals. However before they turned on Orly, according to her they were “very reliable witnesses”.

Larry Sinclair has a long history of drug and fraud convictions. He even claims to have been Obama’s gay lover and took a lie detector test to prove it. Of course he failed the test and then claimed that the “obots” fudged it to protect Obama. Lucas Smith is a real gem too, also with a long criminal history, felony convictions and forgery under his belt.

The lot are nothing but proven liars, frauds, forgers, convicted felons and or delusional psychos. It’s difficult to believe that anyone is truly dumb enough to believe any of the “ever changing” allegations these idiots spew. Then again, there is no telling what’s out there wondering freely among us, and her “followers” make Forrest Gump look like an Albert Einstein, as does Orly herself.

In her latest letter to the court she has changed (yet again) her allegations and now claims Barack Obama is really Roman Obama, a foreign exchange from Equatorial Guinea. (No shit!) Here’s a link:

And here is a link to an old newspaper with a photograph of the real Roman Obama.,2037468&dq=roman-obama&hl=en
Not even close, unless Barack has the ability to totally change the shape of his head.

The real question is how much longer can she go on with these absurdly wild accusations while continually wasting court time and resourses by constantly filing garbage like this? Sooner or later she will be either disbarred, or locked away in a padded room somewhere, or both. (Though I will miss the entertainment)


  1. Loved your post about the birthers--couldn't agree more.

  2. Something to keep in mind about Cook. In Feb. he announced on Free Republic that he had joined Dr. Orly's lawsuit.

    So he was one of her plaintiffs *when he volunteered*.