Monday, November 23, 2009

“Hate In The Name Of God” Yea Buddy!

I always thought that being a Christian meant you based your life on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. You know, love thy neighbor; love thy enemy, forgiveness, compassion, turn the other cheek, that sort of thing. Specifics though really depend on which branch of Christianity one affiliates with because of course they all interpret the teachings differently to suit their own agendas. (Not that I actually affiliate with any of them)

It seems now since we have a “Black” President in our “White” House, they not only think it’s justified to Hate In the Name Of God, but also to “publicly” pray for Barack Obama to die, and by golly they can even back it up with the bible. Just as they used the bible at one time to justify their ownership of slaves and how to keep women in their place. In fact the bible even outlined how slaves and women should be treated. (No shit, it’s in there, look it up!)

Of course that’s not to say that using God to justify hate is a new thing, people have been doing that since the beginning of time. Even in modern times there are many religious extremists that just seethe with hate. Some even condone and praise murder, (in the name of God of course). Recently there were tons of people “Praising God” when Scott Roeder (religious extremist) murdered Dr. George Tiller (whom they considered a heathen in the eyes of God) in cold blood. Gunned him down right in his own church no less.

Now, it would be politically incorrect and socially unacceptable for any of these racist and bigoted Christians to come right out and say what they really think about Obama, “That Negro (or their popular derogatory term for Negro) has no business being POTUS”, so they had to find another approach. They turned to their bible to find a way to “interpret” an answer because they just could not live with this disgust at having someone (even Sarah Palin referred to as) “Not like us” in the White House. The thought was absolutely intolerable.

Their answer?
Psalms 109

8 Let his days be few; and let another take his office.

(Which the bible follows in the very next verse with)

9 Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

There are also preachers (yes, actual men of God themselves) out there publicly praying for the death of Obama, and a whole slew of people following suite. I guess they all think that its justified to preach hate and pray for someone to die, since they claim God “hates” sin, sinners (and homosexuals), and will “strike them down”, even if “hate” itself is supposedly a sin. Which should make one wonder why God doesn’t hate himself for being a sinner, but we are dealing with the simple minded here that are following this particular train of thought.

Now with God and the bible on their side they have made a whole movement of praying for Obama to die. They not only have T-Shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and various other things for sale, but also websites where you can even “donate to the cause”. (Hell, may as well make a few bucks off it while they are at it, right? Jim and Tammy Faye  Bakker would be so proud.) You can see where Orly got her ideas of how to use make-up.

Although the bumper stickers and other items say “Pray for Obama Psalms 109.8” they do not actually specify verse 9, yet their meaning to me is quite clear. All you have to do is listen to some of those preachers out there that are publicly praying for Obama to die. You have Rev. James Manning from NY who thinks Obama is the antichrist and proclaims, “We can’t let him live” and calls for him to be jailed, hung and shot.
And what about Pastor Steven Anderson from Arizona who says he prays “Obama will get brain cancer, die and go to hell”. He also believes that watching the old re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show on TV will make you gay, because of course Gomer Pyle was played by Jim Nabors, and he WAS in fact gay, so there you have it.

Even Pastor Wiley Drake of California, and former Independent Party running mate of Alan Keys has publicly advocated for imprecatory prayers and prays for the death of the one he refers to as that “Usurper in the White House, B. Hussein Obama” (Yes, more Birthers, imagine that! Funny how they some how seem to think calling him by his middle name gives more justification to their hatred.) Though he has recently retracted that prayer. Apparently after conferring with Rev. Manning he has decided it would be more fun to see Obama tried for treason that see him die.

It’s really sad when you think about it; after all there are many good and decent people who happen to be Christians. However, those that use religion and God to justify hatred, bigotry and pray for anyone to die are a sorry lot, and they bastardize the very meaning of Christianity. If you ask me they are nothing but a bunch of no account hate mongers. So if you see one of those bumper stickers during your daily travels, feel free to give the driver a one-fingered solute as you pass by.

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