Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inciting Hate and Sedition, or Down Right Treason?

Orly Taitz, the so-called Queen of Birthism could very well end up with blood on her hands. As a lawyer she should be aware of the difference between sedition and treason. (Of course as a lawyer there are a lot of things she should know but apparently doesn’t.) On her blog inciting sedition is undoubtedly her primary goal, and nothing would make her happier than to have the entire nation rebel against not only President Obama, but also the entire US Government. She also absolutely believes that we should all do this based solely on her delusions of conspiracy, forged and or imaginary (but never actually proven or produced) so-called evidence.

Not that she can avoid making a fool out of herself every time she goes to court, (or opens her mouth in public) but she very meticulously monitors posts and comments on her blog. She makes absolutely sure that nothing is posted that doesn’t praise her as “Our Lady of Liberty”, or some such nonsense or posts from other delusional people feeding her more imaginary evidence. And of course she calls on all her tin-foil-hatters (a.k.a her primary research team) to investigate it all for her.

So there is no question that she has full knowledge of everything that is posted there. The following are some copied unaltered comments from her website:

“Leonard McCauley
November 20th, 2009 @ 7:10 pm
No one is in the Dark about this Thing in the Whithouse! Everything about “it” has been proven to the American People who Care
The Courts of the Federal Government & especially the Supreme Court r enabling Contemptuous Treason & Fraud on “We the People”… The Congress and The Senate have Ignored their Responsibilty…
The Constitution might as well be Toilet Paper, The way our U.S. Federal Courts treat that preciuos Documment.
It appears “We the People” r now in a state of “Mob Rule” therefore no Law applies to any incident, nothing is legal or illegal. The Biggest Gun is now in charge.
Need I say more about the Sort of Action that must be taken by “We the People”?”

October 29th, 2009 @ 1:32 pm
If the courts will not take action for an unlawful situation, the elected officials will not take action for an unlawful situation, the justice department will not take action against an unlawful situation, the state governments will not take action against an unlawful situation, the state attorney generals will not take action against an unlawful situation what recourse is left to the citizens??
If all the above do not enforce the law why should the American citizens FOLLOW the law and stay peaceful?”

(Excerpts, very long post but here is a link: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=6107)
Carl F. Worden
November 11, 2009
(First paragraph)
I realize I could get arrested for this or be “disappeared”, but somebody needs to write these words and get it over with: It is way too late to vote or exercise your right to free speech if the goal is to restore our government to its constitutional intent. We will have to resort to war and force of arms if that goal is to be realized, and I know that is something a lot of you don’t want to read, but unfortunately that is the only remaining option left to the American people unless, of course, they are willing to simply lay back and let this government continue to do what it will.
(Last paragraph)
The only remaining question is this: Do we bother presenting our unconstitutional government with a Declaration of Independence of sorts, or do we just cut to the chase?”

“Gary Morrow
November 13th, 2009 @ 9:49 am
Tryanny is a lot more frightening than Revoluton…let’s roll…local militias and minutemen–prepare.”

“Brian C”
To: “Orly Taitz”
If it takes riots in the streets to stand for the Constitution and kick an illegitimate President out of office, then bring it on. The civil war took close to 600,000 largely white men to bring freedom for all. Freedom from Tyranny costs a great price as always. The usurper could have avoided it all if he was an honest man. That makes two reasons to legally kick him out.
Friends of Truth”

As I said inciting sedition is one thing, but advocating violent and armed rebellion is treason, and by posting things like this she is absolutely advocating treason. It’s obvious her fan base is not the most literate bunch, but they are obviously disturbed and if any of these fools take up arms and hurt someone the fault will be hers, and if God forbid any blood gets spilled it will be on her hands. She would do well to keep her goons in check and stop advocating violence and encouraging treason before innocent people are hurt.

And she has the nerve to call herself an American.


  1. American independence and liberty was not granted by the King of England, but only gained by armed warfare against tyranny. Today we have a government Hell bent on removing CEOs from corporations and forcing the people to purchase a service from their elected government or face fines and imprisonment. If that doesn't define tyranny, then I don't know what will.

  2. Yes Border, we gained our independence from England and we do have a say in our own lives and in our country, and it’s called a vote. You don’t like something; you use your vote to change it. The majority will win and if you don’t like what the majority votes in then you are well within your rights to campaign, lobby, even protest to make your point, change enough people’s opinions and you can vote it out. You know, democratic process and all that, but taking up an armed rebellion is treason. And in my opinion Orly encouraging or advocating for others, (that are obviously a bit touched) to commit treason makes her just as guilty as those that may commit any treasonous acts.

    It’s no different than those nut bag preachers out there that spew hate and hellfire over abortion and cause crazy people to go out and murder doctors. And yes we also have nut bag preachers “praying” for Obama to die. (Did you read the post about Hate in the name of God?) But that is not exactly the same as advocating armed treason, but again there are crazy people out there and you never know what will set them off.
    (BTW, Happy Turkey day!)

  3. It is sad to see Gerry making false statements but it is expected from a birthtard. There's no point in writing what's wrong with his statement because there's no changing his mind. They are fed this garbage daily from Faux News in addition to their desire to read only what they want to read and from people that think like them. Further more, it is unfortunate that they prefer to fight for the cause of the corporations so that they can continue to pay their CEO's high salaries and give them outrageous benefits. Instead of being for the 'common man', that could easily be their neighbor next door, they want to see things continue to go out of control in this country with higher health care costs and people having to go bankrupt when their health insurance is canceled because they get too sick to be profitable to the insurance company.

    aka NOT_AXJ

  4. Hi Daisy. My name is Kstreet and I ran across your blog via Bad Fiction. I've added your blog to my blogroll. You and i are on the same wave length about the "crazy people" on the internet. My blog deals with the same thing, only this past holiday has me posting things about entertainment as well as the "crazies" stuff. :) Here is my link:


    Stop by some time and browse the site. You'd be more than welcome to do so.