Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Birther Movement in a Nutshell (Pun Intended)

After reading all the accusations (from those that claim to know the truth) on the various blogs relating to Orly Taitz, the Tin-Foil-Hat Brigade (a.k.a The Birthers) are claiming the following:

President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, but possibly Kenya, or maybe Indonesia. The birth certificate (BC) issued by the state of Hawaii is in fact a forgery, and the forged Kenya BC is actually the true BC. They also claim that even if he was born in Hawaii, which they say he wasn’t he’s still not a Natural Born American Citizen (NBAC) so he still can’t legally be President.

They also claim that Barack Obama Sr. is not really his father, his real father was Malcolm X, and his mother is not really his mother either. Now because BO Sr. was a British Citizen, BO Jr. is a British Citizen too even if BO Sr. is not his real father. Malcolm X who is his real father was born in Nebraska, but since BO Jr’s mom is not his real mom, but is in fact a felon, and no one knows who his real mother is, he’s still not a NBAC.

Even the “renowned” WND (World Nut Daily) website claimed BO was not a citizen and that his Hawaiian BC was a fake, then they said it wasn’t fake, but finally proclaimed it was fake. They all refer to BO Jr. as the “De Facto President” and claim that not only is he ineligible to be President but he is in fact guilty of murder, conspiracy, treason, and has used multiple names, passports and 39 different SSN’s, none of which is even close to reality.

Apparently this conspiracy to defraud the American people into accepting this “usurper” (another pet name) as President has actually been in place since 1961. That’s when BO’s American grandparents “planted” false birth announcements in the Hawaiian newspaper so someday he could prove he was born there and become President. They knew that had to do this so when his Kenyan Granny, who is not his actual Granny would tell the world (48 years later) that she was there when he was born in Kenya, they could use the announcements to prove he wasn’t.

People who live in the Birtherverse apparently have access to information the rest of us can’t access. They know for a fact that BO has spent in excess of $3 Million attempting to hide the “real” truth (as outlined here) from the American public. They also know for a fact that the entire US Government, the state of Hawaii, the UK, Kenya, everyone at FactCheck and PolitiCheck, all the US federal judges and most of the MSM are all in on the conspiracy. That’s a hell of a big conspiracy!

Other allegations include the fact that BO has an entire army of “Brown Shirts” that intend to send any political dissentients to one of the 600 secret FEMA concentration camps Obama has had built throughout this country. One of which located in Indiana has a gas chamber capable of gassing 3000 people a day. The only reason Birthers lose all the lawsuits they bring against Obama is because all of the judges are on Obama’s payroll, or because they are all threatened by the Brown Shirts. The Brown Shirts even forced Judge Land in Georgia to fine Orly Taitz $20,000 so Obama could use the money to help pay off all his lawyers.

The bottom line is (according to Birthers) Barack Obama is really a cokehead gay British Muslim working with terrorists to take over this country. He’s also a Socialist, a Nazi, a Marxist, and a Chicago thug who intends to guarantee abortions for all; death to seniors and the worst is he isn’t even really black.

Just for fun, here is a link to the video of Orly’s famous meltdown on MSNBC

Nuf said.

Now I grew up in the 70’s and we smoked some pretty good stuff back in those days, but I would LOVE to know what the hell they are smoking these days!


  1. I'm not sure which is scarier - that you can explain it all that well, or that I'm familiar enough with the birthers to understand it :D

    One thing you did miss, though, is that there are those who believe that Obama went to Hawaii right before the election to be with his dying Grandmother mainly to make sure she DID die, so she couldn't inavertantly leak the truth about him. Whatever that is.

  2. OMG, you’ve got to be kidding me. That’s one I hadn’t heard. Where do they get this crap from I’d like to know.

    However, they are more fun than TV.